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Star Citizens - How do you feel about a guild tax system?
I‘m not playing Star Citizen, I just wanted to vote in this poll (15/100)
I don‘t like it, the ORG should be funded by donations and guild ops only (13/100)
I don‘t like it but I think it‘s needed to fund the Militia and cover their expenses (5/100)
I could go either way (16/100)
I like it, it‘s a constant flow of credits for the guild which the guild needs to buy ships & supplies and to pay upkeep costs and/or reimburse member expenses (21/100)
I think it‘s the only option to fund the Militia (3/100)
I like the tax system, but I have my own concerns about it (5/100)
It‘s too early to tell, let‘s wait and talk about it later (22/100)
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