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re: A Lost Brother

Originally posted on Dec 2008. Edited to accommodate individuals not familiar with EVE Online Lore.
Special Note: This is a foundational storyline from the Theodoulos lore of EVE Online to transition into Star Citizen. Comments and questions are more than welcome. All I ask is that you make sure to let me know if these are directed toward Gabriel Theodoulos himself (IC RP-wise) or myself (OOC)

Jed wasn't the same.

Normally, he is always focused on his work. Having served several years in the Imperial Navy as well as earning the respect of the Sarum Family, Jedadiah had developed a reputation for getting many an agent out of trouble. When the war broke out with the Minmatar, he didn't hesitate to seek out ways to serve his empire.

Oh, hello. My name is Jonas Calvin. I am a long time friend and confidant of Jedadiah Theodoulos, second in line to the patriarchal head of the House Theodoulos. The Theodoulos family has never been big, but their ties to both the Sarum Family as well as Ardishapuran Dynasty, the two largest families in all of the Amarrian Empire are strong. And it is this strength that has made the Theodouloses wealthy; quite wealthy.

Anyways, Jed really wanted to serve his empire. The Matari Invastion brought home the need to stop the onslaught, and Jedadiah never was the type to sit back when his help was needed.

The Minmatar were a loose race of barbarians. After the EVE wormhole had collapsed many centuries earlier, the population on this end were cut completely off from the rest of humanity. Many colonies had starved and died, disappearing completely from history. More fortunate colonies, like the Amarrians restored civility quickly, turning to God for protection and guidance. Others, like the Minmatar completely fell into paganism and brutality. When the Empire found the Matari, it was compassion and love that motivated the blessed empire. While some called it slavery, the Amarrians saw it as their "duty" to bring to these masses education, civilization, and most of all, religion! Jed, along with his house worked hard to rescue the Minmatar. They spared no expense, nor did they hesitate for a moment to spend all their energies to liberate these Matari wretches from their darkness.

Last year, the Minmatar attacked the Empire directly. Unbeknownst to everyone, the pagans were equipped and outfitted by factions who opposed the Amarrians. Though the Empire only sought to provide charity to the less fortunate races, others didn't see it that way. All they saw was expansionism and enslavery. So, when the Minmatar race had the resources, they attacked, wielding their ships and projectiles with the fury of a berzerker. In the end, the Amarrian forces repelled the invaders, but not without loss. Whole regions of space were engulfed by the Matari, and worlds, who were once jewels of the Empire, burned. Jed and his family quickly turned their efforts from rescuing the Minmatar to rebuilding the Empire. The rescue ships (which some called Slaver ships), were turned into freighters and were used to move much needed supplies. This is what my friend was doing.

At first I thought things were going well. Jed was flying between the safety of Empire space and the more dangerous areas between Amarr and the Minmatar border. Being a Theodoulos, he was always careful who he associated himself with. Through the help of several contacts in the Domain Region, he established a network of allies, seeking a corporation who had firm loyalties with his race. He never wanted ties with pirate corps, and though Jed never had troubles working with "foreigners," like most Amarrians he preferred the companionship of his own people the most.

Jed had narrowed down the list to two alliances. The first was Curatores Veritatis Alliance, better known as CVA. For years, CVA has had a strong reputation of being defenders of the Empire, as well as having little to no tolerance for pirates. They had pushed back the outlaws south of Domain and had established the region of Providence for the Empire. The second alliance caught his attention even more. It wasn't as large as CVA, but their reputation was so strong, and Jedadiah was drawn to it almost instantly. This was the Vigilia Valeria, better known as the 1st Praetorian Guard. Like a Syrikos Hound on the scent of a refuge, they have an undaunting reputation to lock onto a target and not allow anything to deter them from their mission. Jed didn't have to say anything. I knew his heart was with this group.

That morning I met up with Jed at the family's hanger in Irnin VII.

"Good morning, Sir", I greeted him. "How did things go with your interview?" I knew he had an interview with Marshal Gangleri of the 1PG, which is a branch of the Amarrian Navy.

"Fine, fine", he replied; appearing to be deep in thought.

I didn't notice it at first, but later on while thinking back on that moment, I realized that Jed wasn't fine. He appeared to be a bit sullen, and more introverted than he normally is. Yet, nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary so I hadn't given it a second thought; until later.

After breakfast, Jed came into the Capsuleer's Lounge and announced that he had a rather large project for me to perform.

"Jonas, I need to consolidate much of my assets and I am going to need your help", he started off. "We're going to clear out all the hangers in both the Ebtesham as well as the Youl Clusters, and move them to a more secure location."

This was odd. Jed had acquired a large amount of assets in these clusters serving both the Amarr Navy as well as the Sarum Family, and I knew that this was no small feat.

"Very well Sir", I replied. "Where are we moving to?"

His answer almost made my heart stop.

"The Bleak Lands", came his response.

That was when I knew things were not fine.

... to be continued!
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