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re: Trench Foot

"Good riddance" Onora thought to herself as she deactivated her green lightsaber and affixed it to her belt. Now that her master's would-be assasin had fled, it was time to do some healing. She knelt down by the motionless body and hovered her palms out about a foot above him. Closing her eyes she let The Force flow through her, and her healing trance began. No damage--at least no recent damage--appeared to be below the neck. She concentrated on his head injury. The bleeding stopped and the cranial swelling subsided. The heal was just about complete when something extraordinary happened.

The healing suddenly stopped and the flow of The Force changed directions. Strange images and memories appeared to Onora. It was as if The Force wanted her to see what was going on in her master's mind. "How can this be?" she thought as she tried unsuccessfully to break free the trance. Visions started slowly at first, then continually sped up. The first images appeared to be of a young boy around the age of 5 being taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The Temple, beautiful as it was, looked incomplete somehow. She thought there were more towers...

Next she saw a young man, possibly aged 17 years, complete his Jedi trials. She didn't recognize any of the instructors at the ceremony.

In the next vision, then the young man appeared to be around 25 years in what looked like his own wedding ceremony. Was this her master? And was the stunning bride his "Zay-dee" that he had talked about?

The images were coming faster now, almost too fast to comprehend. There were training, wars, missions--all kinds of combat. What she saw next would haunt her for years to come. The Jedi and a group of troopers were ambushed and captured. Each surviving trooper was executed swiftly. The Jedi was taken back to some Sith stronghold, bound by a containment field, and tortured beyond words. Only to be healed up by hooded figures so that the routine could repeat daily. It was too much to bear. "Enough!" Onora cried out. The Force released her out of the trance and she fell backward.

She lay on the rocky ground for a few moments trying to make sense of what she had seen when Vadis began to stir.

"What happened?" he said.

"Welcome back! You hit your head on the way down here, but no worries. I healed you up." said Onora with a new understanding of her master.

"And where is here?" he asked.

"We're about 30 feet below ground on the unknown moon you crashed us into." she replied.

"And you are?" he inquired.

"Very funny, Master. We need to find a way back up to the surface. I'm not sure the air down here is of the best quality.

"Uh...right. Master...trapped with you...below ground...some unknown moon. I think I'm all caught up now." Vadis said. "Just one last question for you, though."

"Yes?" Onora replied.

"Who am I?"

"Or those eighteen who died when the tower in Siloam fell on them—do you think they were more guilty than all the others living in Jerusalem? I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish." Luke 13:4-5
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re: Trench Foot

"Naandi" She said, almost whispering, but her thoughts and attention seemed to be elsewhere. Suddenly a green lightsaber sprang to life below. That got his attention too.

'Ah good a Jedi!' He thought to himself.

The woman spoke again. "I hope you are a friend." As she lowered herself into the water. "Now come quickly." And with that she disappeared over the edge.

"Yeah I hope so too." He muttered to himself. He really had no desire to plunge off the waterfall, but nor did he like sitting up here alone. So he obediently followed.

What ensued in the next minute or two, added more questions to his thoughts than he had room for. The Jedi with the lightsaber threatened someone, the other fled under the false safety of the dark waters. Blue objects in the water made Aden nervously look for some ledge or outcropping he could perch himself on, but his attention was drawn back to the formally prostrate Jedi as emotions, and imagery flashed in his mind. They seemed to be flowing from the man on the ground to the woman who had the lightsaber. For some unknown reason he was catching tiny flashes of random stuff through the force. None of it made sense, as if the micro-bursts were scrambled. The woman seemed disturbed by what she had seen, but hid it well.

Aden was baffled by the man, as he rose and asked who he was. Was he joking? Either way Aden felt things were about to get interesting. He decided to sit back, and become as small and unnoticeable as possible stepping back a pace or two behind this Naandi person. If things went south he needed to try to get out of this... place... fast.

Then something unexpected happened. The man had fogotten who he was?

Who was a friend? Who was a foe? Aden decided it was best to sit back, and see how this all played out.
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