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re: Kytrn Katalaya

Taking inspiration from Naandi's RP Wiki thread, I decided to try my hand at creating a bio for my character. The full bio can be found at . Below is an extremely abridged version of the bio, if you're intrigued check out the full bio. wink

Name: Kytrn Athavu Katalaya
Phonetic Name: KIH’trin a’THA’vu kah’tah’LIE’ah
Birthplace: Mirial
Date of Birth: 13 BTC
Marital Status: Never Married
Alignment: Lightside
Class: Jedi Consular
Specialization: Sage
Rank: Padawan
Race: Mirialan
Gender: Male
Weight: 78 kg
Height: 1.9 m
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Allies: The Saints
Enemies: -
Ship: The Blazing Destiny
Weapons: Yellow-orange Lightsaber
Fighting Style: Soresu
Spoken Languages: Basic, Mirialan
Written Languages: Aurebesh
Skills: Diplomacy
Critical Analysis
Curative Force Powers
Defensive Saber Combat

Being a Mirialan, one of the first things that people notice about Kytrn is his yellow-green skin. That combined with his above-average height assures that he is quickly noticed in a crowd. Despite this he can actually prove to be quite elusive, thanks to the Force, so few passersby get close enough to get a good look at him. If they did, they would see that he keeps his dusty brown hair short and neatly trimmed—never letting it grow out long enough to cover the tattoos that adorn his forehead.

As can be expected for a Jedi Consular, Kytrn can almost always be found wearing traditional Jedi robes. He feels most comfortable wearing the earthen toned tunic and leggings that are so common to the Order. If he deems the situation acceptable, he does occasionally don a darker brown cape featuring a modest amount of gold-embroidered geometric patterns.

Although Kytrn, at an early age, chose to focus his training mainly on the ever-intangible Force, his mentors never allowed him to neglect his lightsaber training. Indeed, his own knowledge of combat analysis and tactics told him that skills with a lightsaber would be vital in dangerous situations. Despite this, he was unwilling to devote to much time and energy toward a pursuit which could lead to little more than inflicting injuries upon his opponents. He chose to study the defensive Form III, Soresu, believing it to be the form best suited to his needs. Diligent practice, a result of his somewhat unfortunate desire to excel in all of his endeavors, trained his muscles well, and as a result his defensive capabilities are very strong. In his many sparring sessions at the Temple, the only method by which he could achieve victory was by outlasting his opponents through sheer endurance. Unfortunately, his opponents’ impressive skills usually terminated the duel long before that happened. As a result of his training, the majority of Kytrn’s combat skills lie in his usage of the Force. His repertoire of Force powers includes many defensive and healing abilities aimed toward increasing his chances of surviving in combat.

His most prized passive skill, diplomacy, was cultivated chiefly by the Jedi Jyshru Narus, Kytrn’s first Master. It was under his tutelage that Kytrn learned the basics of diplomacy, including how to maintain a positive and polite demeanor, how to display one’s point of view while respecting its antithesis, and how to compromise. Through the course of his Jedi training, Kytrn accompanied Master Jyshru on many diplomacy missions, well on his way to becoming one of the Jedi Order’s trusted diplomats.

While Jedi are not overly encouraged to collect possessions, Kytrn does own a few belongings which bear important personal meaning. The first is his lightsaber. He hand-crafted his yellow-orange lightsaber when he was 14 years old, after the Sacking of Coruscant. Since its construction, it has never left his side.

Kytrn’s other notable possession is the Corellian Defender-Class Light Corvette he inherited from his Master. Christened the Blazing Destiny, it is painted black, white, and gold. Because it was left to him by his now-deceased Master, whom he greatly admired, Kytrn prizes his ship, never letting it rust or fall into disrepair.

“If your only choice seems to be between the lesser of two evils, you haven’t considered all the options.”

Kytrn’s strength of character comes mainly from his unalterable belief in a “greater good.” His personal belief is that for every situation, there exists a perfect outcome—only obtainable through making the perfect decision. By no stretch of the imagination does this mean that he always makes the perfect decision; in fact this is a continual source of anguish for him. Believing, that for every situation which ended badly, he could have made a better decision haunts him. When left alone, despite his efforts not to, he can be drawn into reflecting on the past and wondering how it could have been different.

However, in many situations, his belief in “goodness” can be a blessing. Always the optimist, he finds ways to encourage his companions—although at other times he may hypocritically refuse their reciprocated encouragement. In diplomacy this belief serves him well, leaving him unwilling to accept anything less than compromise. Because of his beliefs, he would say without reservation that the Sith are evil. He finds their desire to subvert the light side of the Force nothing but weakness of will. Therefore, he tends to condemn all Sith and their practices. But oddly enough, despite his despise of the Sith, he chooses to believe that they can be redeemed. If he could ever manage to defeat a Sith in battle, he would rather convince that Sith to forsake the dark side than kill him.

One flaw that Kytrn possess is his simultaneous need for and rejection of attachments. Much of the conflict within him on this subject is due his loss of his first Master. While Kytrn was inadvertently delayed by a conversation with his mother, Master Jyshru fell victim to anti-government revolutionists on Mirial. In the ensuing days, Kytrn was consumed with a desire for revenge, barely resisting a fall to the dark side. Afterword, realizing the dangerous attachment he had formed with Jyshru, Kytrn made a vow to himself to respect the Jedi Council and avoid attachment.

An outcome of his chaotic experiences as a Padawan, Kytrn believes himself to be a strict follower of the Jedi Code. Having seen the dangers of straying from it, he now knows that it was designed to protect him. He chooses to think that he is immune from further doubt of the code. Whether this is the truth or merely a potentially-dangerous and misguided fantasy remains to be seen.

The backround information was too long and complex to shorten for this post. See full bio if interested.
If you made it all the way through, you win a round of applause.

Comments are welcome, if fact they are prefered. As this is still a page in progress, I'm pretty positive that many preferable perfections are possible. (For those presently pondering, yes the "p" placement was purposeful. wink )

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