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re: Ambushed!

"Beep beeeeep rbmdh do skeee", sounds a small astromech Droid.

"Thank you T7. I do see the station on scanner now." Replies Jedi Knight Julmay Hiddai as his view portal is filled by the sight of the Republic's newest space station in the outer rim. "Do we have an eta for the rest of the party?"

Julmay tried to play down his excitement and anticipation for the campaign ahead. He was to attend a security meeting on Ord Mantell at the request of his former padawan Master Blair Caldwell. Master Blair was an average size Rodian. He was not an ominous looking Jedi, but his skills with a lightsaber made him a deadly warrior. Master Blair was also bringing along his newest padawan, Darius Paul. Padawan Paul was a hot head. He was quick to act and slow to think, but he was very good with a lightsaber. In this time of war, the Jedi Council was willing to overlook his flaw for such a skilled combatant. The Council made sure to match the padawan with this particular master hoping that Master Blair could calm down the young padawan before he got someone on his own side killed in battle. It was no coincidence that Julmay was on this mission. Master Blair frequently had former padawans run missions with him along with his current padawan. This would help reinforce the ideals that were being taught.

Although Julmay was pleased to see the man who had trained him thru the Jedi trials, the excitement that was swirling through his brain was from the chance of seeing his dad again for only the 4th time in 5 years. The elder Hiddai was a Jedi Consular with very good mind control abilities that went by the name of Abihu. This attribute increased his value during negotiations and interrogations. Although not strong at seeing the future, Julmay's father was very adept at sensing nearby danger. These abilities were why Master Blair had requested him to be part of the mission. With the recent problems springing up on Ord Mantell, some advanced notice....any advanced notice would be a benefit.

"Tut tut bop", was the delayed response of the astromech after checking the database.

"30 minutes huh. Can you pull up the mission file for me? I'll go over it while I wait for them to get in."

The mission in question was regarding the security on Ord Mantell. Republic forces have been assisting the Mantellian government in their dealings with the uprising. Recently, the tactics of the Separatist were starting to evolve beyond what the Mantellian Security Forces, or MSF, could counter. Also, defectors to the Separatist cause were starting to show up in security sensitive spots. With all of the security breaches, the Mantellian government requested Jedi support to help with security issues for some of their softer targets.

"Weff weff weff", shouts T7.

"I take it from your chatter that they have arrived." says Julmay calmly. He gets up and tries to knock some of the wrinkles out of his robe. Julmay then takes a rag and wipes down his battle armor. Not quite getting it to shine, but at least getting rid of some of the carbon scarring from his last mission. Finally, the Nautolan calms himself down and takes one more good look at himself in the mirror. "Lookin' gooooood.” jokes Julmay with himself as he runs a hand over his head-tresses.

"Actually, you do for once.” says a voice coming from the holovid. All Julmay could do was lower his head in embarrassment. "Thanks for the heads up, T7.” snipes Julmay sarcastically. "I still know how to reach those Jawas on Tatooine. You just keep that filed in your database somewhere."

"Wooooooooo" snickers T7 as he rolls into the next room.

"Greetings Master Blair. I was just making my way over to your ship", Julmay says humbly.

The gang plank lowers on Master Blair's ship ,"The Disciple", as Julmay walks near with his astromech T7-24 rolling right behind him. At the top of the ramp are 3 Jedi awaiting his arrival. as Julmay reaches the other Jedi, he bows to them to greet them all and then he approaches his dad and greets him with the traditional family handshake of right hand clasping the other's right forearm. In a manner that you would grab a person's arm to help them up from the ground.

"It is good to see you again father.” says Julmay.

"For sure, it has been far too long. Let us pray that this mission is a lot easier than the campaign that we last worked together on during the war.", replied Julmay's father, Abihu Hiddai. As they began to walk back into the ship, the Jedi began to catch up with one another. "I recently worked with your brother Tank on a mission on Alderran. His CO tells me that he is quickly making a name for himself and Tank says that he is working to make it onto Havoc Squad within the year."

"He always was an overachiever" laughs Julmay. "Master Blair, I see you have an upgraded Padawan from this set of scales that I walk around in."

"Actually I do. This one even knows how to use a light saber on the enemy.” cracks Blair. Julmay's dad and Padawan Paul begin to snicker as they knew the story that was being referred to.

"Hey hey now. We all make our mistakes. We got the trooper a new gun and that cybernetic hand has been a big help to him he says.” responds the defensive Jedi.

A few minutes later, the last few members of the mission board "The Disciple". As the newly boarded troopers check over their gear, Darius straps in and inputs the coordinates for Ord Mantell. The Padawan checks with the flight deck for clearance to launch and receives it. "We have clearance to launch.” says Darius. "Everyone strap in and hang on. No back seat driving allowed. "The Disciple" lifts off the ground and pulls out of the loading dock. After checking the navicomputer, they make the jump to hyperspace toward Ord Mantell.

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re: Ambushed!

As Ord Mantell comes into view, Master Blair gets his final coordinates for landing. After having the astromech update the destination and take over the autopilot, Master Blair checks his robe to verify that he has his holodisk with the mission details and the needed base layouts. As "The Disciple" sets down on a landing pad of an outpost on the outskirts of town, a group of three MSF officers await the passengers to disembark from the ship. Because the meeting was supposed to be kept quiet, a big diplomatic greeting was not planned. That also meant that a heavy military presence was not planned for the meeting.

As the Jedi contingent greeted the Mantellian officers, Master Abihu Hiddai started to look around wearily.

"I don't like that look." says a concerned Blair Caldwell.

"You shouldn't like it. I sense an unease from people around us." replies Master Hiddai. Julmay and Darius begin to reach for their lightsabers, but they are quickly stopped.

"We are in no position to have a battle on an open platform. Let’s move to a spot that is easier to defend.” instructs Master Blair.

The group moves off of the platform and down the ramp to the entrance of the building. Zooming around the corner, an astromech Droid dashes by and knocks one of the troopers into the wall. After it passes the group up by a few meters, it turns around and stops. Abihu Hiddai turns and looks at the Droid and says, “This is it!" The MSF officers look at the Nautolan and thinks that he has lost his reasoning. Everything around the area was peaceful and serene. You could see that occasional maintenance worker and a few crates being moved, but nothing else seemed concerning.

The droid begins to displays a message from one of the Separatist leaders Garnel Throng. "Ahh greetings Jedi. I should have known it would not be long before our corrupted government tried to pull the Republic into this family matter. I would imagine that the Republic would have more pressing matters to deal with as the Sith replenish their resources. None the less, you are here." Throng sighs and shakes his head. Then he points at the Jedi and says, “By the authority of the people of Ord Mantell, I order you off of our planet. Your presence is neither welcome nor appreciated."

Before anyone else could get a word out, Darius shouts out, "Request denied!" He then force pushes the droid off of the walkway and tumbling down the hill. Everyone else in the group just looked at the young Padawan with ire.

"You gotta be kidding me.", said an astonished Jedi Master Blair. "What made you.."

Suddenly, blaster fire from separatist forces fills the air. Two of the 3 MSF officers are immediately picked off. A series of explosions suddenly go off and destroy the platform that "The Disciple" was docked onto. This sent the ship tumbling down the side of hill leaving a trail of debris and fire as it quickly descended to the valley below. As the small Republic group moved down the corridors away from the explosion area, they receive concentrated heavy fire from the Separatist. One trooper screams as his chest lit up from a barrage of blaster fire that was more than his armor could handle. As he falls to the ground, you could see the cold stare of death in his eyes. Another trooper is struck multiple times in the head. The first blast stunning him and making him stagger. The second blast ended any chance of survival. The third consecutive blast within a few seconds knocked off the trooper’s helmet and sent it spinning to the ground. The fire fight in the main hallway was getting out of control. The small force needed to regroup and do it quickly from a more defensible position. They ducked into an adjacent corridor to reassess the situation and gather a plan that at least got them out of there alive.

As Julmay and Darius deflected blaster bolts for the troopers at the entrance of the hallway, Master Blair took out his holodisk to check the layout of the small base for an easier position to defend. As he looks down he sees a blinking reflection on the wall.


As the small group flees down the hall from the newly found bomb, one the troopers stumbles and falls. Abihu Hiddai turns and looks back as he hears the trooper hit the ground. "let's get a move on Sargent." says the elder Hiddai while he extends out his right hand and begins to force pull the trooper from the expected blast radius. The trooper is lifted off the ground almost to his feet with the help of the Jedi when a second bomb goes off simultaneously with the first one a few meters from the elder Hiddai. The unfortunate trooper is caught between the two blast and has his body is mangled by shrapnel. Master Hiddai was just outside of the second blast and was blown backwards to the feet of his party members.

The twin blast rips the building apart. What once was adjoining hallways was now separated by a wall of debris, smoke and fire. Julmay and his group looked around and noticed that they were secure for the moment from the fight, but that was a temporary situation and they all knew it. Master Blair went to check on the trooper as Julmay slowly knelt over his father's limp body. The trooper was dead; shrapnel had penetrated thru his armor into a few organs and caused massive damage. The elder Hiddai was unconcious, but he was alive. The blast was initially thought to have taken his life, but the Force was strong within him...... or was it just that stubborn Hiddai blood that made him refuse to let go.

As Julmay looked his father over, he saw a piece of shrapnel lodged into his father's hip. As Julmay reached to pull it out, Abihu reached out his hand to stop his son. "Don't.", he said. "It is in too deep. You pull it out and we might not be able to stop the bleeding.” Julmay backed off because he wasn't bleeding purfusely from the gash. As the elder Hiddai turned his head to look at the gash once more, Julmay could see the damage done to his father's eye by the blast.

"Your Eye!!!” says Julmay with serious concern.

"Yea, this is going to be hard to hide from your mom.” quips his dad. With a straight face he follows with,"she said she would make me some of her Bantha ribs if I made it back safely and you know how I love her Bantha ribs."

Just as soon as the smile began to make Julmay's lip curl knowing that his dad was going to make it, anger over took him as a holovid started to play from behind them. Again Garnel Throng appeared on the holovid. This time he was sarcastically clapping at the efforts of the Republic squad. "You have fought bravely Jedi, but your time is now up. Your path down this hallway has been planned all along. This is a planetary dispute that the Republic should stay out of." full of pride that he seems to be on the edge of victory against this group of Republic forces, Throng smugly rubs his nails against his jacket to shine them and says," for your disturbance in our affairs, you will now die!" As he finishes those words, the wall behind the small group is blown apart and blaster fire fills the hallway.

The thought goes through Julmay's mind that he shall soon become one with the force with so many versus so few in such tight parameters. As the 3 Jedi vigorously deflect the sea of blaster bolts coming their way, Julmay's father points to the sky. Incoming were five Mantellian gunships and they began laying down suppression fire against the separatist that had pinned down the Republic troops. With the tide of the battle changed, the Separatist began to withdraw to the shadows from whence they came.

Filled with the emotion of seeing his father injured, being ambushed, and on the brink of death, Julmay lept forward at the fleeing Separatist troops. Upon landing, a force wave echoed out from him like a boulder that sends waves as it lands in a lake. A dozen fleeing troopers that were running in a pack fell from the ripples of the force. As Julmay got within striking distance of the fallen troops, he felt the pain rolling thru his father. Julmay looked with anger as the Separatist troops scampered to their feet and ran back into the brush, but he knew they were not his priority. Bringing his attention back over to his father, Julmay activated his comlink and requested a rescue unit for his father.

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re: Ambushed!

As he looked from a distance at his father, he was filled with concern. Not the typical Jedi concern for a fallen comrade, the attachment was clearly to a family his father. Julmay looked over his shoulder and he could see the few remaining Separatist scurrying away. He could feel every line in the hilt of his lightsaber because he was squeezing it so hard. He wanted to jump into the midst of them all and exact justice on all of them for the attack they just executed. However, he didn't entertain that thought. He knew the Council would not approve of such actions. Better yet, he knew his dad would not appreciate such actions in his name. With a deep breath, Julmay regained his focus. As the medics began climbing out of their shuttle, Julmay, Master Blair, and Darius met with Sgt James, the Mantellian officer in charge of the rescue mission. As much as Julmay wanted to oversee the medics tending to his father, he knew that he needed to focus his mind on something else to help control his emotions.

As Sgt James began to pour over the incoming Intel from his troops that were following the fleeing Separatist, he began to see a pattern. He turned to his astromech and told him to pull up the "Jellyfish file" (that was the file that was keeping track of the suspected locations of separatist bases). As the hologram illuminated from the com center, James began to rotate the map until he got a certain spot.

"There! That is where they are headed." he exclaimed as he pointed to a shabby looking parts warehouse. We have been watching this location for the past month thinking that there was some possible activity coming from their group.

Sgt James looks at the Jedi and asked them if they were up for some action. Julmay and Blair look at each other and smiled. "Mount up then boys, we are going huntin'." exclaimed Sgt James.

As the gunship begin to lift off, Julmay checks in with the medics and his father. "How long before you reach the infirmary and have Master Hiddai patched up?"

The medic on the holovid replies, "let me check for you.” the medics was gone for about 5 minutes, but it felt like an hour to Julmay. "We estimate about 2 hours before we are done.” the medics comes back with.

Just as Julmay was preparing to express his displeasure with the response......BOOM!!!! BOOM..BOOM..KLABOOM!

Sgt James shouts out over the AAA,"I think they know we are here!"

Master Blair smirks and says, “This just adds to the fun."

The gunships land and the blaster fire fills the air like a light show after the circus. Julmay, Blair, and Darius take positions with Sgt James and his squad and observe the surroundings. Blair points out a small signal tower on top of the building that sits behind the front line of the Separatist stronghold. Master Blair and Sgt James work out the plan of action and split the troopers from the Jedi to take out the tower. As the troopers began to lay down fire and draw the attention of the enemy troops, the Jedi moved to a flanking position with a clear line of sight to the tower. The 3 Jedi focused their attention on the tower. Master Blair went first. Julmay's headtresses tingled as the force flowed from his former master. Blair grabbed hold of the tower with the force and pulled. Then Julmay took a deep calming breath and stretched forth his hand. This was closely followed by Darius also reaching out with the force.

One massive tug made the tower move. The second massive tug made the tower lean. By now some of the separatist troops are starting to hear the metal as it whined under the stress of the Jedi force pull. On the third tug, the tower comes crashing down and Separatist begin scattering from their fortified position for fear that the tower might fall on them.

As the terrified troops poured out from behind their walls of safety, Sgt James loads in a fresh battery pack to his blaster rifle and yells, "Light 'em up fellas!!!" At that command, the Mantellian troopers easily began to pick off separatist. One by one the separatist forces fell to the ground with loud thud as the blaster fire burned the life out of each of them.

As the Mantellian forces were finishing off the remaining Separatist, Julmay, Blair and Darius began to make their way behind the enemy line toward the bunker house. They easily downed the minimal resistance that they received as they made progressed towards their goal.

As the Jedi closed in on their destination, they observed an open cargo door in front of them. A few troops could be seen scurrying into this door. As Julmay looked beyond the few foot soldiers in the cargo bay, he saw a familiar figure. As he reached out toward that figure with the force, darkness seemed to ooze from this person. Then an attachment was made. "THE MAN FROM THE HOLOVID!!!!!!!!” Julmay exclaimed.

As he picked up his pace toward the open door, the troops inside of the cargo hold noticed the impending danger. The hum of blaster fire began to once again fill Julmay's ears. As Julmay progressed forward reflecting blaster fire from the other two Jedi, Darius stepped to Julmay's side and forced jumped right into the middle of the cargo bay. Blair was 2 steps behind Darius. As soon as Blair landed on the docks, a blinding light filled Julmay's eyes. Followed by an ear piercing KabloOoOoOoOmMmMmM.

Julmay's heart skipped a beat.

He instantly knew that his former Master had met his end along with his padawan. A small dust cloud lifted off the ground as Julmay fell to his knees in anguish as he stared at the fireball floating up into the sky. The battle was over in the most horrific way.

By now the Mantellian forces had cleared the area of all remaining Separatist troops. Sgt James walked up to Julmay to check up on him. Nothing was said. Seeing the disbelief in Julmay's eyes was enough. Any warrior understood what that blank stare meant.

The Sargent waited for a moment out of respect for the fallen before he tapped Julmay on the shoulder and said, "It is not safe here. We need to move out."

Julmay nodded in agreement got up and joined the others in the gunships. What started out as a routine strategy meeting had turned into a blood bath. Julmay had lost his former Master and trainer and he had almost lost his....

"Father!" Julmay yelled over the roar of the engines.

Everyone looked at Julmay with a weird look.

"I need a hololink. I need to check on my father." They passed a holodisk to him and patched the Jedi thru to the infirmary.

"Master Hiddai is recovering fine. He did however suffer some bodily damage that can be easily fixed with some cybernetics, but he has wholly refused such an option. As such, he has lost the use of his right eye and his right hip was shattered. He will be with cane or hoverchair from this day forward."

"A Jedi master with a cane! Something about that doesn't sound right." replied Julmay. "Thank you for the update doctor. Hiddai out."

A few days later, Julmay was meditating in his room. Visions of the battle kept thundering thru his mind. If we had done this instead of that, if we had brought this group of soldiers, if, if, if..........

Julmay finally arose from his meditation and climbed aboard his ship. "T7, set coarse for Republic SIS Mothership." barked Julmay. As the ship took off, Julmay couldn't keep the recent battles and the losses of those battles from running thru his mind. As the stars in the sky turned from specs in the distance to streaks of white, Julmay began to set his itinerary for the next several months. 'Such casualties need not happen' was the thought that ran thru Julmay's mind like a wild salky hound.

As the streaks of light slowly faded back into dots in the sky, Julmay could see the S.I.S mothersip thru the viewport. As expected, he was soon buzzed by two fighter pilots with two more pulling up on his rear. Instruments went off in the cockpit telling Julmay the ships had locked weapons on him. A man with a raspy voice soon came over the comlink. "Your clearance codes please." Julmay sent the security codes thru along with his orders. A brief moment passed by and the raspy voice returned. "You have been given clearance to dock Jedi Hiddai. We will bring you in from here."

As Julmay's ship docked in the hangar, he could see a lone person standing outside of the control center. It was a short snivian male. As Julmay came down his ship's catwalk, the Snivian stepped forward and introduced himself. "Greetings Jedi. I am Corporal Darge. Commander Sandre sent me to escort you to your quarters."

Julmay bowed at the hairy Snivian's greeting as acknowledgment. The Corporal led Julmay down the hallways toward the living quarters. "If I may be so forward and ask Jedi, why are you here?"

Julmay looked down at Corporal Darge and said, “Have you ever been part of a botched mission that seemed to have everything go wrong?

The Snivian sighed at the thought.

Julmay stopped walking and turns toward the Corporal. "Never again do I want that to happen to one of my missions!" Julmay starts walking again down the hallway. Corporal Darge just stood there absorbing the words and tone of the Nautolan. In a soft whisper to himself, Julmay restates,"never....again!"

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re: Ambushed!

comments for "Ambushed!" are welcome at the following thread
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