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Tobia Ednada

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re: Utinni!!!!! An adventure of Tobia and Rubex Smikabik

It had been 2 days since Tobia, a Kaleesh Jedi, and Rubex, a Kushiban Trooper, had fled from the events of scattered. They have been floating from planet to planet due to sith presence. We rejoin our hero's on a direct crash landing with tatooine.

'AHH' Rubex screamed with sheer fear. They were about to crash somewhere in the sparce deserts of Tatooine. Rubex did not want this. He hates sand, he hates crashing and he hates walking, bit most of all he hates the fact that Tobia can still sleep through a crash!

They were now in the atmosphere and moving fast towards the ground. A annoying bounty hunter had taken out the staberlizers and the man power source. Rubex had no clue what to do. Out of pure fear, Rubex grabbed the controls and yanked it as hard as he could. This didn't do anything. Rubex paniced. What was he to do?! Then he remembered. He pressed the big shiny pink and purple poca-dot button. This released a giant air bag that covered the Cruiser (The Kushiban Straight). They hit the ground with an enormous THUD! Rubex fell over hitting the floor. He then stood up, checking himself to see if all the peices were there. To his releif they were.

Tobia got out of bed and went towards the cockpit to see Rubex. The ship was a mess. Tobia thought to himself Rubex should really clean up after himself. He reached the cockpit and no one was there. He then realized that the windscreen was broken and that there was sand outside. He climed out the cockpit through the shattered window (who needs doors:P). He saw Rubex under a shade that he had made of ship scraps.

"Where are we and what happened" asked Tobia with astonishment

Instantly furious at Tobia's stubborniss, (And he's supposed to be an all knowing Jedi), Rubex replied "We were hit by a bounty hunter in orbit of tatooine, we crashed and I saved you life. What angers me the most is that YOU SLEPT THROUGHT THE WHOLE THING!!!!!"

"Heh, sorry about that" Tobia replied embarrased, "So what do we do now?"

"We wait you impatient Bantha Fodder" Rubex replied furiously, "I've been here before and I know that there are plenty of Jawas about that will help us"

Day's past and Tobia and Rubex were growing hungry. There had been no Jawas or even Tuskens so they had to past to time playing go fish (they scavenged some cards from the wreak). Then Rubex heard something in the distance, "What's that"

"I don't hear anything" replied Tobia

"That's because you don't have excellent hearing like be," Rubex cheekely replied, "It sounds like a Jawa Sand crawler and it is coming this way."

It turns out that to sandcrawler was right infront of them touching Tobia's mask. Rubex didn't realize this, because he had his eyes closed in concentration, until Tobia tapped him on the shoulder.

They were saved!... or were they?

For more excitement than watching paint dry on a star destroyer STAY TUNED :P

Please add if you feel like it envy


Tobia Ednada

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re: Utinni!!!!! An adventure of Tobia and Rubex Smikabik

Tobia saw three hooded Jawa come out of the sandcrawler. He asked them if they could catch a ride to the nearest settlement. The lead Jawa made a negative noise and pointed to the wreck.

"I'll exchange a ride for anything you find in that ship, sound good" said Tobia.

The lead Jawa agreed and invited them in. They were lead to a small room with two beds, obviously the Jawas had a spare room for guests. It seemed cosey and Tobia thought it would do for now, until they get to a settlement.

At about dusk, the Jawas finished scavenging the ship wreck and returned to the vehicle. They set off at tremendous speed...or maybe it was not that tremendous but it was faster than Rubex could walk. Rubex felt uncomfortanble with little hooded freaks running around. As usual they were all taller than him which made him feel slightly angry. After Tobia had fallen asleep, as usual, Rubex had a look around. He came across a large room with a holocron and a variety of tools hanging on the wall. Hanging up he saw spanners, screw drivers, a cup of Jawa juice, a lightsaber crystal, a giant womprat plush toy, a...


Rubex was shocked. How did these jawas get their grubby little mits on a lightsaber crystal. The crystal was not just any crystal though, it was a dark black. Rubex grabbed the crystal and hid it in the barrel of his gun. he tryed to walk out of the room as quitely as possible and tried to avoid being seen. He then casually made his way back to the room, shut the door and went to bed.

At the break of dawn the sandcrawler came to a screaching stop. Tobia was woken by this and went out to see what the jawas had stopped for. The jawa tol him they had reached cvilisation and then ran out the door. Tobia quickly woke up Rubex and they made their way outside. infront of them was a small village. Every building had been carved out of rocks and the doors of each building of mechanical origin. There were thousands of jawas running around. Little baby ones playing in a playgound carved of rock, adult jawas walking banthas on leashes and grandaddy jawas sitting on a park bench carved of rock.

"It's a jawa village!" Rubex saud astonished. He had never seen one like this in his life.

The lead jawa from the sandcrawler jestured a sign to say "come over here". The jawa welcomed them inside and offered them food and water. The jawa's wife showed them a room with two beds made of sticks and bantha fur. Tobia realised that these jawas wanted them to stay but for what reason. Tobia sensed a great disturbance in the force. A dark and evil power. Tobia decided to keep his guard up.

It had now been three days since Tobia and Rubex had been welcomed into the village. They had been a blessing to the jawas. They helped them build barns to store food and wells to gain water. But why should they help pesky little creatures like jawas, they were apparently insignificant creatures. Tobia knew better. Tobia knew that all species mattered. His master had taught him this. His, Targa Naver, also stated that there was a more powerful thing than the force. A more concious and loving being. This being was called jehovah. He created the galaxy and created every species of humanoid. That's why the jawas mattered to Tobia, because it was Jehovah's creation and Jehovah loved them so Tobia would love them.

That evening Tobia became aware of a dark pressance very close by. He sensed a darkness like no other sane thing. Tobia was drawn outside. Infront of him was a tall hooded humanoid. The humanoid reached for the belt wrapped around his waist and drew two lightsaber. The being activated them, their black blade glowing in the night. Tobia drew his lightsaber. Tobia reconised the figure. It was Darth Kraken....

To be continued


Tobia Ednada

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re: Utinni!!!!! An adventure of Tobia and Rubex Smikabik

Darth Kraken Removed his cloak and drew his lightsaber. The emenant red glow of the blade scared the begeebys out of the Jawas and they all ran for cover. Tobia stood firm in a battle position. Rubex drew his blaster and fired. Kraken deflected and charged for the small Kushiban. The sith Warrior swiper at the small furry bean... Tobia bloked the lightsaber his own. The battle was on.

Tobia jumped over Kraken and swung his blade. Kraken turned to meet Tobia's swing with a block. Tobia swung from the left... and was counted again. He swung from the left and was once again met with Kraken's offence. Tobia jumped back and forced the Sith into a crayt of Jawa Juice. The crate exploded and went all over Kraken.

"Mmm, tasty" Kraken said in a prideful voice. He charged for Tobia. Tobia ignited the second blade of his lightsaber and countered this attack...

Now you are probably wondering where Rubex is at this time, well he's actually startaing up the Sand Crawler which was parked in the Jawa Garage. Rubex turned the key and put the pedal to the medal. The Sandcrawler sped off towards Kraken.

Tobia continued to battle with the sith swing his blades one after another. Then Tobia saw the crawler and he quickly lept out of the way. Darth Kraken looked puzzled as he saw Tobia leap and became confident he had one but then he heard something.

"YEEEEHAAAAH!!!!" shouted the crazed Kushiban driving the sandcrawler. Kraken attempted to get out of the way but it was too late. The sand Crawler hit the sith and pushed kraken into a sand dune.

Rubex jumped out of the vehicle as Tobia came towards it.

"Well that was easy" said Rubex
"It ain't over yet" said Tobia

Suddenly the dune exploded into a giant cloud of sand (obviously). Darth Kraken emerged and shouted as he jumped toward the young Jedi with his blade drawn. Tobia doged and then hit his head on a rock. Tobia was out cold. Rubex tried to fight the sith but was knocked down with a might blow to the head with Darth Krakens lightsaber pommel. Was this the end of Tobia and Rubex's adventure?...


Suddenly the Jawas jumped out and covered the sith bringing him to his knees. A female Jawa was armed with a zappy gun and zapped Kraken. Kraken chucked a spazim and then fell to the ground. The Jawas quickly bound the sith with rope, chucked him in the back of the crawler and drove off to dump him in the desert. Some other Jawas stayed behind to tend to Tobia and Rubex.

When Tobia woke he saw a jawa over his head with a sponge.

"U-chuba" said the Jawa.
"Thankyou my friend, thankyou all of you" Tobia said with great gratitude.

Suddenly Tobia felt presence in the force that he had not ever felt. Tobia asked the cheif to call a meeting.

That night the meeting took place.

"I have felt a presence in the force. One of your tribe members is force sensitive" Tobia announced.

Comotion started. The jawas realised what he had said and brought forth a young baby jawa. The told Tobia and Rubex (Rubex had just woken up after a dream about cheese), that this child was and orphan and always seemed to know what was going to happen. The child would cry when sandstorms were days away and when danger would approach. The child could also move his toys with his mind. The only name the child has was 'The Thinker'. Tobia asked permission to take and train the younling. The cheif and community approved.

The Jawas had fixed Tobia's ship and they had also placed one of those smelly christmas trees in it. After some goodbyes and some hugs the heroes now departed with baby in hand.

Once they hit light speed Tobia spoke.

"I think we should give our little Jawa Jedi a name"
"How about stinky" asked Rubex, prior to this Rubex had to change the babies diper,
"No, I think Jimmy would be a good name. Jimmy Visan Vista Jawa" said Tobia

And they sped off to their next adventure.



THE END envy


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