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re: The Origins of James Womack

James Womack; a member of the saints and loyal only to the republic; his goal is to get revenge on anyone who comes his way. This is his story;

Born in BBC 9, James grew up on his homeworld of Coruscant in a very rich family who's fortune came by makings War droids for the republic. A short while after the Mandalorians return, the Republic asked Jame's family to act as spies on Dromund Kass. But, after several years, they were discovered.... As James ran to get to the starship waiting for him, blaster bolts flew over his head and singed his clothing. He ran and ran, but he was too late. The starship had to take off, leaving James. He made it back to get his most mportant belongings he would need; mostly consisting of clothing, weapons and food, he set off on what would get the Imperial army would consider one of the most blantant strings of attacks in history caused by an induvidual. His attacks would cost 27 Imperials their lives (one was a Sith Master), 9 ships destroyed and 12 with major damages, and over 50,000 credits worth of damage. After his most famous attack, he would earn the nickname "little devil".

James' most famous attack was on a frigate which was carrying new war droids that were years and years ahead of the republic's most advanced droids. Sneaking onto the landing-platform it would touch down on, he planted charges all over the bottom of the platform (while balancing on a swoop bike which held him up). When the transport landed, he detonated the charges; frying the ship and blowing apart the storage room. Later estimates would put the explosion at 5 deaths. But it didn't stop there, a Sith had come to investigate this time (3 Imperials had died from attacks before and he was getting impatient). When James found out about the Sith's arrival, he got the long-range blaster rifle that was left from his house before it was torched. Knowing Sith could sense uneasyness, he pretended he was back on Alderaan, shooting wild game with his dad. He took aim and blasted the Sith in the back of the head, which killed him instantly. When the Imperial Army found out, they immediately ordered 500 men in search of the area for James. They would never find him.

They never found James because he got offworld on a small frigate, the captain found him amusing but originally would not allow him on board despite his pleas, but when he found out the boy had killed a sith he gladly let him aboard. They set off for Nar Shaddaa, it would have been a great trip if they werent ambushed by a sith fury, in which the captain and all the crew except for James, the doctor, and the engineer-droid. When they arrived, the Hutt cartel ambushed the ship and took the doctor and the droid prisoner, stole the ship, and chased off james.

For the next six years James lived like a street rat, until one day a captain of a starship came by and saw him wearing republic clothing, where he asked him "do you like the republic kid?" Where James, wondering why he took notice said "yes sir, i do". The captain smiled and said "would you like to fight for them?". Starting to realize what he was saying, he excitedly said "Yes Sir, I DO Sir". "Well Boy" the captain said "come on, i'm going to Ord Mantell and eh, you are eighteen, right boy?" "Sixteen" corrected James. "Close enough" yelled the captain. So on they went.

It was a beautiful ship, an XS freighter, one of the best of it's kind, too. But James began to wonder, he just recruited him off the street for no reason, and why Ord Mantell? Though he chose to ignore them (he thought it was his mom's paranoia kicking in) he still decided to be cautious. When the ship neared the planet, he read on the monitor for destination that the direction suddenly switched from the republic base to the Sith outpost on the planet. Staring at it in Horror, he realized this was no mistake, so he ran and rigged his room to detonate upon landing, he grabbed his old armor. He understood why his armor was so weak and flimsy, he was being taken prisoner by the Sith! Upon landing, everything went according to plan, and he was able to escape the base.

Three days later, James is found buzzed in a bar (He thought all planets with wars on them had the famous Narr Shaddaa phrase about water "dont drink the water, you're less likely to die from the drink's here in the bar.) There he saw three people walk into the bar, one was obviously the leader of some group, he thought the other two were thugs, until he looked closely. He saw lightsabers on them (if he had to, he could use the lightsaber he had, he had come back to his big time attack and taken the dead Sith's lightsaber) But, he not knowing what has happened in the last 7 years, he chooses to go forward and talk to the first one. "James Womack" he said "I was part of a top secret spy mission to Dromund Kass". The man, looking over James to see the two empty drinks, looked back at James in annoyance. James, sensing that the man didnt believe him, pulled out a badge he had recovered before fleeing his home. This had no effect, but the next object "this was the lightsaber i took from a Sith i killed, a Sith master, proof i was there" did have an effect. Unfortunately, he turned it on, and others in the bar, also part of the group, sprang on James before he knew it looked like he was attacking him.

When James finally came to consciousness, he realzed he was not on the ground, but in a bed. And sitting next to him was a cross. He remembered being on Narr Shaddaa, the Christians on the planet, republic troopers that barely escaped death, had lead him to Christ and was the only good feeling he felt on that planet. Suddenly, the man from the bar stepped in, but this time, unarmed. Reaching for his blaster, James found it was gone. "don't bother looking for it kid" the man said, smiling," Im Jao Thaun, leader of the Saints of the Old Republic, I apologize for last night, the teams still kinda jumpy after an attack recently". Last night? James did feel like he had been out for a while. "I didn't believe you last night until you pulled out you're lightsaber you had, and I still didn't know what to think. So i checked Republic records and found out who you are. You have had quite a past, kid". "Yeah, i get that a lot" said James. "Listen" said Jao, "after looking over you're records, we want you to join the guild." "Guild?" James asked. "Yes" Jao Said, "But of course, were going to have to get you a new, bigger gun (James liked that), better armor (James really like that) and the usual". His stomach growling, James asked "when do we eat?" Jao laughed "we have food ready right now, ill introduce you to the members for the guild."

Epilogue-3 days later, James met up with his family since the disaster. He soon joined the guild, where he continues to serve to this day.

Good Luck guys, You're going to need it- James Womack


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