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re: The ACTS of the Saints


Well here it is! A new story in the Saints guild. This is an open series where Saints can come and go as they please within the story. If you'd like to leave feedback we'd love to hear it! Just go to our comments page in the "Out Of Character" forum page. We always have a spot for any character and we would love to have you apart of our creation in the stories! So if you like what you read and want to travel with Paul, Carmine, and Myyki then just send me a PM and we'll get you in the next installment! Have fun reading! <-------- Click here for StarWars intro :D

The docking hatch lowers and Paul, Carmine, and Myyki descend the ramp. "Out of all the planets and moons we could have chosen to land on, we chose the one that looks like the inside of a trash-compactor." Paul said.

"Keep talking, compared to what's below this is a heaven. You'll get roughed up if you don't watch your back, but then again you Jedi can sense things can't ya?" Carmine answered.

"Grr... Humans are so judgmental. This place is beaming with life." Myyki stated.

"Yeah, well, you know, I was just saying... I mean, look, it doesn't even matter. We are alive and that's the good part. We have to make contact with the other Saints!" Paul stated.

"That's all cool, but were looking out for ourselves first..." Carmine began.

"You there! What's with you?" A Toydarian interrupted as he flew towards the crew.

"Grr...I hate bugs, this Toydarian will probably go away if we give him some credits. I don't think Jedi mind tricks will work on him either." Myyki said.

"I got another ship coming in and YOU are blocking them, so find some other pad!" Wakko said.

"This place is a pile of trash, you should be happy a ship decided to land here!" Paul said.

"Not many creatures get away with threats to me!" Carmine said, placing his hand on his pistol.

"Uhh... look I don't mind you landing here just don't hurt me!" Wakko began saying.

"Hey, here's 25 credits, just forget you saw us." Paul answered.

"Who are you again?" Wakko responded as he snatched the credits away.

"Growl... I hope this doesn't become a problem later." Myyki grumbled.

"Yeah, well, let's head over to Grabba's Grub Cantina, I am sure we can cool down for a second and get our heads straight." Paul sighed.

As the crew walked towards the cantina, they couldn't help but see the plight around them. Everywhere they looked they saw oil slag stains and charred steel where blaster fire might have hit. There seemed to be no law enforcement anywhere and the people either looked miserable or suspicious. On the sides of the sector walls were various aliens and droids selling mysterious junk and common wares. They also seemed to stimulate local crime just by existing. As they headed towards the main square, lights lit up the sky. Signs and advertisements were everywhere.

What seemed most peculiar is that there were several people all of the sudden in the main hub where several establishments were. However, the crew remained silent and tried to blend in with the random crowd that was Nar Shaddaa. The foul stench of depravity and gutless thugs plagued the inner cantina, but the crew made their way to the darkest part of the cantina to talk.

"Carmine, something seems to be bothering you. Ever since we arrived you have had an unsettled look in you." Paul queried.

"I don't need you to cry for me alright? You mind your business I know why I am here, so just leave it!" Carmine snickered.

"Grr... Why do they play the same music? Its so irritating and repetitive. Doesn't anyone have creativity?" Myyki stated.

Paul sharply replied "Now Carmine, we got to stick together! We've hit a rough spot and we've got to reconnect with the Saints! If you've got a problem, we should solve it!"

"I don't need your help! If and IFF I ever I do I will let you know." Carmine grunted.

"Now look, what kind of companions would we be if we did not care? Carmine, if you think YOU have problems that have been started in the past, let me at least know, if you're all about being the lone-boma that's fine but if its going to put me in jeopardy I want to know about it alright?" said Paul in a vindictive tone.

"Fine. But once I tell you, just leave it be you got it?" Carmine said.

"Grr... well we have time to kill so please share if you want." Myyki said.

"Look, I know you've got history and I don't want to irritate you, but sooner or later you're going to have to trust me." Paul answered.

"My family has been one of the most honored defender's and supporter's of the Republic. Many generations have either been ambassador's or military personnel. My father was General Jarvis Randall. On a mission to aid a republic stress call over Illum, the republic warship Havoc IX came out of hyperspace to be caught in a space conflict. Both fleets were matched in firepower, until a breach in the docking bay led to the infiltration of the Havoc IX, the warship fending off most of the firepower away from the smaller cruisers.

Fighting an internal and outside space-battle isn't impossible, but few men can do it. My father was a great field commander before his promotion, they were repelling the raid party that boarded until the unexpected happened. A sith managed to lead the strike party into bridge. My father's men bravely went out and set up perimeter to hole up the defenses. Locked inside the bridge to continue overseeing the space-battle drew the fire away so the cruisers could jump lightspeed. But then his first Commander, Commander Lucien Walker assassinated my father and betrayed the men who defended the bridge.

Walker betrayed my father, and dishonored him. My family is a well respected family in the Republic, ever since I learned of that moment I have though about regaining my father's honor. I want to find Walker, the betrayer of the republic. He betrayed his men, and is now aiding our enemy. I have trained myself to fight this parasite and that is why i have come with you. Maybe its fate or destiny that I wound up with you but last I heard Walker was spotted on Nar'Shadaa." The expression on Carmine's face was bitter. "I don't care if I have to fight the Empire by myself I will never rest or stop fighting until the Republic is defended and my father's honor is regained." Carmine stated as took off his helmet to look Paul in the eye.

"Well, have hope Carmine. It seems that the Force guided us here; and if this is where your Walker was last seen, then it only seems that we are on the right track." Paul said.

Myyki started "Grr...Well we don't have much to do so I am up for finding someone..."

A shady group approached the three Saints.

"For someone who doesn't wish to be noticed, you have seemed to disturb a powerful enemy on this planet. I may be willing to turn my eyes to you for some credits. If not, I can easily take them off your corpses." A Transdoshan thug and his bounty hunters said as they approached the crew.

"We aren't looking for trouble. You don't know who we are!" Paul said as he tried to manipulate the minds of the bounty hunters.

"Foolish Jedi! You have some nerve trying that trick! I have learned to resist such persuasive techniques. We know who you are. We are the eyes and ears of Nar Shaddaa. Nobody breathes or whispers in quiet corridors where we cannot be; and you have attracted the attention of the Exchange. You should not speak so loudly next time! Unfortunately you won't have time to rectify that mistake!" The thug leader spoke as he drew his blaster.

Seeing that conflict was inevitable, Myyki ripped off a flash grenade and threw it at the bounty hunters. Everything suddenly disappeared, and the crew made for the exit. As they headed for the exit, a Twi'lek thug drew a vibro-blade and swung right at Paul's face. Carmine immediately swung his forearm infront of the blade to deflect it away while Paul force pushed the thug out of the cantina. Meanwhile, Myyki charged up his modified bowcaster pistol and shot at the other thugs in the cantina. He carefully aimed each shot, and the remaining bounty hunters fell to the floor without a fight.

"Is everyone alright?" Carimine shouted. Apparently un-phased, the cantina went back to its regular business as the cleaning droids removed the bodies.

"That was a close one! It doesn't sound so great that the Exchange have their eyes on us. I wonder if there is a connection between this Exchange Boss and Commander Walker?" Paul questioned. The bartender then stated, "Commander Walker, you say? I remember him. He wound up in this very cantina. Yeah... he came asking about where he could find the Exchange and that he was on a Republic mission. He was looking for the Exchange Boss' ship. I told him to go talk to the Hutts. That's the last I saw of him!"

"Well it seems the Force does act in mysterious ways, eh Carmine?" Paul announced.

"Growl... Many of my kind work as slaves for the Hutts; But in our interest I will keep my pistol on safety" Myyki grunted.

"Overgrown, lazy slugs are not my cup of juma juice, but if it leads to Walker who is still up to his deceitful ways, it'll have to do." Carmine said.

As they exited the cantina a blaster shot came whizzing by their heads, nearly taking Paul's head off...

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re: The ACTS of the Saints

<EPISODE 2 - A Hidden Enemy>

-Back on the peaceful and beautiful planet of Tython, in the Jedi Council chambers. The Jedi Council is most distressed about the attacks and ambushes coordinated and executed by The Imperial Agents, henchmen of the Sith Empire.

"Bring Myss to the council chamber please" the head of the council requested

"Right away Master." The Council Member's Apprentice replied

Myss appears through the doorway moments later. With a bow, He waited for the answer as to why the Council summoned him.

"You needed me for something my Lords?" Myss spoke.

"Myss, we have gotten some information that an Imperial Agent is on route to Nar Shaddaa. He may already be there now as we speak." The Council Head spoke sharply.

A short pause continued as the Old and wise looking Council member took another breath to continue what he was saying.

"We would like to send you to Nar Shaddaa to track down this Imperial Agent. He has caused much grief for the Jedi Order."

"I will leave at once Masters." Myss answered.

Myss walked down many corridors and halls until he found the chart that shows whose ship is in what hanger. He quickly found his ship in Hanger A.23 square C. He continued into his ship, packing his armor, food, and other needed medical supplies that are required for the journey. The Pilot locked the coordinates and lifted off into orbit. Then jumped into Hyperspace.

After being notified that it would take more then a few hours to fly until getting near the system, Myss walked back into his quarters for some meditation and some rest. While meditating on what he has learned through his training, what his mission was and required; what he may do, etc. He felt a sudden disturbance when thinking of who he may come across and find when he arrives. It was a familiar feeling, almost like tasting food he has not tasted in a while, or smelling a flower in whom he forgot the sent. He was suddenly awoken when he heard his com-link go off.

"Is there something wrong?" Myss asked.

"No sir, we have arrived." The pilot replied

"Thank you, take us down and land in the southern area, The council said there has been some uneasy activity going on with suspected Sith agents."

"Right-o sir, we are touching down now. Please find a seat and buckle up."

Myss Turned the communicator off and sat down.

After landing on a drop-off platform, he walked down the ramp and around the platform. He then decided to go more inside the district. He looked back to see the Republic Pilot lift off and head back to Tython.

"The council told me to make sure to activate the retreival beacon in my pocket when my assignment is complete... They said a ship would be there in the next few hours." Myss thought.

After walking randomly through the crowded streets of Narshadaa, he paused to just look around and inspect his surroundings. As all Jedi are taught to do.

"How can anyone live here? It's so loud."

He took a few steps further when he suddenly felt fear flood into his mind. He fell to the ground with a clash of metal armor against para-steal flooring. He got up and immediately started looking around, thinking that perhaps a sith was nearby; clouding his mind so he could attack. But he neither saw, nor sensed any hostility nearby.

Thats when he saw it. A Sith agent on-top of a building. Aiming his sniper rifle at a wookie and two men. He saw the sniper fire off one shot that missed the group. That is when Myss leaped for the Agent. When he was about the same level of the roof of the building, he saw that the Agent was accompanied by two more hired Bounty Hunters. He ignited his purple lightsaber and landed on the side of the building opposite of the agent.


"My word! What are we in Mos Eisely? How about some blaster control here?" Paul exclaimed as he dodged to the side.

"We are not alone. Up there (Carmine points up to the ledge)look like we've got another Jedi up there." Carmine said.

All of sudden Paul felt a strange and powerful sense overcome him. The weight of his breath grew stronger and his his clarity focused, but the source of his strength was emanating from within. Paul grasped his two sabers and flung his silver one at one of the mercenaries. Suddenly, the other bounty hunter fired a blaster shot at Carmine.

Meanwhile the Agent threw a sticky at Myss, and hoped over the ledge and fled down the alley way behind a droid shop. Carimine rolled away from the blaster fire from the bounty-hunter and then shot a blaster right at his jet-pack and burst open a gauge, sending the bounty hunter flying. Paul dodged the shots of the other bounty hunter and then ran up in front of him and sliced the blaster out of his hand. The bounty hunter then flew backwards towards the air as he shot flames out of his flame throwers. As the other bounty hunter stood up he fired two wrists rockets at Carmine. Carmine dodged the first one and whipped a frag grenade at the hunter, and the second was grabbed by Myss and stopped in its tracks.

Paul rolled forward to get out of the spray of fire and then lept up and grabbed the bounty hunter and threw him down to the ground. Carmine jumped in front of the one bounty hunter as Myss flanked him and had his saber at his back. Paul then took the other bounty hunter up and force lifted him up.

"Who are you working for? What is your mission speak quickly!" Paul demanded.

"By command of the Jedi Order where is your Agent ally? What is his purpose." Myss spoke.

"We are just doing what we were payed to do. We were told that an Agent needed protection, to kill a target and that's all we know." The bounty hunter pleaded.

"I sense you're not lying, very well. Get out of here and tell your employer you have failed. Next time try and take on somebody whose more at your skill level." Paul as he let him go.

Paul felt a strange essence flowing through him, a bond that was like a river trying to connect to another, but he did not know where. Myss felt a strange vibration on his sense as well.

"You there, thanks for your help. I assume your on a mission for the Jedi?" Paul asked Myss.

"Indeed, I am tracking down that agent. He fled to an alley way, I just hope we can get to him before he escapes." Myss stated.

"Kinda convenient showing up when ya did? What's your business with us anyways?" Carmine asked.

"Have we met before Myss? Well never mind, lets go. We got an enemy to follow." Paul remarked.

They raced down the alley, and headed down into the deeper levels of the corrupt moon. They passed by greasy, char burned walls and broken small hutts with beggars left and right. As they traveled farther into the maw of Nar' Shadaa they felt a dark presence echoing across the noisy moon. Myss felt another vibration, but different then the one he felt earlier. He recognized that another Jedi was near by.

They stalked down past another entertainment square, heading towards a shady docking platform. All of a sudden they saw a Jedi run across the walkway down the lane. Paul, Myss, and Carmine ensued the chase. As they raced down and turned the corner they saw the Agent sprint across the walkway down the lane, and then a few moments later saw a Jedi run across. The four then followed them.

AS they turned the corner they saw the docking platform with a shuttle in the landing zone. Lawisendro took out his two blades but was interrupted by the arrival of a sith marauder who lept infont of him. The two engaged saber combat. Lawisendro flipped to the side and force blasted the marauder back towards the ledge, but the marauder stopped himself midair.

"Ahaha foolish Jedi you cannot stop the mass of the Empire, even know your outnumbered." The Marauder spoke.

Suddenly four more red blades pierced out of the shuttle ramp and raced at Lawisendro. Paul then ignited his sabers and lept fright infront of them and deflected the first one's saber, and then spun to his left and swung his silver saber at the second one. The sith apprentice defended as Myss and Carmine both caught the other two in combat. Lawisendro and the marauder both charged forward again as their sabers clashed. The marauder swung his saber forward as Lawisendro parried it to the left and force pushed him back.

The marauder threw his lightsaber forward and then force jumped over Lawisendro to his backside. Lawisendro rolled to his right as the marauder recovered his saber and swung back as Lawisendro deflected and the marauder spun around swung at Lawisendro's right. Paul then kicked the first apprentice back and spun to the right of the second apprentice and sliced him in the back. The first apprentice then rushed forward as Paul swung his gold saber forward and the apprentice defended as Paul's silver saber came to the side and jabbed the apprentice. Carmine tackled the other sith, who then force blasted him away.Carmine recovered and whipped a frag grenade while the sith force grabbed and whipped it away. While the sith whipped the grenade away, Carmine fired a spray of shot at the sith mauling him down with blaster shots.

The fourth apprentice swung at Myss as he defended in a saber lock. The sith marauder stood back up and cast force lighting at Lawisendro who absorbed the shock in one saber and slowly made his way forward. The sith then took his saber and flung it right at Lawisendero! He deflected it with the other saber and then cast force breach and then gripped the sith and pulled him to the steel landing pad rendering him immobile. The fourth apprentice saw this and kicked Myss back and picked up a docking crate and whipped it at Lawisendro, Paul then force pushed the fourth acolyte over the edge of the docking platform. Lawisendro dodged the crate but the marauder then recovered and cast lightning again. Myss then dashed over and swung his saber at him.

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re: The ACTS of the Saints

<EPISODE 3 – The Heart of the Matter>

At last, the final warrior fell in defeat as Myss pulled his lightsaber from the Sith’s chest. The atmosphere was finally quiet, with the exception of the muffled sounds of speeders making their way to various destinations, and certain people on the lower levels squabbling amongst each other. A brief moment passed when they suddenly heard an engine being started to an old starship. The group hurried to the landing zone to find the agent lifting off and preparing co-ordinance for launch.

“That's our guy right?” Paul asked.

Myss nodded in reply.

“Wait, I have something here that will help” Myyki started.

“We can use this to track him.” He finished.

With that, Myyki loaded a small metallic container into his wirst launcher, and fired it at the ship.

“Ahh, a tracking beacon. Good thinking Myyki!” Paul said.

“Quickly, we had better get to our ship and follow him!” Paul announced.

“That beacon won't track him 'cross the galaxy, we have to hurry back and fallow him before he gets out of range!" Carmine yelled.

"Indeed! If it means ridding this galaxy of one more twisted and evil assassin, I’m all in!” Lawisendro exclaimed.

On board, they locked onto the location of the escaping Imperial Agent and followed from a distance. There were no other starships using this district of orbit. This made the crew somewhat cautious.

“Why is this area empty of other craft?” Myss asked.

“I have no idea… Stories have it that freighters that come through these parts disappear mysteriously…” Myyki replied.

“I bet I smell some hutt slime behind this…” Lawisendro assumed.

“Well, it’ll be a while before we reach them” Carmine assured.

“Then maybe it would be best for us to rest, and get our strength up for the upcoming fight” Lawisendro suggested.

With that, the crew set the ship on auto pilot, and went to various parts of the ship to relax. Carmine and Myyki went to check the ships navigation status. Lawisendro went into the crew’s room to meditate. Paul and Myss stayed in the cockpit in case something went wrong. Both of them feeling a bit strange in the presence of the other, for some sort of unexplainable reason.

“So, perhaps we should start off on the right foot eh? I never really got to thank you for the help with the agent.” Paul started.

“There is nothing to thank me for.” Myss replied.

“Man of few words are we?” Paul asked.

“I'm... Sorry, I didn't used to be like this... It is a very... Long story... I have been feeling a little awkward however...”

“Well, now that you mention it, I have too. After that attack from the agent, things have been…” Paul was cut off by Myss.

“Different…? Me too…” Myss finished.

“Really. Where are you from?” Paul asked.

“Taris.” Myss replied. “My ancestors were one of the few that left in search for the Promise Land.”

Paul was taken back in astonishment!

“Something wrong?” Myss asked.

“I… I am from Taris as well.” Paul replied.

“I was hijaacked from a freighter on route to the Coruscant, and I wound up on Dromund Kaas.” Paul explained.

“I was one of the curious ones that would leave the walls a lot.” Myss paused.

“I would wander off and explore the grass infested and overgrown debris left from ages past.” Myss continued. “It definitely wasn’t smart… It cost me my eye…” Myss explained.

“You traveled out of the city? Who were your parents?” Paul asked.

“I…” Myss paused, putting his hand near his forehead. “I can’t remember.”

“You don’t even know your own parents?” Paul asked.

“No, I did know them, but... I forgot… You see, I stumbled upon a Republic scavenger ship once… That took me to a station…” Myss paused. “The ship lifted off, but right before it exited orbit, it hit a floating piece of debris… Which caused me to hit the side of the wall… I woke up in the medical bay of the space station.”

“Well that explains it…” Paul spoke.

“Sorry?” Myss asked.

“I know why things have felt differently… We are both from Taris, a place where people needed each other to survive. You see, my Master once spoke of a bond that forms between two people when they come from similiar circumstances, or have deep connections to mysteries otherwise unseen by anyone else ” Paul explained.

“A force bon…”

Myss was cut off by an alarm that sounded on one of the computer panels. The whole crew rushed to the bridge to see the agent approaching a large frigate.

“There is the reason for the disappearances…” Myyki proclaimed.

“Look, it’s getting a supply ship now!” Paul spoke.

They watched as a small cargo ship was being hauled into the frigates hanger.

“Is it the Hutts?” Lawisendro asked.

“I actually think it could be the Exchange?” Paul asked.

“I haven't the slightest idea… However I do know that the captain of that floating junk pile has some questions to answer…” Carmine replied.

Then, everything started to shake and rumble. In the back, objects that were loose or not secured properly, fell; and the ship groaned as it picked up speed and was led straight to the ship.

“Tractor…” Myyki spoke.

“Aye, what a surprise they will get when our loading ramp is lowered huh?!” Lawisendro chuckled.

The ship slowly made its way to the frigates main hanger where they saw the other cargo ship that was just pulled in about to be boarded by an armed boarding party. As the ship landed on the frigates steel flooring, they saw the boarding crew make their way to the loading ramp with a breaching tool.

“If they drill a hole in the ramp, we can’t get out again! Hurry, just lower the ramp.” Paul said.

As the ramp lowered, they watched as the boarding crew seemed surprised that they did so. Then they noticed that Lawisendro was no longer in the cockpit with them. They looked out the viewport to see a large lightsaber appear down the ramp, The soldiers were so frightened by his height, that some fell backwards out of pure fright!

“Ah-ha! Now… Justice shall prevail! Lawisendro yelled.

“Wait…” Myss spoke softly and patiently. “Maybe we can make a deal with these people.”

“A deal? These are blasted slavers, if it weren’t for our shiny swords, we would be Hutt meat by now!” Lawisendro exclaimed.

“I don’t believe these are just slavers…” Myss said, peering into the mind of the leader of the boarding party. “These slavers, are actually slaves themselves. They do what their told from…” He paused. Then looked up and pointed into an observatory window near the ceiling of the hanger: “Them.”

At the observatory railing stood a group a Neimoidian businessman. Decked in high-class robes with tall hats, they looked astonished at the site of the Wookie and four men. They continued to stare at them with giant multi-colored eyes until one of them turned and ran back inside. Fallowed by the others, they all disappeared from the window.

“Quickly! They might be going for pods or another ship!” Paul said with little time to waste.

“I will stay behind…” Myss spoke. “This cargo ship needs to get out of here.”

“Well, alright, meet us at the bridge then.” Paul said before turning and running with the others.

Myss turned and walked over to the loading ramp where the boarding crew was about to force open. He pushed them all aside with the force, knocking them all unconscious. He looked into the observatory window to see a crew of frightened men. Myss nodded to them; signaling that they can leave. The ship lifted off, and left without any problems.

The group jumped all the way up to the observatory room using the force, and blew a whole in the wall to get inside. They then followed the corridors until they came into a circular room with five hatchways. Using force sight, they were able to find the correct one that led to a turbo-lift.

“Figures they would lock the door…” Carmine spoke.

“Then we’ll just have to make a new one!” Lawisendro exclaimed.

With that, Lawisendro took a few steps back, hunched in and took a deep breath. He then let it all out with a sudden “burst” of energy that blew the shaft’s door right open. He then jumped onto a cable, and slowly climbed up.

The team eventually got right under where the elevator stood. Then, they heard it. The elevator made a lowed jerking noise as if it were to fall.

“They must have reactivated it!” Paul said.

Paul then sent one of his lightsabers flying to the other side of the wall. Using the force, he cut out a door leading to the level under the command bridge. They all jumped through the doorway right as the elevator flew downwards.

“Whew!” Myyki let out a deep grown of relief.

“Ok, if this is the level under the bridge, shouldn’t we be able to cut our way to the top?” Carmine asked.

“Perhaps…” Paul replied.

“No, it is impossible.” Myss said as he jumped through the doorway from the elevator hatch.

“We have to go from the elevator hatch again.” Myss confirmed.

“Alright then, back in we go!” Lawisendro said excitedly.

Once at the top, they found the doorway leading to the main command room.

Myyki threw a time charge onto the door, shattering it into pieces.

The door blew open to reveal the Neimoidians suspended in mid air by three sith warriors. The warriors were accompanied by a Sith Inquisitor, a Commander, and an Imperial Agent. Instantly, Myss remembered back on Ord Mantell before escaping: That soldier that could have survived if he had acted quicker. Myss not even thinking went into a force speed and lunged at the sith holding the Neimoideans in the air. The sith were caught off guard and dropped the aliens to turn to Myss’ purple lightsaber. Paul and Carmine then jumped into the lines set by both sides.

“Is this your ship?” Paul asked the commander.

“Aye it is, and I believe you are trespassing…” The sith said snarling. Lads, teach these pieces of pathetic filth what we do to trespassers…

The agent took a few steps back with the commander, to watch from a reasonably safe distance. The sith warriors ignited all their lightsabers at the same time. Paul reached for his lightsaber when he saw Lawesondro jump over them and plunged his lightsaber into the Inquisiters body: sending him flying to the other side of the room. Two of the warriors then turned to fight Lawisendro at the same time, but both of their blades were stopped by Paul’s. Myss broke off the fight and headed towards the escaping agent and the captain under the guard of the third warrior while Mykkyi, Paul, and Lawisendro fought off the two remaining sith.

Lawisendro just set the sith on defense with a barrage of soul-crushing blows. While Paul jumped to his right side to evade his foe’s blade. He continued to dodge his attacks until he was kicked by one of the sith warriors and instead flew into Lawisendro: knocking him off balance. Both fell to the ground letting go of their swords while the Sith laughed devilishly at their mistake. Paul then grabbed a lightsaber from the warriors belt that belonged to his previous victim using the force. He ignited the blue short blade and pulled the warrior into it, killing him instantly. The other sith lunged for Lawisendro. Lawisendro sheilded his eyes, and heard a blastershot go off. Then felt the lifeless sith body fall on him. He got up and pushed the body off of him to see Myyki still in his aiming position.

“Thank you my friend!” Lawisendro said to Myyki.

Myyki let out a growl and nodded in approval.

“Hurry, we have to catch up to the others!” Paul said while picking his lightsabers back up.

They hurried into the next corridor to find Myss just finishing off the warrior, but there also was a Sith Inquisitor waiting for his turn to fight Myss. Myss stood still with his lightsaber in both hands, staring at the inquisitor.

“Hurry, get to the others, they are trying to escape…” Myss said quietly, but fervently. “I will take care of this one.” The others could almost smell the fervency of emotion, anger and hate coming from Myss.

As the others walked near the doorway to the next part, Paul looked back out the door to see them engage in combat before it closed.

The group quickly made it to the next room where the commander and agent stood trying to get a malfunctioned escape pod to activate. Paul then forced the agent up into the air, pulled him right to his face, and ignited his lightsaber right through the agent’s chest. Dropping him to the floor, he looked up into the eyes of the commander.

Picking up the commander and slamming him to the wall, Paul questioned him.

“Why have you been hijacking supply ships?!” The commander was silent. With another pull and slam against the wall Paul asked again. “Why have you been hijacking supply ships?!”

“The exchange… *cough* pays good credits for Republic supplies…”

“So you work for the exchange then?” Carmine asked calmly, yet pulling his gun up under the commander's chin.

“*Cough* This ship is a small part of the exchange, *cough* yes…”

“Did you come across a man called, ‘Walker’?” Carmine asked.

“Well actually… *cough*…” He was interrupted by the sound of an escape pod being launched.

“Whoopsy… hah…*cough* looks like you just…. *cough* missed him… He was most rude you know…. I sent him on his wa…” He was interrupted again, except this sound being more fatal… It was the sound of a blaster being discharged.

“He was too dangerous to be left alive.” Carmine said as he then continued to explain.

“If we would have brought him with us, the sith would have a gateway into our systems…” He pulled from behind the commander's ear, a small chip that could be seen under the skin. It was a long range homing beacon.
He continued:
“He was just a pawn… There are more people behind this…”

"It all adds up now. The Sith are cutting deals with the Exchange to hijack republic, and Hutt freighters, so that the Republic wouldn't suspect the Emperor in any of this. I sense, we may have just stumbled across a big problem." Paul stated.

"Well seems like we got ourselves one slice of a heroic mission ahead of us." Lawisendro exclaimed with a slight grin.

The four turned and exited the room. They opened the door with guns loaded in case Myss was defeated. They saw Myss on his knees beside the lifeless body of the Inquisitor, now cut into several pieces as if he were savagely eaten by some sort of animal. Full of tears, Myss just sat there, sobbing.

“We aren't the first ones to get here, I found this.”

Myyki held up a Republic Commando's insignia.

“Walker…” Carmine said quietly.

“Who?” Lawisendro asked…

<<<<<<<<<<TO BE CONTINUED>>>>>>>>>>

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re: The ACTS of the Saints

<EPISODE 4 - Secrets Revealed>


"Well sounds like fun huh?" Paul said as he he made a quick cut back towards elevator shaft.

"Wait, what about the Agent! He's our only lead!" Lawisendro exclaimed, running after Paul.

"If he still hasn't found the homing beacon, we can still track him. Even if he disables it." Myyki said.

The crew started to head back the way they came, trying to remember how to get back to the elevator shaft.

"Let's get out of here now!" Carmine shouted.

"Well what are we supposed to do?" Paul asked.

"Jeedai! Just smash through the window and let's get out of here!" Myyki yelled angrily.

"But what about the prisoners? And other captives aboard?" Myss asked.

"I believe they got off, I don't sense anyone else around." Paul answered.

The crew then headed towards the circular room where the overseer was. Myyki launched a rocket straight at the glass and the rest jumped out and landed in the hangar area. They each filed up the ramp as Paul and Myyki raced towards the cockpit. As everyone positioned themselves securely, they backed their ship out of the hangar and headed to the nearest clearing of space as fast as they could. A great explosion pulsated from behind them as they nearly escaped the blast wave.

"Well that was a close encounter. Now let's see where our friend takes us now." Lawisendro said as he eagerly looked at the navigational computer.

"Well I'll be..." Carmine started

"He actually may still be alive!"

"Do what you need to Carmine, it'll take us a while to reach wherever we are going." Paul stated.

Carmine left the rest of the crew and went to his private quarters to reflect on the new evidence he had come across.

"Who is this Walker guy?" Lawisendro asked.

Myss looked at Lawisendro and then back at Paul, awaiting a reply.

"He has caused a great deal of frustration for Carmine, he's the reason he doesn't trust anyone. I believe we should not speak of such things in his presence, its very close to him." Paul answered.

"Right, I'm going to go meditate as well. I fear I may have acted a bit irrationally back there. I don't know what came over me, but I just know I did the right thing." Myss stated.

"Hey, you had beef with a guy who acted mercilessly and you sought vengeance. No harm in that, its justice." Lawisendro said, attempting to comfort Myss.

"Indeed, but its not the Jedi way. Not totally. Forgive me but I must retire for now." Myss answered.

Myss left down the hall into his own room and started to contemplate. Meanwhile Lawisendro and Myyki stayed in the cockpit setting their course to follow the Imperial Agent. Paul headed back to his own chambers, and stared out the window and began to think.

"A force bond... but how? What is it that connects us? I believe I am older than he is, and therefore we can't be related. Can we? So many questions..." Paul thought.

"Indeed. Paul, forgive me but I could hear your thoughts clear as day and I promise I wasn't focusing on them at all." Myss thought.

"Our connection runs deep, but I don't know what the source of it is. I do know of someone who may be able to offer some clarity on this issue, my mentor and great friend: Jedi Master Jao Thaun. I have yet to contact him after the attack on Ord Mantell but I believe he can offer some insight, for he is very wise."

"Indeed, for now we should focus on the strengths of our bond; if that's what it truly is." Myss answered.

Suddenly Lawisendro shouts over the inner-com "Hey guys we got a lock, it appears the Agent has made his way to the Mygeeto System"

"Well let's set course and meet in the comm room, we have some questions to be answered." Paul said.

The ship was set to make a hyperspace jump to the Mygeeto system in the outer rim, while the crew met in the comm room.

"Well who's ready for a fight?" Lawisendro asked.

"It seems that this little plan going on in Nar'Shadaa is only a small part of the larger problem. I remember reading from the archives about Mygeeto, its a planet that's mainly overseen by Nemoidians." Myss explained.

"Why would the sith care about a giant snow ball? They keep to themselves." Carmine stated.

"Because, Mygeeto is rich in durasteel and also hosts powerful crystals. If the sith weed their way into the minds of the Nemoidians, they'd be able to to have raw materials for constructing durable star-ships with huge firepower!" Paul stated.

"But what does this operation have to do with Nar'Shadaa and the Exchange?" Myyki asked.

"It seems that the sith are using Republic and Hutt freighter signatures to mask their cargo, so that when they pass through the Mygeeto system. They would slip right under the Republics nose. Since Mygeeto is independent, Republic security isn't really strong and diplomacy can only do so much. Makes me sick." Carmine answered.

"Well what do we do about this? I say we go in guns blazing and tear this up!" Lawisendro input.

"Its too risky, if the locals found out that the Republic is stirring up trouble, they'd quickly join the Empire and that's a risk we can't afford. This mission is going to have to be discreet." Myss added.

"If the sith have seedy operations going on in Mygeeto we need to bring them into the light, and stop them! I fear what they could do if they had free control over the planets resources. Building the toughest warships... Even Republic flagships wouldn't scratch it!" Paul said.

"I don't care who you have to talk to about this, either you all come with me or not. This moment can't come any sooner!" Carminen grunted.

Myyki quickly pulled up the galactic transponder codes and sent an urgent request to the Jedi council. Within a few minutes a signal came through, and it was Jedi Master Shan.

"We are sorry to hear about what happened on Ord Mantell. What news do you bring Saints?"

"Master we have some unsettling evidence, and we need guidance on our plan of action." Paul began.

"We have substantial evidence to connect the sith and the Exchange to the ones behind the missing freighter's on Nar'Shadaa." Carmine stated.

"And you have dealt with this I sense?" Shan answered.

"We have good reason to believe that the sith are using the freighter's they hijack to smuggle materials out of the Mygeeto system, and passing through the Republic security zones. And also using the Exchange as a cover-up if anyone investigates the matter." Myss added.

"This news is quite unsettling, if the sith are really involved on Mygeeto, the Republic still cannot do much to contain the Empire without stirring up problems with the local government and breaking the treaty, which would force our fragile negations to break." Shan answered.

"Which is why we believe it is in the Republic's interest to act quickly and send a covert team to investigate the matter. We are already en-route to Mygeeto and we have a lead on where to start our investigation." Lawisendro stated.

"I will discuss this with the commander of the Republic, and the Jedi council. Wait until we contact you for further instruction." Shan said as the connection timed out.

"Well, what do you think will happen?" Lawisendro asked.

"Were in a sticky situation with this one. If the Republic is found causing trouble, they can be kicked out of Mygeeto and that would be a huge tactical disadvantage because it would leave the sith wide open to take over the planet. And as it seems, they already have a corrupt network working in their favor." Myss stated.

"Right, I sense we will be able to proceed, but politics is politics. I can only hope they send us some help. Maybe well be able to connect with some fellow Saints as well." Paul stated.

"I'm going back to my room, don't follow me if you know what's good for you." Carmine said.

"Yeah, I think I am going to go check on him real quick." Paul said as he headed in Carmine's direction.

"So... what a coincidence you came when you did back on Nar'Shadaa huh? What were you guys doing there." Lawisendro asked.

"Indeed, but being trained in the force you know coincidences are rare. I was after the Imperial Agent. It appears Paul and Carmine were looking for a guy named Walker." Myss stated.

"Yeah well although I don't like to admit it, you did save me some trouble back there. I think this is turning out to be quite the adventure if I say so myself." Lawisendro added.

"Yes, but I fear for what is to come. I believe our journey has yet to even begin." Myss stated.

Paul walked into Carmine's quarters to find him hammering out some push-ups.

"You know, you can be intimidating all you want but I'm not scared of your idle threats" Paul said.

"I'm not afraid of your sorcery either, why are you bothering me?." Carmine sneered.

"Hey man, we worked well back there don't you think? I know its hard for you to trust people, but as long as your standing with me I've got your back." Paul stated.

"I never asked for your help Paul, but you have helped me. I'm not all one for getting teary-eyed but I know what's about happen, I've been looking forward to this for a long time."

"We are part of the Saints Carmine, you got to learn to trust us. I am here to fight for the republic, and I hope we run into Walker. But like I said before, you have to trust me." Paul spoke.

"Trust isn't something you can just toss around like extra credits. My father died, because of a man whom he thought had his back. You just can't trust easily because anyone will do anything for the right price. Even the honorable men can betray his own brothers." Carmine began.

"Hey guys we are receiving a message." Lawisendro shouted.

Paul and Carminne rushed back to the comm room to see what news the council had to bring.

"Well Saints; This mission could be a major help to the Republic. We have reviewed the evidence you sent us and we believe it is enough for us to take affirmative action. I need not remind you how delicate this mission is, if word gets out about the Republic crossing the lines of the treaty it will have major repercussions." Shan began.

"We understand fully Master, the opportunity we have now will be able to stop this before it gets any bigger." Paul said.

"Try to find out as much information as you can, the more evidence you can compile the more we will be able to justify our case against the sith. The local government is still in favor of being neutral and hopefully the corruption has not seeped in to their corridors."

"I have some good news as well; we have made contact with other Saints and I have directed them to your location you should be meeting up with them shortly. We have full faith in your abilities Saints, may the force be with you." Shan said.

The crew plotted their course for the planet Mygeeto when suddenly another transmission came from the comm-link with a Saints access code...

<<<<<<<<<<TO BE CONTINUED>>>>>>>>>>

Feedback is always appreciated! If you took the time to read the story we'd love to hear your input ----->

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re: The ACTS of the Saints

<EPISODE 5 - The Gathering>

“What’s this all about? I was just about to sink my teeth into a Force Fudge Brownie!” Lawisendro exclaimed disappointingly.

“There is a transmission” Myyki said.

“Look, there she is.” Carmine said pointing out of a window towards a ship that just exited Hyperspace.

The meeting lounge had a spark of joy as they were about to be reuinited with a Saint. The lights changed from a shimering white, to a mellow golden hue. Everyone eagerly awaited to see who was about to come through, as the tension in the atmostphere was slowly shifting towards excitement and joy. The center table had a nice tray of Force Fudge Brownies and Battle-cooked Bacon; both dishes seemed to compliment eachother perfectly.

Coming from hyperspace was a small transport ship. They activated the Holo-cams and awaited for the other ship to do the same. Within seconds the screen lit up with a blue glow. Then the image began to establish the connection, and focus. It slowly revealed a form of a human; a man. He was leaning up against the wall casually. He then walked over to the center of the screen and then saluted.

Then the audio feed was activated.

“Hello there everyone, the Council directed me to your location, they said it was of high importance. I am Kesuit, I am a registered commando in the Republic Millitary. My squad and I were of the few that made it off of Ord Mantell alive…” Kesuit said with a tone of sadness for those who weren’t so lucky.

“Ahh, it is good to see you Kesuit, and yes, we need as much help as we can get! So your presence is indeed appreciated!” Paul said.

The commando had heavy armor that has seen its fair share of punishment from various battles it was used in. Although quite scuffled and charred, the middle chest peice with the Republic emblem was clearly the cleanest spot on the armor. On his right shoulder peice bore the mark of the saints.

“I am glad I can help, I've been eager for some action. I carry a heavy Mandalorian repeater and several side arms. I have a vibroblade and aratek power shields. I have a wrist gauntlet much like the wookie’s you have in your company. It fires anti vehicle rounds, a grappling hook, and a few other things. I have been hoping to try out a few poison darts I just picked up as well.” Kesuit said informatively.

“I have been trained in war since a young age, I have seen many battles, and have personally seen the integrity and resillience of the Republic forces over the years. I will help you in any way I can. But for now, I have to get suited up and clean my equipment, its tradition. I will call you back later.” Kesuit said.

“Ahh, take your time, we can’t be discovered here by our enemies.” Paul said assuring.

Then the transmission was cut. Seconds later as everyone was about to head back to their rooms, the sound of an incoming transmission blared throughout the ship.

“You really should give that machine a more pleasant sound…” Myss said as he turned around once again to face the holo-com again.

Then, an image appeared onto the screan. First the vessels blueprints and schematics.

“Hmm, it is definitely a Republic transport. Could be Jedi.” Paul said assumingly.

Then the screen morphed to form two figure’s shapes. The camera focused and the audio feed was activated to reveal a Nautolan and a Human. As the projection focused in, the Saints were quite happy to see Ambassador Julmay Hiddai and Kalani Swiftblade was with him as well.

“Master Hiddai! It is great to see you here! And Kalani, I am glad we can utilize both of your skills!” Paul said happily.

“It is good to see you too Paul, and yes, we both were sent to help you with the upcoming operation. On our way here, we completely analyzed everything they have down there on Mygeeto. We are currently formulating a plan to infiltrate their defenses.” Julmay said somewhat impatiently.

“Yes, you have Lawisendro’s Myss’ and my own swords to use, along with Myyki, Carmine, and Kesuit’s blasters. From what we can see up here, they have two levels of defenses. Orbital defenses are on the upper level, But we haven't been able to get a good look at the bottom section.”

“I see them. I will use all the strategic training I have received throughout my years and see what we can do. I will be leaving to organize, I will contact you later.”

“Very good, I will talk to you then Julmay.”

The screen shows Julmay stepping out of the screen. Kalani remained.

“Kalani, let us introduce ourselves, I am Saul Eryth. [pointing to each member] This is Myyki, Lawisendro, Myss and Carmine.”

“It is nice to meet you all, I have been hoping for a chance to train and practice in real circumstances, those simulated lightsabers can only help ‘so much.” Kalani said with a slight grin.

“Ahh, I know what you mean, I can’t tell you how many machines I have completely destroyed on accident while training.” Lawisendro said chuckling.

“It cost me quite a bit of credits.” Lawisendro finished.

“Well, I am glad I can come and help with the mission. But I must prepare.” Kalani said.

With that, they cut the transmission.

It was once again quiet onboard the ship. The crew said nothing to each other for quite a few moments. Then it happened. A light appeared on the holo-com. In the split second that it appeared and before the usual sound afterwards, Myss executed Force Speed and activated the panel before the unrelenting noise sparked through. As quickly as he got up from his chair and pressed the button, he sat back down.

“Saw it coming…” Myss said somewhat quieter, as he felt every eye in the lounge looking at him. Then everyone laughed simultaneously for a few seconds.

The holo-camera on the other’s end focused to show a small astromech droid controlling their holo-com’s control panel.

“No, point it at me… At me you camera hog!” was heard coming towards the left of the camera. The camera shifted to many locations, as if the droid was having trouble controlling it or it was malfunctioning. “No, no no no no! Ok, alright… Just, don’t mess with it… I will…” A short pause of silence occurred. “Wait, are you transmitting this?” A series of “beeps” and “whistles” were then heard from the droid who was still visible on the camera. “What do you mean? I see the little red light blinking! Alright, alright… Ok, just change it to the cockpit one…” Another series of short and somewhat muffled beeps were heard again. “Yes, the one pointing at my face, not the one behind me…” The voice said irritatingly. The holo-image went blank and then reappeared behind the drivers chair, once again revealing the small droid. “Ok, you know what… Just, go and see if the hyper drive is ok…”The droid backs up and drives back out of the doorway, mumbling short and soft "clicks" and "beeps" in frustration as it went. Then a man walked over to the panel and pressed a few buttons. Then the screen went blank and then reappeared in front of the pilots seat. He then took his seat in the chair and leaned back and put his feet up on the disabled piloting controls.

“Hello?” The man said curiously.

“Your coming in clear, I am Saul of Eryth, I’m assuming you were directed by the Council?” Paul asked.

“Yeah, I was asked to come and help, but I tell you the cost of fuel… Those guys down there better have some loot or something to compensate.” He paused.

“I am Bran, I smuggle goods for the Republic. Ive been on more smuggling runs than you probably have seen the glowing eyes of Sith Warriors…”

“You would be surprised…” Myss said in reply.

“Yeah well, you can wave your shiny sword around if you want to… I handle things much more covertly. Just give me the target and I will loot and kill before you know it.”

“Umm, don’t you mean, kill and then loot?” Lawisendro asked.

“Nope, I can take what I want without them noticing, don’t worry. But hey, I’ve got a blaster, some ‘toys’ and a vibro-sword so yeah. But I’m tired, wake me when you’re ready.” Bran said with a yawn. The small droid entered the room once again, and was instructed to cut transmission. With a slight wave, the man disappeared.

“Smugglers, I have never been able to trust them.” Myss said negatively.

“Well, if he is who he claims to be, then we might have quite an asset on our side.” Lawisendro replied.

“Yes, I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.” Paul said, trying to end the discussion. “But it might be best if we ourselves get rested and prepared for later, we will need all the energy we can get.” Paul finished.

“Yes, but first… Dinner!” Myyki said.

An hour had passed before they sent a transmission to the three other ships to one by one dock and board the first.

Once everyone made it into the lounge they all found a chair; There was plenty of seats and room for everyone to fit comfortably. The lounge set up looked much like a regular diplomatic room. Four long couches on each side with long red drapes with Republic insingias on the lower half, mounted on the wall. In the background there was a small waterfall rushing down the side of the wall with two bothan botanies planeted on both sides. The mission computer was placed directly in the center of the round table in the center of the speaking room. Paul pressed the side panel to turn it on; then Julmay stud up.

“In but a few hours, we will be on the planets surface. We will infiltrate and completely halt the corrupted operations here on Mygeeto. We WILL indeed stop all production of Sith goods. With our plan, this will get the job done. I have carefully studied and analyzed Mygeeto. There are two levels: An upper atmospheric level, which consists of mainly buildings, structures, and its orbital defenses. The Sith embassy and the Exchange Headquarters are located on the upper level as well. However the factories, Mining outposts, military dormitories, storage warehouses, and even starfighter hangers are abundant on the lower level. I believe it would be best for us all to split up into two groups. One squad, with more armor and firepower, should attack the lower levels, as to not draw attention from the Mygeeto government and to destroy anything the Sith are making under the governments nose. The second squad should be quite a bit ‘lighter’ and much ‘quieter’, as the upper levels are watched much more closely by the Exchange, the Sith and Mygeeto itself.” Julmay paused to take a breath.

“The first strike team should be Lawisendro, Kesuit, Paul, Myyki and Carmine. While the second will be Kalani, Myss, Bran, and myself. Squad 1 will attack the bottom, delivering as much damage as possible. While Squad two will scale the upper level, and infiltrate the two bases, and disable the Sith controlled Orbital Defenses. Now, we have things working for us, and against us. The good news is that we are going to completely catch them off guard, the bad news is that the Sith have been prevalent here for quite some time, so the government here has established a form of trust with the Sith, and will most likely be more lenient to them more then anyone else.” Julmay then stopped.

“Is there any further questions?”

“Yes, how do we plan on getting in and out?” Bran asked.

“We are going to take this ship. As the appearance form several ships would draw attention. This is a small enough ship to slip by their radar. This operation may take more then a day, so we will meet back to the L.Z. two days after we set off to start.” Julmay answered.

“Alright, well at least it is your ship getting burned if we get discovered over mine. I’m in.” Bran said sarcastically.

"Now wait just a blasted second, let's just hold the tele-com here real quick. It would seem that although we are trying to stop an operation here, we have a good opportunity presented in front of us. If we can dig up some hard evidence and establish some good clean evidence of the dealings of these parties, we could possibly make sure their operations don't happen again." Paul spoke.

"Yes... You are correct Paul, the second team will be inside their H.Q. so we can retrieve a large amount of information on and from them. Maybe even discover some other secret plans that could be valuable to the Republic." Julmay responded.

"Alright my kind of language going on right now. I should advise though, I've had enough amateur's in my day ruin things because of carelessness. Whatever we do we can't just go shoot up places and leave traces everywhere. Try to keep it clean you Jedi, and those trigger happy troopers better watch their thermals." Bran said.

"I've been on covert operations before, no need to tell me twice. I just hope you don't sell us out at the first sight of trouble." Kesuit replied.

Kalani spoke up. "I am really sure we all know the mission at hand here, if anyone needs to watch themselves its the Sith."

"Are you all forgetting the most important thing right now!?" Lawisendro said quite dramatically.

Everyone halted and looked at his direction anxiously.

Lawisendro finished "The Force Fudge Brownies are gone!!"

The lounge then started in a panic looking in every direction. And then all at once turned their heads towards Myyki. Myyki quietly set the brownies back on the table as he covered his face and turned away. Everyone then chuckled and picked up a brownie and ate to their delight.

“Alright, we leave now.” Julmay said.

Everyone then got up and talked amongst each other, prepared their gear, etc. But Carmine sat next to Paul for a few minutes.

“Do you think we will run into Walker Paul?” Carmine asked.

“I am sure we will my friend, don’t worry, we will indeed find him, and you will get your answers. I promise.”

Carmine then nodded.

“I will begin the decent” Myyki said.

<<<<<<<<<<TO BE CONTINUED>>>>>>>>>>

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re: The ACTS of the Saints

<EPISODE 6 - Before the Quake.>

After a few minutes, the group quieted down. Some were checking their food, water, and ammunition. There was a quiet and eerie feeling moving about the lounge. Everyone was preparing for the upcoming struggle.

Kesuit was just finishing attaching the armor shin plating to his left leg. Bran sat with his feet up against the center table, resting before the upcoming mission. Myyki stayed put in the cockpit with Julmay, quietly descending to the planet undetected. Myss and Paul were having a small lightsaber skirmish with each other; practicing as to stay sharp with the blade. Lawisendro sat across from Bran, watching the training dual from a safe distance. Kalani stood near the dual, as to practice next.

Myss and Paul’s dual went about five minutes.
Myss took a defensive stance and held his saber with one hand, and readied his left hand in case. Paul took two steps to the left and then lunged with one saber forward and one saber in defense. He then swung both sabers horizontally at Myss. Myss then jumped forward in between the two sabers and then rolled and got up deflecting another blow from Paul. They were then caught in a dead lock, not moving at all from one way to another. They both then broke off at the sound of Julmay.

Julmay clapped his hands while walking out of the cockpit door as Paul put his sabers away.

You both did very well.

Myss, I noticed you took a defensive stance every chance you had. I am not saying this is wrong, most Jedi just go swinging and hacking away with their lightsaber at first chance. You seem to want to watch a situation, study it, and then kill if need be. You take a defensive position; you will protect yourself then risk being hit while attacking an enemy. This is very good, but as you saw, you need to keep on guard or else your opponent will take that chance to surprise you with an attack. Just be careful.

"Next time I want to see people dance, I'll go to a cantina. I thought lightsaber duels were supposed to be exciting, I almost fell asleep!" Bran said.

Did I do something wrong in form Master Hiddai?

No, no; fighting styles come differently for everyone. You have a more reserved fighting style then Paul’s. Just try and strengthen yourself to compensate for your own lack of lightsaber defenses.

Yes Master Hiddai.

After the two sat down, Paul and Kalani stepped up and took fighting positions. But just as they were about to ignite their lightsabers, the ship “leapt” and everyone was thrown up into the air. Lawisendro being the tallest, didn’t really “fly” as much as the others, but he hit his head on the ceiling quite a bit harder.

Myyki! What happened?! Paul shouted.

We hit another vessel! Myyki roared in reply

What kind of vessel? Paul asked, looking out the window.

Out the window was a shady transport ship making its way down to the planet surface.

Are we still cloaked? Bran said, rubbing the large bump on his head.

Yes, they can’t see us. Myyki replied.

Then everything should be ok. Julmay spoke.

Everyone buckle up, we are entering the atmosphere. Myyki ordered.

After everyone got seated and buckled, the ship began to shake as it fell from Mygeeto’s skies. Kesuit tried to attach the last plasma grenade he had to his chest piece, but it slipped out of his hand and nearly fell to the floor. He quickly grabbed it before it hit the hard ground. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as he strapped it to its holder piece.

After a minute of violent shaking, Myyki was heard again from the corridor.

We are landing now... Brace!

With that, the ship slowed and then landed softly.

Myyki landed on an unmarked landing platform on the upper level of the cold and icy planet. The landing platform keep-staff made their way out to inspect the vessel.

Alright, everyone stay here, I’ll get everything situated. Paul said.

After a few minutes, Paul walked back up the platform.

Everyone, they are going to search the ship, it is standard code now… Quickly, group 1, come with me, we have to get out of here. Group 2, you had better get going too. Hurry and make for the main command posts. Group 1 fallows me down below where the Sith have made their “nests”. Hurry, we will meet at the bottom level of the Main Myggeto Capital Building tomorrow. In the meantime, disrupt Sith long range scanners and AA guns, we will take out the bigger equipment down below.

Stay safe brothers. Julmay said as Squad 1 left down the ramp, then grappled down the platform to the sub-levels.

Squad two quickly ran down the ramp and behind the registry building, about to move on to the AA gun command center. As they left, Bran looked behind him to see armed Gammorean guards storming up the ship's loading ramp.

It'll be impounded for sure... Bran said while running with the others through allies and corridors.

Well, seems the locals are awfully suspicious of us. Hopefully they'll buy our diplomatic story... We will strike the holding base last. That is where we will find the ship and make our escape. But right now, no killing. We are behind enemy lines now, we need to be invisible. Julmay said quietly.

Hey, just make sure you don't accidentally start your shiny and noisy sword right before I sneak behind someone, alright? Bran said sarcastically.

The group stopped as they heard a thud behind them. They saw Myss holding Bran up by his shirt's collar against a building's wall.

Listen... Your kind makes me sick... If I even smell a thought of betrayal, you will indeed lose your head... Tell me if I'm not clear... Myss said whispering, yet angrily.

Grow up kid, I thought you were supposed to be a Jedi, I was certainly expecting a bit more self control from you. Bran said calmly in reply.

Both of you knock it off! Kalani said quietly. We are all on the same team here.

Tell that to this lunatic here with the lightsaber at my throat. Bran said in reply.

Myss let go of him and took a step back.

I'm... Sorry... But I warn you smuggler, it's your head coming off if one of us gets hurt... Myss said.

That's enough, all of you. Now we all better start acting more like a squad if we want to get out of this alive, do you all hear me? This is no place to start this. Now hurry up and let's get this over with... Julmay said disappointed with the group.

They quickly and quietly made their way through more passageways and alleys and corridors, zig-zagging through a maze of buildings. They eventually made it to the end of one of the alleys, where they came across a drop off to the lower levels. Bran was running so fast he nearly couldn't stop in time before falling off into the deep abyss of frost, dust, and clouds. Julmay then looked to his left and saw a large pointed structure protruding from the side of a large vehicle. It almost looked like a tank.

That is a mobile AA tank, those are for smaller transports, those will have to go as well as the standard fighter AA... Julmay said.

Bran, place two of your charges on there, one on its front right leg, and another on the bottom of the AA gun's barrel. Wire it to this remote detonator. Julmay finished.

Bran activated his GCD(Generated Cloaking Device) And headed for the large six legged walker. The three Jedi then rushed to the other side of the structure, behind some supply crates and hid. After a few minutes, Bran ran back and leaped over the boxes and sat between Myss and Kalani. Then deactivated his cloaking.

It's hot. Bran whispered.

Alright, let get out of here. Kalani whispered in reply.

Right, we have several more of these to hit... And then the main control room. Julmay said in response.

Myss got up first, but then immediately fell back down behind the boxes. After he noticed the puzzled look on each of their faces, he spoke.

Gamorrean platform security staff. Myss said.

They are guarding a Sith AA gun? Kalani asked.

Maybe, or maybe the Mygeeto government trusts them as much as they trust us... Maybe they are unaware of what is going on down below...? Julmay asked out loud, thinking to himself.

Hurry, lets get the rest of them on before nightfall. Kalani said.

Right, hurry now this way. Julmay pointed using his guidance system.

The group navigated their way through several more passageways until they came up to a large building with many antenna on its roof. The building had the Mygeeto flag draped down from the top to about half way.

That must be the Communications center for the Ground to Air Defenses... That definitely needs to come down if we are discovered. But if the plan works, no Native Mygeeto buildings will have to fall. Julmay started.

Just place charges into the very top floor, that is where the computers are. Julmay finished.

Look there Julmay, it is a separate dish. Those kind are specifically meant to go through severe weather conditions, I saw them a lot on my trips to Rhen Var. They give signals that will go straight through the roughest of Blizzards. That could be what is linking the communications from down below to up here. If that is the case, we have to get rid of it now so the gang down below doesn't raise an alarm up here.

Alright, go and place charges where I told you, then send this computer worm into the communication systems to the lower level, it will completely block everything to there.

Bran nodded in reply and then activated his camouflage and ran towards the building, and jumped through a window.

We should meet him at the top, right? Kalani asked.

It probably would be a bit safer. Julmay answered.

The group forced jumped onto the neighboring building's roof and ducked behind the wall that served as a fence as to not fall off. Within a matter of minutes, they heard the top of the comm-buildings door open, and Bran on the roof, waving his hands.

He needs to get over here... Julmay said.

Look! There is a new devision of guards now right in front of the building! How is he going to get over? Kalani asked, putting one hand by one of her lightsabers.

Julmay looked at her and then nodded "no" with his head.

One of us is going to have to carry him over with the force. All three of us better not, it would get lopsided and if we aren't thinking as one brain, we could accidentally brake bones trying to get him over here.

Like he doesn't deserve it already... Myss thought to himself.

Julmay glanced over at Myss, hearing his thought. Then back at Kalani.

You are going to have to carry him over Myss. Julmay said.

What? Myss asked in surprise.

Yes, you. You are going to have to pick him up and carry him over the guards and on top. Julmay answered. You are going to have to get over your own bad spirit and help a teammate to safety. Julmay answered.

I... I know I can Master Hiddai, but... Myss paused.

Now listen to me Myss, this is a teammate, this is no game where we can just do over again... This is real, Bran could indeed lose his life over there, he just infiltrated a building, and placed explosives where I told him to. He did his part, now you need to complete it.

Yes Master Hiddai. Myss complied.

Myss stood to his feet, and put his right hand out in front of him, and closed it as if picking up something. Julmay and Kalani rose up on their knees to look over the wall. Then they saw Bran fall to the ground. Kalani looked at Myss questioningly.

What are you doing?! Kalani whispered.

Shh.... Watch. Julmay said in reply.

They both watched as Myss picked up Bran by his left leg. Lifting him up upside down, and slowly carrying him down to an ally, and then up to the roof they sat on. He placed Bran right in front of them all, and then dropped him. With a loud "thud" Bran fell to the floor back-first.

Ahh! What are you trying to do huh? Brake my neck? I mean... There must have been a more comfortable way then that...! That is two over grown bumps to the head to deal with now! Bran said putting his left hand over the back of his aching neck.

Myss, ignoring him, just turned and jumped off the ledge into the alley.

We had better get going. The sun is starting to set. Kalani said.

Aye, fallow me, we are now off to the Sith Embassy, and then to the Mygeeto Capital Building... But that will be tomorrow, lets stop here for tonight.

{This is now being re-directed back to before when Squad 1 leaped off of the platform}

Myyki, Carmine and Kesuit slapped three grapple mounts into the para-steal edge of the platform and slid down them hundreds of feet until they reached the bottom level of Mygeeto. It was vary cold on the lower level and everything was frosted over. Kesuit put his right hand near the right ear of his helmet, activating the radio feed to Paul.

Excuse me sir, but you did bring the extra blankets and raps correct? Myyki and I made it to the bottom, and we are fine, but you guys are going to need more protection from the cold... You will get pneumonia faster then you could say...

The Jedi Code? Paul asked standing right behind him bundled in a few thermal blankets.

Well, actually I was going to name that one fish, but that works too... Kesuit said chuckling. Do we have all the supplies we need? Kesuit continued.

Aye, I remembered to bring them all when I slid down the cable. Lawisendro said, jerking the large backpack full of medical, food and ammo supplies.

Alright... Then this way must be the way to start. Paul said.

The 5 continues through the huge wall of mist. Kesuit switched to Thermal Vision and extended a grappling hook rope out for everyone to hold as to not get lost.

We are coming to some sort of structure, looks like a look out Fort. Kesuit said looking back at the line of people falling him.

Alright, well I guess we'd be better off going in Guns a-blazing!

I hope Julmay's blocked the communications to the upper level, or we are all in trouble! Paul said.

ATTACK! Lawisendro yelled.

The group now exited the huge maze of frost and mist to be met by a squad of seven armed Sith soldiers trained with vibro-blades. Kesuit slung his great big heavy repeater from his back to hip level, and started spraying while advancing.

The fort had three levels, the bottom had a security gate, where the Sith guards stayed put while the second level had Sith soldiers on mounted heavy machine guns while the third level had Sith Soldiers with semi-long range blaster rifles.

Myyki then pulled his pistol and started on the Sith down below with Carmine. Paul and Lawisendro ran and flanked the side, and hopped up to the second level, where they destroyed the Sith on the guns. Kesuit loaded a Rocket into his wrist-launcher and fired it at the third level, completely shattering the barrier that protected the Riflemen and the smothered them in hot and melting plasma from his heavy repeater.

Myyki first threw an EMP grenade at the squad below, shutting down all visual feed from their helmets and disabling their vibro-swords. This made it more then easy for Carmine to come and and finish them off with his carbine. Paul and Lawisendro rushed the second level and just hacked at everything while running from the right side to the left. They ran across and disabled the mounted repeaters. When the got to the middle of the fort's walkway, the riflemen begane to fire at them. Paul then left Lawisendro and jumped to the third level, destroying all of the soldiers. The last soldier near the gate fell, and all the group met in front of it.

Can we get in from the top? Carmine asked.

No, this fort is more like a bunker, see how it is carved round like the wall? I bet they dug through that wall, and this leads to the next area. Kesuit said.

Can we brake the door down? Myyki asked.

I don't see how... It doesn't look to have been opened in years, and in this cold, it could have frozen itself shut. Lawisendro said.

Then we are going to have to get behind it through the fort. Carmine answered. We can cut through the ceiling of the third level, and cut down until we are behind the gate. Carmine finished.

Well, I don't see any other way through, lets do it. Paul said in reply.

The group made their way to the top of the fort, and the two used their lightsabers to cut through the frozen roof. The piece fell to the inside floor, crushing a guard, and then they jumped through. After the group made it in, they found they were surrounded by Sith soldiers. The two Jedi stepped to the front, and then raised their lightsabers up in defense to protect the soldiers behind them. Kesuit, Carmine and Myyki quickly shot all soldiers behind them, and then stood behind the Jedi who would deflect the enemy bolts. Kesuit then stuck his heave repeater between Paul and Lawisendro and began firing at the ones on the right, while Myyki finished the ones on the left. After all the guards had been taken care of, they again cut through to the bottom level which put them directly behind the gate. Once they all got together, what they saw completely shocked every single one of them.

They saw a huge cavern of nothing but factories. They saw hundreds of Sith fighter ship armor plating, weapons and sections of the cockpits being built. They saw large Turbo Laser Batteries online, and being constructed. They saw Sith Carrier parts and bodies being constructed. Then they saw all of the parts being loaded into Exchange freighters to be shipped off to be put together. They looked at the hundreds of Sith foot soldiers filing in and then breaking formation to go to their individual barracks. They saw large AA Walkers, and then heavy artillery gun placements for Orbital coverage. They looked over and saw a large square structure that rose to the serface of the upper level.

That must be the Sith Embassy that leads to the top... This place is massive! Paul said gasping and trying to take in the scenery.

Umm... I don't mean to sound pessimistic Paul, but... Will we really be able to take all this out...? Myyki asked.

Do not worry Myyki, with the force, nothing is too big or great. Paul said turning to Myyki.

Well, I guess we'd better get this over with... Lawisendro said, sighing at the horrifying site.

<<<<<<<<<<TO BE CONTINUED>>>>>>>>>>

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re: The ACTS of the Saints

<Episode 7 - Point of Impact>

Huddled together in a small dark alley, on the surface of Mygeeto: Julmay, Kalani, Bran and Myss were contemplating how they were going to infiltrate the Sith Embassy. Myss was off to the corner with his back turned from the group, and his forearm on the adjacent building wall, hanging his head and contemplating.

"I don't know what this is... but its killing me. Every time I look at him I feel an unbridled hatred towards him, but it is not the Jedi way. Am I no Jedi? Am I falling into a darkness I cannot recognize? Where is the clarity I need, why can't I focus!?" Myss thought, angered by the fact that he an't understand his own emotions. Meanwhile the Julmay and the other's were discussing the plan for their infiltration to the Embassy.

"Were just a few moments before we head in, lets go over this one more time. Myss, are you in on this?" Julmay asked, concerned but twitched his head as if he had a sense about the discord in Myss's thoughts.

"Uhh... yeah I am fine, im just thinking about Paul and the other's. I hope they're going well." Myss answered hesitantly.

"Alright well anytime you want to chime in, just drop me or throw me up against a wall or something. Seems your only way of communicating." Bran smugly said. (haha pun).

Myss let out a fake smile, but clearly un-nerved by the comment.

"Anyways, you were saying Master Hiddai?" Kalani said in a firm voice, trying to get to the point.

"Were going to infiltrate from the second level. Bran's droid is going to deactivate the upper window shields, apparently they are temporary generic shields because they are trying to replace them with a higher level of security barriers. Luck be on our side, but the entire compound is guarded by a bastion of entry level soldiers. They are quite jumpy and easily alerted, so sneaking around might prove to be difficult, Kalani and I may be able to distract them but we go to make sure if were going to have a fire fight we can do it quietly and quickly. Now, here's where things get interesting, once we arrive in the turbo-lift we have to stop on the second to top floor. Apparently they understand the importance of security. the only way to reach the top is a high militarized door, guarded by four Mark III defensive droids. The only good thing is that the doors can't be permanently be locked because of escape reason. So all we have to do is cause a power lapse. Bran's droid can give us a 3 minute window to get to the top of the stairs. However, the local population militia will be alerted so once were at the top we have but maybe 10 minutes to finish our business. We are going to escape off the roof and hop aboard a rogue shuttle that will take us to safety." Julmay explained in a long winded speech.

"And I thought we were just going to knock." Bran said with another smirk.

"Yes, anyways when are we heading out?" Kalani said with an eager tone.

"Soon, just give me a moment." Julmay spoke edging his way over to Myss.

Myss still over hanging on the wall, suddenly felt Julmay's presence and stood upright.

"Myss, what is it that troubles you?" Julmay asked.

"Well... Master, its just that I instinctively have this unsettled feeling about Bran. I am frustrated that I feel this way, but at the same time I can't help it. I try hard to resist the dark side Julmay, but all I feel is an unsettled state when I am around him." Myss began.

"You don't trust Bran's allegiance to us do you? That is what unsettles you. You have pledged your life to the Republic, but Bran has motives you don't understand." Julmay interjected.

"But... He's a criminal. He'd sell us out just to save his neck, his kind has no true allegiance, just whoever signs his credits faster!"

"The force binds all kinds of creatures together Myss, the discord in your heart is your reaction to uncertainty. In order to calm the disquiet in you, you will have to trust him for better or worse. His life may be in your hands as well as yours in his. As long as you keep your hand on your sword, and not out to help, your clarity will be clouded; and forever will you be lost in darkness, and uncertainty. To see the light you must be willing let go of your instincts and trust in the force" Julmay spoke.

Myss looked at Julmay, straightened up and nodded. Then the party gathered and started down to the end of the alley. Julmay and Kalani were up ahead talking while Bran was trailing behind.

"Hey Myss, you know I was just joking right? No hard feelings?" Bran asked.

"Yeah... no hard feelings" Myss said with a fake smile.

As the crew turned the corner they saw their building right across the street. It stretched quite high up the around the other buildings, but they moved quickly into position with their grapple hooks out.

"Breep dweep doot boot dwoot dwrep deet deet doot beep deet!" The droid said.

"Ah shut up about some anomaly and get going, ya pile of scrap!"

"BRAN!" Kalani exclaimed.

After a few brief moments the upper second story windows faded out, and all four of them shot hteir grappling hooks up and swung into the level, in an office area. Instantly an alarm went off and two doors opened up and six guards came through with their blasters loaded.

"" Julmay yelped.


Carmine and Kesuit immediately rolled towards the left wall, behind a large cargo crate. Myyki threw two flash grenades and an ion grenade out into the middle of the giant opening where the soldiers and the AA Walker's were finally alerted to there presence. Paul and Lawisendro force jumped into opposite directions; Paul landed on a high rise platform overlooking the massive warehouse, and Lawisendro landed on top of another large cargo crate. As Paul looked out he saw the farthest security gate slam shut and lock, and then saw another large security gate slam shut while the alarm system chimed in over the loud speaker.

"Attention Dockworkers: Code 5 security alert, all security personnel identify and eliminate security violation"

Four soldiers took out their blaster rifles and started blasting at the cargo containers that Carmine and Kesuit were behind, meanwhile an AA walker targeted the position where Lawisendro was and locked on two missiles. As the AA walker fired its two missiles, the ion grenade exploded and threw off the aim of the two missiles trajectory paths. Lawisendro force grabbed the first missile and slung it right back at the walker exploding right into its left leg, causing it to fall over onto the battalion of soldiers forming up to overrun Carmine and Kesuit's position. As the flash grenade exploded, Carmine and Kesuit both rolled back out of cover and fired a spray of blasts in the direction of the armed soldiers who were disoriented from blindness. As Lawisendro examined he saw a small stair leading up to the control room of the first section. However both the shudder's were locked shut, and the entry door closed and became locked.

Paul then activated his lightsaber's and turned around quickly to deflect three blaster bolts that came from behind as two soldiers were adjacent to another small control room on the platform. Paul then deflected another bolt at the first shooter and then took his left saber and swung it upwards cutting the other shooter's gun in half, and then bringing his hands out forward and releasing a force push knocking them both back against the wall at the end of the platform. Paul then walked up to the door and jammed his saber into the door cutting out a doorway for him to pass.

As he entered he saw a maintenance worker withdraw his blaster and fire, but completely miss. Paul then force grabbed the blaster out of his hand, threw it across the room and then force blasted him against the wall. As he looked over to the control panel he saw the energy layout of the warehouse and noticed that each section has an upper and lower control room. He noticed the upper control room can authorize access to the lower control room, and the lower control room can override the blast doors for each section. Paul shutdown the security protocol for the first control room.

Kesuit, Carmine, Myyki and Lawisendro both ran up to the lower control room, which was much bigger than the upper control room, as Paul flipped down from the platform and quickly pursued to join them. Carmine rolled forward and took cover behind a desk right in-front of the doorway only to come under fire by more blaster shots. Kesuit and Myyki both followed suit and met up with carmine against the desk. As Mykki poked his head up, he saw five heavily armored and armed soldiers. two with heavy repeater rifles, two with a vibro-sword and one with a giant flame-thrower. Kesuit rolled over to the adjacent desk as the five guards were pinned behind a center wall with two corridors on both sides. Immediately the two carrying the Vibro-sword made a dash for Lawisendro.

"Come at me you bantha-fodder, I could take both of you on easily!" Lawisendro taunted.

Successfully they both ignored Kesuit and Carmine and followed after Lawisendro who filed right back out the door. Myyki then poked his head back up and launched a missile at the right corridor knocking one of the armored soldiers back. The soldier with the flame-thrower ignited his gun and started spraying towards the three. Carmine took a deep sigh and briskly hoped over his desk and fired three shots at the soldier with his blaster pistol. The soldier in a moment of panic turned towards Carmine, as Carmine ran forward into the spray of fire and knocked down the nozzle of the gun. Meanwhile Kesuit and Myyki were holding off the other two guards by firing a flurry blasts over in their directions.

(While the previous is taking place) The two soldiers came out to find Paul and Lawisendro standing with both saber's ignited in a fighting stance. They both proceeded to charge forward. Lawisendro ran infront of the first soldier and swung both sabers from his right side as the soldier swung his sword to the left to try and parry the attack. Paul swung with his left saber in a back hand motion slamming the second soldiers sword down and then connecting with his right saber to knock the sword completely out of the way; then proceeding to elbow him in the stomach and then jumped up with his left knee and crushed his face, knocking him down. Lawisendro's swing knocked back the soldiers hands just enough to have him become unbalanced and then continued to knock him in the head with both hilts of his lightsaber's.

After knocking the flame-thrower nozzle down Carmine leaped up and tacked him onto the ground and hooked a right punch to his jaw and then with another hook to the left. Kesuit then took out his pistol, poked his head up over the desk, while the armored soldier was coming out from behind the wall to get a shot in, and fired two blaster shots right to the chest, while Myyki launched a wrist rocket at the other soldier, shedding the wall landing right at his feet. Before he could roll away it ignited and blasted him back. Carmine braced his face as a whiff of hot fire came from that direction.

"Well, we just unlock the doors, and head into the second section." Paul stated.

"Alright I'm overriding the door lock-down sequence now" Kesuit said.

"Man, wheres the action this was almost too easy!" Lawisendro said.

Just then the giant blast door outside opened up and a giant Military Tank Droid, stood infront of another battalion of soldiers who had positioned themselves across the second section in defensive fortifications, ready for them to come.

"Execution protocol initiated exterminate all hostiles." The Tank droid relayed.

"Alright men, if you see something move open fire!" The soldier guard captain said.

The Tank droid ejected two large missile extensions out from its inside, and a giant chain gun from up top. The soldiers were all lined up strategically in place behind random crates, and fortified wall extensions. Up on the second platform there were four sniper's all keyed in across the room. In the middle of the section were two heavily outfitted soldiers with dual silo rocket launcher's, positioned in a cradle of a makeshift wall.

"Lawisendro is cursed I swear." Myyki said.

<<<<<<<<<<TO BE CONTINUED>>>>>>>>>>

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