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re: A Khat Remains (FFXIV RP)

Discuss this RP here:


Flames come screaming down from the sky, spewing a mix of the earth's flesh with its own heavenly shell throughout the panicked travelers, sending those spared scrambling to regain themselves.

"Hold together! Kheep moving forwardh! We have no time to washte!" commands the green Mi'qote, hissing urgently through his teeth. He has been left in charge of the Gods' Quiver while the majority of the guild faces the Garlean main force at Carteneau with the Order of the Twin Adder. He, alongside the Wood Wailers and the conjurers of the Stillglade Fane with their equally fresh leaders, are leading the people of Gridania to the ruins of the ancient underground city of Gelmorra to take shelter from the looming destruction overhead. For Dalamud's descent, despite the best efforts by the Eorzeans everywhere, could not be stopped and the people can no longer risk to continue life as normal lest they all be burned alive by the descending moon.

"Mhove mhove mhove!" he urges the people of Gridania, ushering them along as they scurry their way deeper into the woods. Through the ash and smoke he spots an Elezen man weeping over a badly charred body. He works his way through the crowd to the man insisting he continue on, to no avail.

"She's gone, Garlemaunt." the new head of Stillglade Fane softly consoled. "All you can do for her now is live on."

The Elezen, still weeping, slowly got off his knees and began to walk forward again, not once taking his eyes off the ground. The young leaders exchanged solemn glances, then began to continue on when suddenly a great shock-wave shot through the forest knocking the entire party down to their feet as comets like fearsome raindrops were spewed across the land. The light that came with the blast was so great most could not open their eyes for much a time.

When they finally came to, Dalamud, whose blood red might seemed to be practically atop the very roof of the forest before, had disappeared from the sky above. In its stead a great dragon could be seen through the gap in the canopy that had been created by Dalamud's late wrath.

He let out a fearsome roar then sped across the sky, leaving glowing streams of fire in the atmosphere behind him as he flew. The streams then began whirling around, crashing randomly all throughout Eorzea.

The people stood stunned in fear, their legs frozen in place.

"Well do you want to be dragohn fodder or shall we liveh???" the young Mi'qote leader screamed tauntingly. "Welllllllllhhh????"

The people looked back at him briefly still in horror of what they just witnessed, then began moving forward with great haste. Suddenly a thought came to the young leader and he looked down panicked, then all around him.

"Have you sheen Lytel, Eresse?" he asked his Elezen counterpart desperately with his eyes wide open and chest heaving. ", no I haven't...when was last you saw him?" she answered solemnly.

"IXALLLLL!!!!!" echoed cries throughout the troop as beastkin arrows flew out of the forest and struck down Wood Wailers and civilians alike on the left flank of the group. They now saw Ixal running quickly into the forest, a few carrying Lalafells between their arms. The beastkin had snuck into their ranks while everyone was in dismay over the appearance of the primal dragon Bahamut and stole the little folk out from among them as living rations for when destruction passed.

"Eresse, continue to lhead the people to Gelmorra and tend to the wouhnded," he instructed her quickly, "The Qhuiver and I will pursue the Ixhali threat into the Shroud."

"Affirmative. Nophica go with you, Howse." she said to him then ran off towards the remaining refugees.

"Qhuiver! On me! We're going ahfter them!" he commanded his troops. The Gods' Quiver then rushed out into the forest after the Ixali forces with Howse at the head. The Ixali turned back and fired more shots, connecting with three archers of the Hold. The Quiver returned fire and took out thrice as many birdmen. Howse sprinted far in front of his troops and placed three arrows between his fingers, firing them into three of the Ixali carrying Lalafells. The one Ixal left with a captive Lalafell continued their sprint into the woods with the four other remaining tribesmen.

Howse quickly scanned over the Lalafell's faces and did not see Lytel among the mix. "You ahll, take thhese back to the main group qhuickly. I'll go afhter the remaining birds and meet up with yhou in Gelmorra." he ordered.

"Yes Sir!" they replied in unison, attending to the captive Lalafell. He continued after the remaining pack of Ixal, dodging their arrows swiftly and returning fire to his attackers as he went. Soon all that remained was the last Lalafell-carrying beastkin. He fired off a straight shot from far away, guiding it skillfully through two trees and into the Ixal's left back. The beastman fell, dropping the Lalafell onto the ground.

Howse quickly ran to the Lalafell, turning him over onto his back. Sure enough, Lytel's face greeted his eyes. Blood had begun to dry upon his hair from when the Ixali hit him over the head with a rock to subdue him. "Hang in there buddy, I'll get you bhack." he promised the small Lalafell smiling at the sight of his face while taking him into his arms.

As they began their way back towards Gelmorra, a shining pillar of light sprung up from Gridania and all over Eorzea. Howse continued running, glancing up at the spectacle that represented the last attempt of the Eorzean Alliance to prevent the coming destruction. The twelve pillars of light shot into the air and converged upon Bahamut, beginning to trap him in a new prison.

Howse began to approach the gates of Gelmorra right as they had begun to push the giant stone that blocks its opening into place.

"Sthop!!! Whait!!! Whe're cohming thhroughh!!!" Howse called out hysterically, his accent coming out strongly in his desperation. The soldiers heard him and stopped, urging him to hurry inside.

As he continued his approach, Bahamut's prison broke open in a great display of flame and ember. Finally Howse got inside and laid Lytel down on the ground then went to help shut the gate as Bahamut began to charge his Megaflare. Right as they were about to shut the gate completely Bahamut casted his most powerful spell, causing a wall of fire to swell across the land. Howse quickly dived onto Lytel and wrapped himself around him as the fire surged through the opening of the door bringing a rain of rock, stone, and flame down upon the halls of the ancient city.

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