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re: Deep Space Five

Deep Space Five Prologue

Part 1 - The Kesh Run

-BTC 10-

The buzz of gadgets and silence of hyperspace filled the cockpit of the Krayt's Tail, a Dynamic-Class Transport freighter.

"It looks like we may finish this run ahead of schedule afterall, Djin," said the girl.

"Lets not push our luck, kid," Djin said with a smirk as he leaned back in his captain's chair.

"Remember, this time we do it by the book. And by the book I mean.."

"Yeah yeah, I know," Takera interrupted. "No bartering and nonsense."

Eventhough Takera was a Mirialan who was quick on her feet, she had a tendancy to create situations what would put them behind schedule. She had quite the nack for slicing and tinkering around in computer systems. Slicing wasn't always 'legal', especially if you came across the wrong kind of information.

"Good kid," scoffed Djin. "Looks like we're here."

The freighter dropped out of lightspeed near the planet Kesh. Kesh was a mountainous planet made up mostly of one continuous land mass, but still had a fairly large body of water that could be seen from space. The Krayt's Tail approched the waypoint to a space station that was supposed to be orbiting just out of view on the far side of the planet.

Djin, a middle aged scruffy looking human, sat in his chair with a startled look on his face. As they approched the waypoint he noticed something was wrong.

"This can't be right kid...did you punch in those coordinates correctly before our last jump?" Djin exclaimed as he jumped out of his chair. "How many times..."

"Of course boss, are you getting old? That's Kesh right there!", Takera stated, pointing out the window. "It's not like it's our first time in this part of wild space," she added with confident arm crossing. "You can see the mountains from here!"

"No, no. Our drop off point is supposed to be an X3 deep space manufacturing facility right here! It's a HUGE facility... But nothing is here except some..." Djin fixed his gaze out the ship's window. "what is that, debris?"

Their freighter continued moving closer to the drop off point.

"Maybe it's just some space trash," Takera stated. "Is it possible the station got knocked into a different orbit of the planet?

"With such a big station, that's not likely."

As the Krayt's Tail neared the exact coordinates of the station, Djin could tell the debris wasn't space trash, but rather pieces of the X3.

"Yeah, there is certainly debris here, but not nearly enough to be the whole remnants of something as large as the manufacturing facility. It's as if a battle took place, but I don't see any scorch marks from weapons fire," said Djin.

"If it wasn't a battle, then what happened?" asked Takera. "This system isn't known for it's meteor activity, right?"

"Right, kid. And it's a fairly new facility from what I've heard, so it's not likely it just fell apart."

Djin pondered their next move for a moment after sitting back in his chair.

"Well, it's not here. For the time being, lets assume it got knocked out by 'something' and ended up on the surface of the planet.

The least we can do is investigate for survivors."

"And scrap parts?" Takera asked excitedly. Images of modified mechanical contraptions and upgraded datapads flashed through her head.

"Sure, kid. Lets get moving."

The two began to scan the mountains of Kesh, looking for anything out of the ordinary. It was difficult to spot any type of crash sites among the planet's jagged landscape. The mountains were rich in various types of ore, so it interfered with scans set to look for metallic objects. They gave up on searching for scrap and changed their scanners to search for life forms. They changed the settings to search for life forms and within minutes started picking up a faint signal on the other side of the mountains.

They rushed over the towering mountain ridge and were greeted by a vast ocean, bordered by streches of lavender colored sand. Pieces of the deep space facility were strewn across the otherwise peaceful beach.

"That's a lot of scrap! Do you think they'll still need our cargo?" Takera said jokingly.

Djin shook his head. "Just get ready to land."

The two brought their ship down on the open beach near the largest part of the wreckage.

Approaching the crash site on foot, they spotted various types of cargo containers that were scattered around twisted pieces of metal.

It was obviously a rough landing. The debris on the beach was more than half buried in sand. As much metal as there was, this was no doubt only a small portion out of the entire X3 station. There were still no signs of weapons fire or space ship artillery anywhere in the wreckage.

"The scanners are picking up a faint signal from a container over here Djin," Takera said, signalling with her hand.

Djin and Takera rushed to the large metal container, passing several that looked identical. The scanners pointed at the container with the number "5" enscribed on the side.

"Who'd put someone inside of a cargo container like this?" Djin said as he straitened his gloves.

Djin quickly tugged on the latch to open the container, but couldn't get it to budge.

"Little help, Takera?" Djin grunted, as he tried to force the over-sized latch a second time.

"On it, boss!"

Takera put away her handheld scanner and took out a datapad from her side pouch. Within seconds she had the container's security lock disabled.

"That's some quick slicing, kid," Djin said as he patted her head.

Djin grabbed the huge latch and began to turn it. The container door opened with a pressurized hiss. As Djin opened it further, it revealed a young human boy who appeared to be unconscious.

"Quick! Scanner, kid!"


Takera slid her datapad back in her pouch and pulled out a handheld medical scanner to begin checking the boy for injuries.

A few beeps and buzzes echoed softly against the metallic container.

"He looks clean. He's bit malnourished and has minor cuts, but somehow he seems to have avoided any major damage," Takera said as she finished her scanning.

"Lets go, Five, we're taking you to our ship," Djin said, as he slung the boy over his left shoulder.

"How does a boy this young survive an orbital crash in that kind of container, anyway?" Takera asked.

"All that matters now is that he's alive, and we have the tools aboard our ship to help him. Lets get moving."

They turned away ready to leave for their ship, but Takera noticed something glinting out of the corner of her eye. As Djin started walking, Takera knelt down and recovered a sparkling trinket.

"What do we have here?" she spoke under her breath.

She hid the item in her vest and caught up with Djin.

They boarded the ship and Djin tended to the boy's medical needs. Takera didn't forget about the possibility of salvagable goods on the beach and started to make room in cargo bay.

"It's too bad about the kid, boss. I hope he's OK."

"He'll be alright, kid. He just needs some time. Go ahead run a scan against the wreckage on the beach. See if we can't find anything of value out there."

"On it boss!"

Taking care of the survivor was Djin's main concern, but he still had credits to earn. They wouldn't get paid for completing this run and wouldn't get another stock of cargo to transport somewhere else, so they'll have to make up part of the cost in scrap.

Takera headed back to the cockpit to find it filled with flashing yellow lights.

"Djin, we've got an incomming transmission on the open channel. You've better get in here!"

Takera's call echoed to Djin in the medical room. He finished wrapping a dressing around the boys arm and rushed to the cockpit.

"Open it up," Djin said as he walked in.

"Roger that." Takera nodded as she reached over the ship's console to press a button that was almost out of her reach.

A semi-static transmission filled the ship,"Attention transport freighter. We've been hired by Koensayr Corporation to find those responsible for their missing X3 Deep Space platform. Respond immediately with its whereabouts"

"This is Djin Starcrosser, captain of the Krayt's Tail. We are working FOR Koensayr and when we arrived about three hours ago the facility was missing. We started to..."

"What have you done with the facility?" the voice interrupted.

"You don't understand, the station crashed to the planet's surface...we scanned the surface for survivors and..."

"Our scanners indicate you are on the surface with the intention to salvage our employer's property" The voice interrupted again. "Stand down your operation, Captain. We're not going to let you smuggle anything this time. We know your reputation."

We're holding you responsible until we can gather evidence supporting your claim to innocence. You WILL answer to Koensayr. Power down your ship and wait for our boarding party on the ground."

"What do we do, boss?" Takera asked. "What if they find out we saved this boy from the wreckage?"

"That's not the half, kid. They think we caused this mess. The least they'll do is confiscate our ship and hand us over Koensayr, where we'll be prosecuted as thieves. We've gotta jet and we've gotta jet fast!"

"Takera, prepare our guest for hyperspace travel and then start charging the shields. I'll get us off the ground and punch in the coordinates to Tatooine. It'll be hard for them to track us coming out of wild space if we head to the outer rim."

"Sure thing boss!"

The Krayt's Tail lifted off from the beach and headed skyward.

Within moments an assault ship started to close in from their right flank.

Realizing The Krayt's Tail wasn't going to accept being boarded, the assault ship opened a barrage of blaster fire. With a few maneuvers Djin started to position the ship for hyperspeed.

"How are those shields, kid?"

"Rear shields...80%, boss. Lets leave em in our space dust!"

Djin laughed, "Always."

The Krayt's Tail shield absorbed a few direct hits as it got into position.

"Yahoooo!" shouted Djin and Takera in unison as their ship went into hyperspace.

The crew of the Krayt's Tail made it safely to Tatooine. No doubt those hired hired by the Koensayr Corporation notified them of the situation. They'd now have to make a cautious living while looking over shoulder. And although the boy didn't regain conciousness just yet, he became part of the crew. Djin and Takera knew that they couldn't just get rid of him. Everyone and everything he knew was gone. This was his home now. This was his family.

"What should we name him, Djin?" Takera prompted, as they hovered over the boy, still unconcious.

"Maybe he'll remember his name when he wakes up. But for, he's just 'Five', after the cargo container he was found in.

"What about Deep-Space-Five. It's a little strange, I know...but it adds more detail about where he came from. How do you like it?" Takera asked with a smile.

"Don't get too comfortable with it kid, once Five comes around, I'm sure he'll be able to tell us who he is," replied Djin. "Until then, we've got to schedule some more runs to stay in business."

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re: Deep Space Five

Part 2 - Comatose Reaction

The wind burst a flurry of sand and dust across the hull of the Krayt's Tail. Twin suns beat down vigorously on the bustling town of Anchorhead. If any work was to be found, it was here.

Djin Starcrosser, the ship's captain, made his way to the local cantina to seek work for his crew. After the the incident at Kesh, he would no longer be able to deal with the larger corporations directly. He'd have to go back to his old ways and take up 'riskier' shipment runs. Freelance work wasn't as reliable as a legit transportation contract, but it usually paid more. It was also a lot more dangerous.

Takera was making adjustments to the ship and looking after Five. She didn't expect to need so much maneuverability, but if their last run taught her anything, it's that you can never be too prepared. She worked diligently to maximize the ship's agility with the resources at hand. She finished zapping a circuit board inside of a panel removed from ship's wall and decided to check up on their newest crew member.

Takera sat down next to the boy, who lay unconcious in the ship's quarters.

"Come to think of it," she spoke aloud softly, "I forgot all about that thing I found in your container."

She dug into her vest pocket and pulled out a pyramid shaped trinket. It looked like some type of data or holocron, but Takera couldn't access it. She tinkered with it for a few more minutes before giving up.

"You know DS5, this is probably the only thing you'll ever have to remind you of where you came from."

And with that, she set the device down on a table next to Five's bed and headed back to keep modifying the ship. Takera knew she'd better get some more work done before Djin came back.

A few minutes later a screaming cry resonated througout the ship, "Sith!? NOOOO!"

Takera clutched a hydrospanner in her hand and rushed to the source of the cry, prepared for the worst. She cautiously approached the ship's quarters and slowly peeked around the corner with the metal tool tightly in her grasp.

A holographic display of galactic combat was displaying from the pyramid shaped device sitting on the table. The audio was intermittent and flashes of different battle scenes kept switching irregularly.

"Phew, that was close," Takera said to herself as she put away her hydrospanner.

After viewing the holgrams for a few moments, Takera noticed it was the same few Jedi battle scenes shown over and over. Holocrons can store massive amounts of information, so there was most likely a glitch that caused it to replay he same few battles. It had only been a day since they recovered Five from the X3 wreckage, and things were still becomming more complicated.

"I wonder what really happened out there," Takera thought. "The boss needs to know about this."

Just then, Djin came walking up the ramp of the ship.

"Good news, kid, looks like we can sell the cargo that was destined for the X3. I met a guy here who knows a buyer on..." Djin cut off his sentance after noticing something odd. "Kid?"

"Over here, boss," she said waving her arm in the hallway from the ship's quarters. "I was just about to get you. Check this out."

After Takera explained where the holocron had come from and the details of how it started working again, Djin decided it was best for them to head to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Djin had an old contact within the Jedi Order from the old freelance work he used to do. He wasn't against the republic, but found working for them usually wasn't safe.

With great haste the Krayt's Tail and crew made their way to Coruscant. Upon hearing of their tale, Djin's old aquaintance granted them an audience with the Jedi Council. They brought both the boy and his holocron in to study it.

The Jedi Seers of the temple tried for days to revive the boy, but to no avail. He had experienced such a terrible tradgedy that it put him into a type of comatose state. The good news, however, was that the Consulars agreed that Five would eventually wake up.

As for the holocron, the Jedi Masters were only able to access about half of the information stored on it. The information was a historical reference to various battles within the past few hundred years. The Jedi already had holocron recordings over the same events from this time period, so they had no quarrels returning it to the boy. Afterall, it was the only thing left from his past.

Djin and Takera were relieved that the holocron was harmless and able to stay in the boy's posession. The Jedi offered to take care of Five until he woke up, but The Krayt's Tail crew insisted on keeping him. Djin and Takera had become attached to Five, eventhough he might seem like a burden to others. Djin said that he'd take care of him and he'll keep his word.

The crew left the Jedi Temple with some relief, but there was still a mystery behind this boy. They settled in the Krayt's Tail and prepared to head to Corellia. Djin had a buyer lined up for the X3 cargo from the Kresh run. Looking after people first, but never disregarding business was just how he was.

"Time to keep moving, kid," Djin said to Takera.

After they had begun the procedures to leave Coroscant, they saw shadows and shimmering light from the ship's quarters. They both investigated to find the holocron displaying a message that hadn't played before. The holocron was in the boy's hand and was reacting to him. It seemed the closer he got to it, the more information was triggered. This explains how the holocron started displaying information when it was first left by the boy's side.

Djin and Takera watched the new holocron display in amazement.

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re: Deep Space Five

Part 3 - The Pyramid Holocron

An interactive holographic display was projected out of the holocron grasped by the boy. Djin and Takera noticed that much of the holocron still seemed locked down, but there were a number of new files available. Djin reached out to the display and selected to play the available recordings in order from oldest to newest.

"Let's see what this is all about," he said as he found a nearby seat.

The first few entries seemed to be audio only logs.

First recording, audio:

"Attention Koensayr Headquarters, this is an urgent request! This is Head-Captain Tojas of the X3 Deep Space Manufacturing facility. Our mining operations in the mountains of Kesh have recently been sabotaged. Multiple times we have had shuttles en route to the station mysteriously lose control and crash to the surface. Our mining facility on the surface of Kesh has also had various technologies stolen from it. We suspect the local primitives, the Keshiri, are responsible. Worry amoung our employees is spreading like wildfire. They fear the Keshiri are behind the destruction of our shuttles and are demanding larger payments for such a dangerous job. Since our humanoid workers have gone on strike, we have switched primarily to using mining droids. We are experiencing an increase in thefts and losses each day. I am personally requesting that you dispatch a task force to put the locals in their place."

"I didn't realize they were having such trouble with the locals," Takera said to Djin.

"Looks like there's more," Djin said as the second entry started.

The second recording, audio:

"Personal Log - Captain Tojas. Koensayr's task force arrived yesterday. They looked like a rough bunch of mercenaries. They boasted all sorts of skills, from trapping and capturing targets, to superior infilitration techniques. One among them evem claimed to be a "Jedi". They assured me they'd take care of the problem and that's good enough for me. They left last evening on shuttles, leaving their ship at the station. I guess they planned to bait the thieves. Anyhow, I haven't heard from them for a few hours, so I suspect they are nearing the end of their search. I sent them a transmission that reiterated to them that I didn't want the local population wiped out, but rather deterred from attacking our operations. They haven't replied yet."

Djin and Takera continued to analyze the next few recordings.

The third recording, audio:

"Security Log - Chief of Security, Premac Scourgis. One of our X3 station security scans indiciated unusual signal activity within the station that is interferring with our long range communications. After a more detailed scan we have narrowed it down to the Mercenary ship that arrived two days ago. We have sent a transmission to the owners of the ship on the surface of Kesh, but our transmission was likely distorted by the disturbance. We will conduct a full investigation within the hour."

The fourth recording, audio:

"Captain's Log - Tojas Magrim. Our Chief of Security, Premac Scourgis led a security detail sweep of the mercenary ship. It appears the source of the disturbance was a large cargo container that was found near the ship's commlink controls. My guess is that this disturbance is emitting data on the same frequencies as the ship's long range communication arrays, which was jamming the X3's communications. The security sweep on the mercenary ship also turned up a number of similiar suspicious looking cargo containers. Each container had a unique number enscribed on the side. Faint life form readings are also being emitted from the containers, but so far we have been unsuccessful at opening them. They seem to be heavily encrypted. A security team has been dispatched to make contact with the Mercenaries. Koensayr's policy prohibits dealings with slave traders and they will be notified of breach in contract."

Djin and Takera looked at eachother, thoughts racing through their head. "Looks like the next two are video," Takera said

The fifth recording, video:

Attack alarms sounded through the station. "We're going down!" one voice shouted. "Captain, we've already lost half the station...We're being pulled to the surface!" "Engage emergency thrusters..." A static glitch in the presentation cuts off the voice. The space station continues to plummet, being torn and ripped as if it were in someone's hands. A few seconds of chaos pass as an airlock in the background becomes unsealed. Station workers fight the vacuum forces pulling them out into the cold reaches of space. The recording abruptly ends.

The sixth recording, video:

The X3 wreckage is burning across the lavender beach of Kesh. A dark figure approaches the largest piece of the wreckage on foot. Following him are three individuals, each cloaked in dark trappings and riding native beasts. As he approaches the wreckage, he commands his followers. They dismount and begin loading up the enscribed containers which appeared identical to one Five was found in. The beasts each towed primitive carts that were loaded with three of the large unique containers, and numerous other pieces of scrap. The dark figure, still not in full view of the recording, gives a command to his followers and they began to return with their haul.

After the beasts and carts had disappeared in the distance, a shout hailed from across the beach, "You will pay for taking my friends!"

A red lightsaber ignited from the confronter and with a giant leap closed distance to the dark figure. The dark figure reached his hands out and the confronter was stopped in mid-air. He motioned again with one of his hands and the attacker's lightsaber was thrown to the side and disengaged.

"" the confronter asked, fighting to speak.

The dark figure remained silent.

"You..You're Sith too, aren't you? I...I can sense the madness within..."

The dark figure motioned his hands again and the confronter was slammed into the sand. The victim hit with such force that he was seemingly buried alive.

The dark figure began to walk around the wreckage. He stopped at the container '5'.

"You're the last one," he said with a raspy voice. "I sense each of you will make great warriors...or slaves"

A communications transmission emitted from the figure's wrist band, "Sir, the mercenaries we took captive have began an uprising among the locals"

"I will take care of them myself, warden," the figure said as he raised his wrist near his head. "And you my friend, wait for my return," he said to the container.

The dark figure left the wreckage and faded into the distance.

Djin and Takera paused for a moment.

"What does this mean, Djin?" asked Takera.

"Lets put the pieces together, kid," he responded.

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re: Deep Space Five

Part 4 – Dark Intentions
Djin and Takera talked back and forth for a while, discussing the different recordings.

Djin began to summarize the discussion, "We can assume the dark figure from the last recording was responsible for the Koensayr incident. We can also assume he is a Sith, based on his battle with the Sith mercenary. And while one Sith, no matter how powerful, wouldn’t be able to pull an entire space station to the surface of the planet…It might be possible with many”

“But why would the Sith occupy the planet’s surface, but not control it’s space?” Takera interjected. “The Sith have no official presence there, I thought.”

Djin went on, “There are rumors that the Sith starship, Omen, crashed somewhere in this part of wild space just over 1300 years ago. It’s very possible the Omen crashed on Kesh. If the Sith were able to survive the impact, they would most certainly be without space travel. And given the primitive nature of the locals, they wouldn’t have any help getting off the planet.”

“So that explains the technology thefts from Koensayr! They must be trying to repair their ship,” Takera stated.

“Right,” Djin said.

“But why wouldn’t the Sith just steal one of Koensayr’s shuttles and opt to take over the X3? Why would they destroy them all?” Takera asked.

“Perhaps it was too risky, or they were expecting a bigger ship to eventually land and take care of the chaotic situation they created. Either way, we know they captured the mercenary party sent down, and somehow figured out the mercenaries were slave traders. Whatever, or whoever the mercenaries held was valuable enough for the Sith to want what was on the space station. They most likely attempted to contact the X3 with demands, but failed because of the holocron’s jamming. “

“I see,” Takera said as she put her right hand under her chin. “So then the Sith worked together and used their powers to pull the station out of orbit, causing it to crash. That station could have been their ticket off planet… The cargo must have been really valuable!”

“The Sith aren’t known for saving lives, kid, unless they can be of value. Perhaps the mercenaries were trading force sensitive children on the black market. They could even be after this holocron. There are files we still cannot access. Perhaps the Sith can.”

Takera spoke up in response to Djin, “If this is the case, then we shouldn’t have to be on edge anymore. We can go to Koensayr and tell them what happened.”

“No good, kid. The fact that we dusted that ship back on Kesh means that we can’t go back. At least…not now.” Djin paused. “The good news, however, is that those Sith are localized to Kesh. They won’t be coming after us in addition to Koensayr and their thugs. In the meantime, we’ve still got a job to do.”

“This will make quite a story for Five when he wakes up. I’ll keep preparing for takeoff,” Takera said as she walked out of the room.

Djin got up to prepare the ship for takeoff. It was off to Corellia for the Krayt’s Tail.

The Krayt’s Tail comes out of hyperspace above the planet Corellia.

“Feels great to be home, right kid?” Djin said with smile.

Takera nodded, “Yes it is, boss.”

Suddenly an explosion rocked the Krayt’s Tail and caused it to go into a wild spin.

“Where under attacked!” Djin shouted as he fought to regain control of his ship.

Takera quickly scanned the radar. “We’ve got two marks on our flank…looks like two Fury-Class Imperial Interceptors! They must have followed us from Coruscant.”

“Not good, kid,” Djin said with a grim look on his face. “Get on those cannons and let’s blast these guys!”

Takera rushed to one of the turrets on the Krayt’s Tail. The increased agility of her ship made it harder to score any direct hits. At least they wouldn’t get hit if Djin kept up the maneuvering.

The two Fury starfighters kept on the flank of the Krayt’s Tail. Realizing they weren’t going to land any hits in the current situation, one of them broke out of formation.

Djin saw one of the fighters fall back, so he decided to do double back on the remaining one.

“This is it, kid! One on one, we won’t get a better chance! Shields to the front!”

The Krayt’s Tail was now directly heading for the Sith starfighter.

“Finally!” Takera shouted as she locked on to her target.

The Krayt’s Tail began taking glancing hits on its front shields as it grew closer to the enemy. Takera locked in and fire two shots, one of which was a direct hit on the cockpit of the Fury. It split into two pieces and exploded as the Krayt’s Tail flew through the debris.

Just then, the remaining Fury came from above and pummeled the Krayt’s Tail with an array of blaster fire. The Krayt’s Tail burst to flames in multiple places.

“We’ve got shields and engine systems failing!” Djin shouted. “Take the boy and get out of here, kid! I’ll deal with this Sith”

“But…” Takera said in opposition

“Just do it, kid! Nobody will be safe in the escape pod with that Sith out there! Eject on my mark!”

Takera unstrapped herself from the ship’s gunner seat and rushed to the quarters. She started to drag the boy to the ship’s escape pod. Tears began to roll down her cheeks as she placed Five into the escape pod. She knew that Djin wouldn’t be coming back.

“We’re in place, boss!” Takera said, fighting through the tears.

The Krayt’s Tail took another direct hit of blaster fire from the remaining Fury. Djin had been leading the Sith into the atmosphere of Corellia, hoping to increase the chances of the escape pod landing safely.

Now that the kid and Five were in place, Djin decided to make his move. He started to slow down his ship as he headed towards the surface Corellia. The Fury was slightly gaining on him.

“Get ready kid!” Djin shouted over the comlink.

As the Fury crept closer to the Krayt’s Tail, it continued its flurry of blaster fire. Another direct hit was scored on the Krayt’s Tail, and a new section burst into flames.

“Now, Takera!”

Takera pushed the eject button and the escape pod flung to the side of the two ships. Djin simultaneously reversed his thruster direction and stopped the ship. The Fury had gotten so close to the Krayt’s Tail that it didn’t have time to maneuver away. The Fury slammed into Djin’s burning ship, causing a massive explosion.

“NOOOOO!” Takera cried, as she witnessed the explosion from the escape pod window. She slammed her clenched fist against the wall of the pod, “Those Sith will pay!”

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re: Deep Space Five

Part 5 – A Deep Space Saint

Minutes later the escape pod crashed into the Corellian forest.

“Wha…where am I?” The young boy said as he woke up.

“Five! You’re awake!” Takera shouted as she threw her arms around him. The sadness from losing a friend was replaced with joy as she gained a new one.

Takera told the boy of everything that had happened since the Kesh Run. She explained how they found him and what they had seen from the holocron he possessed.

“We owe our lives to Djin. The least I can do for him is take you on as my partner and teach you everything he taught me,” she told him.

The boy was extremely grateful to Takera and Djin. They ultimately rescued him out of the hands of the Sith. He had no family. He had been a slave without a home ever since he could remember. Now he finally had a family and home with Takera.

As a slave he also didn’t have a name. He took on the name ‘Deepspace Five’ to remind himself of the perils from which he had been saved. Takera called him DS5, but mostly called him ‘kid’, just as Djin had called her.

In time, they obtained a new ship and named it the Starcrosser, in honor of their fallen friend. Deepspace spent the next eighteen years learning everything he could from Takera. Takera passed on to the kid everything that Djin had taught her; in addition to some skills she picked up on her own.

Deepspace became an accomplished pilot, slicer, engineer, and bargainer. He also learned the ins and outs of ‘transporting’ goods. He was taught how to get himself out of most jams with a few simple tricks and nonsense. If he couldn’t avoid a fight, Deepspace’s force sensitivity gave him what seemed to be heightened reflexes, just like his Mirialan mentor. It seemed like he always had the advantage in a duel. Although, he could just be incredibly lucky.

Throughout the years Deepspace’s character took on many traits from Djin, even though he never knew him in person. He was all about helping people, but still got the job done at the end of the day. Deepspace developed a kind heart to those less fortunate and always helped those in need. He favored working for neutral parties, but despised the Sith and would always cooperate with the Republic. He also held a particular grudge against slave traders.

Eight years after the Treaty of Coruscant, Deepspace and Takera hear about a particular movement known in the Republic Underground as the Saints. They are determined to further the Saint's cause by offering their 'services'. It was hard to go directly against the Sith alone, but with the Saints, they weren't alone. They were part of a team.

"For the Republic!"

-=End of Prologue=-

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