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re: Journey to Unknown 000.0

*Thud…. Ruuuuummmbbbbllllllle…. Thud….. Thud….*

“Owe! Wherever we are, they really need to get some repulsor lift speeders, how can they deal with all of these bumps? It’d drive me crazy!” Longo uttered.

*Smack!* A cold metallic object fell from a shelf above them right onto Chyyn’s head, sending a slow and long pain through his head.

“I tell you, someone is going to be hurting for this…” Chyyn growled, predicting the immediate doom the first person he encountered would experience.

Picking up the object, he held it under a lamp attached to the ceiling of the vehicle.

With several growls and grunts, Chyyn explained that it was indeed the EMP generator. The colonel must have put it in the supply truck before the jumped in to hide it from the eyes of curious soldiers and other officers.

“Alright well let’s get it to start because I’m not liking this one bit, to be honest I’d rather be back on that pirate ship…” Longo said, turning to Chyyn.

After shacking the device in the air violently, and even banging it against a wall, the two were dumbfounded. Why wouldn’t it start?

“Maybe it is damaged…” Longo said, thinking the worst.

Just then, the vehicle stopped suddenly. The two jumped into an oversized empty crate, and pulled the top over it. Sounds of men’s voices could be heard from the outside. Then, they felt themselves being lifted up, and moved. The feeling of forward motion continued for a few more minutes until it stopped suddenly. Then they were suddenly dropped. They heard a man come and hammer nails into the top of the crate; ceiling the top to the rest of the crate.

“Right, this is finished lads, take her away!” A voice yelled.

“She’s on her way to California, so have a great trip!” The voice finished.

“Where’s that?” Longo asked. Without a reply, Chyyn just sighed deeply.

“Well I don’t know either…” Longo finished.

Just then, Chyyn let out a loud roar, and kicked the top clean off of the box. Standing up, the two fell out of the box, relieved to be able to breathe clean air once again.

“Alright, so we are going to have to get this thing working and get out of here…” Longo said, glancing down at the generator. “But for right now, we best wait until we come over land again…” Longo finished, looking out of the window, observing the horizon of what used to be the runway. “It’ll be a while until we are over land again, we had better find a good hiding place before they start checking back here…” Longo said, taking a seat in the corner of the fuselage.

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re: Journey to Unknown 000.0

What seemed like an eternity had passed… The floor was littered with empty water bottles/canteens, crumbs from food stuffed into various crates in storage boxes, and weapons that were being transported. The constant hum of twirling propellers on both sides of the large craft began to become an ongoing nuisance to Longo. Covering his ears: he leaned and fell to his left from his crouched position to one lying on his side. He opened his blood-shot eyes to see Chyyn sleeping soundly as he always had. It took a lot to make him break from slumber. Then he began to snore… As if the loud engine wasn’t enough, now Longo has a large walking mop innocently roaring in his sleep. How could it possibly get worse?

Then he stopped himself: He knew better then to think such a thought. The force works in humorous and sometimes dangerous ways when presented with that question. But it was far too late; Longo set out to grumble about every single thing he could think of. After several minutes of gurgling and grunting under his breathe, he felt it: A large and violent shaking occurred, sending the two flying into the air and slamming against a wall. Chyyn arose and roared in surprise as his right shoulder and head smashed into the wall.

“Chyyn!” Longo said in a firm whisper, displaying his disappointment in the Wookie’s actions. “Do you want them to hear us? We’ll be killed for sure!” He finished.

Just then, the plane shook again, causing them to fall into the other wall against the parachute rack.

“Severe turbulence…” Chyyn growled.

“We must be dropping altitude… Once they see what we’ve been doing in here, we’ll be dead for sure! We had better jump now…” Longo replied, taking two back-packs.

Handing one to Chyyn, Longo tried to open the security doorway. It had jammed and frozen over from the trip, completely ceiling the latch to open the door. With a loud roar, Chyyn ran from one side of the cargo hold to the other side, slamming shoulder-first into the door: He completely tore off the door; immediately falling through the sky and then released his parachute. He looked behind to see Longo following close behind. Falling together; they landed in a soft patch of snow. Then the device lit up and activated once again.

Pulling himself out of the snow heep, Longo crawled out onto the frozen ground. Sitting up; Longo pulled his knees in and stood to his feet, brushed the snow off of his coat, and then helped Chyyn out of the snow. They began to walk down a snowy trail when they heard noises. Turning around, they saw a group of construction workers walking down the near-by road. Quickly grabbing Chyyn’s arm, Longo motioned for him to be silent, and the two quickly evaded the large group of men. Running past the men from behind a large hedge, Longo and Chyyn quickly escaped being discovered. However right when he thought they had cleared, Longo looked back to see that he and Chyyn left footprints tracing all the way back to where they had started. He noticed one of them men turned off of the road and headed for his footprints. After gasping, the man turned to his companions, and they all marveled at the site of the extremely large footprint Chyyn had left.

“Aye, it’d be the print of Bigfoot himself…!” One man said, recalling folk-tail-legends of the mythical creature. One had a large box-like-device about his neck. All Chyyn saw was a flash of light before he and Longo ran behind a large tree.

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“Guess they don’t know a wookie’s footprint… It’s not that hard to notice!” Longo thought to himself. Then suddenly, the generator once again lit up, and then pulled the two into a hole, sending that back through time and space.


It is true that in the mid-to-late 1950’s, the first “discovery” of Bigfoot took place, people may say that it was an abominable snowman, or whatnot. But everyone truly knows that “Bigfoot”, is truly a wookie, companying a man being pulled through something not even the greatest of scientist can explain.
-To be continued…

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