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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

Heres my first Chapter is more chatting and setting up the scene then fighting but its on the way :D enjoy and sorry if its a bit all over the place if it seems that way.

Chapter 1: Intro
A few days before the attack on the Saints Base
Inside the Quarters of Jedi Knight Ban-Nio Benk

{Comlink Chatter Interupts Benk’s Mediation}
Ban-Nio Benk this is an assignment straight from the Jedi Council that will require you to do an espionage and recovery mission for various information and items thought to be lost in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant after the vicious attack from the Sith Empire. We have word to believe that the Imperials and Sith have taken information and uncovered the location of many of the hidden enclaves, including the location of the Saints Base. Please understand that Coruscant is still under the eye of imperials and we are sure that the temple is heavy guarded. But you will not be alone, we have given this mission to other Jedi from separate regions in Republic space to take this up this task. We will be sending more information as you enter the system of Coruscant. Here is your mission briefing and clearance codes, we heard the base my be undergoing a protocol lock down May the force be with you. End Transmission
{The Comlink Ends and the room is quiet}

"Hmm Coruscant, this must not be too important if the Council has selected me. But i must trust in the Council’s decisions."

Making his way over to the closet, he begins to put on his jedi robe, a classic leather and flexi-fiber armor mix, then proceeds to grabs his lightsaber from off the table and gathers other needed utilities and prepares for the trip.

“X2-C3 don’t let the other guys worry about were I’m going ok, just tell ‘em I’ll be back in time for a game of pazaak and some Jawa Juice”

He shouts as he leaves his quarters, listening to the beeps and chirps of his astromec droid’s approval and the doors slide closed with the expected “swoosh & lock” sound. Making his way to his fighter, Ban looks around at all the Republic Saints in the base… the padawans- training with the remotes on how to feel with the force, the troopers laughing and joking with the jedi in the dining hall about the scruffy nerf-herding attitudes of the smugglers, but the jedi don’t really laugh, they always just seem to grin and carry on with their meals or reading since the are jedi after all. Good times at the Saints Base, good times. As Ban finally makes it to the docking hangers he is stopped by docking level officers…

“Hello Master Jedi, I’m required to ask if you have proper clearance to leave the base,” the officer asks “we are on a lock down after all.”

“Yes I sure do,” Ban hands him the small info-micro chips “and here is my mission briefing straight from the Council.”

The trooper punches in some characters and reads of the information to himself only to be able to make out “Coruscant” “Clearance from the Jedi Council” and the fact that the mission is “classified”.

“ Ah to Coruscant! I have a couple of old friends there myself. It seems you check out Master Jedi, I would expect as much from one on the Council anyways. But you can never be too sure. The Imperials will bribe veterans and rookies of the republic left and right”

“Thank you officer for the heads up and please I’m no Master Jedi, I’m just a servant of the Order and Republic, call me Ban. May the force be with you.”

“And you too Master Je…, Ban”

Ban enters his ship and is granted clearance to leave.

“Computer punch in the hyperspace coordinates from Ord Mantell to Coruscant”


“Alright let’s go”

Hitting a series of buttons and taking control of the steering wheel, Ban-Nio’s ship leaves the docking bay, and enters the Ord Mantell Space system. In moments the starts in the atmosphere are starting to turn into lines of light and then the black of space is now a white light as the ship jumps into hyperspace en route for Coruscant…{To be continued}



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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

Chapter I - Part I: Looking for a Trace
The carnage at the Saints base was still fresh in Avernus's mind. He could still see the torn, crushed bodies of troopers and smugglers. Those of Jedi - both young and old. There were new recruits who also met their end in this cowardly attack by the Sith, recruits that Avernus once entered the Saints with side-by-side. He remembered walking over their still bodies, giving them respect by closing their eyes to a world they no longer could see. He, however, did not let anger overtake his feelings. Such was the way of the dark side. He took solace in the fact they were one with the Force.

Avernus came to the Saint's archives, which he and few other Jedi Historians such as himself were maintaining. The archives, too, had been rifled and destoryed. Avernus checked the security recordings: The scene that unfolded made the Consular's brow furrow with grief. He watched as Sith Inquisitors cut down the Jedi in the archives and began to tear through them. Yet one Inquisitor pocketed a holocron. Avernus then felt some hope within his bones. It was both good and bad - one holocron had survived, but on the other hand, this particular one held information that would be advantageous to the Sith. Avernus had to get it back.

"I must find it before...before it is too late," He muttered to himself. "That information is vital to the Order." His droid co-pilot turned its head in interest.
Avernus's eyes quickly darted back and forth from the droid to the panel in front of him.
"It is nothing, you know. Keep at what you are doing." The droid's head faced forward.

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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

Aden Lukal flipped a couple toggle switches, and checked his flight trajectory one more time as he piloted the Resilient Traveler through the last of the atmospheric turbulence of Ord Mantell and leveled off smoothly in upper atmosphere.

He heard the door to the cockpit hiss open behind him. It was Captain Karzik.
"I see we didn't burn up, and liter this decrepit planet with anymore pieces of garbage... good job." The captain said, with mild amusement. "I can take over from here, you are relieved. Pack up your things and get ready to start your new life kid." He hesitated for a second, as if he had something else to say. "You sure we can't convince you to stay on? We could use an extra hand and a fill in pilot like yourself."

Aden smiled, but he had heard this same offer a couple dozen times over the last couple months.

"Look at this place..." Karzik continued, gesturing out the forward viewport. "You want to live here? You don't have to get involved in this war... you don't need to die needlessly. Come with us, where you can remain neutral."

Aden smiled again. "Who said anything about dying? Besides, you know what they say, there is no neutral in this galaxy."

The Captain just sat in his chair, starring at the floor, for what seemed like a long moment. Finally he spoke, his voice distant. "Well if that is your decision... I can see there is no convincing you." Then he smiled and stood. "It was nice having you along, good luck Aden." He shook his hand and spun back to the flight controls.

"Thanks... for everything." Aden said, returning the vigor of the strong man's handshake. He stood for a moment thinking about the time he spent with the Captain and his two other crew mates. Aden had originally started his journey, two months ago as a passenger on the Resilient Traveler, just another piece of cargo that these men got paid to haul from point A to B. As time went on, and Aden ran out of money the Captain was aware from conversations that Aden piloted small freighters for his father's company, and they struck up a deal. Aden would pilot and help unload cargo as needed, in return for passage and room and board. A deal he couldn't refuse.

He turned to exit the cockpit, as the door was activated and the first mate, Jif Hulok strode wearily through the door yawning and stretching towards the copilots chair. "We theeeeere yet?" He said sarcastically in the midst of his yawn.

The ship lurched throwing Aden into the bulkhead, and then to the floor. Jif was catapulted into his co-pilots seat, and glanced off of the control panels. Aden instinctively looked forward as the sky in front of the viewport flashed in bright red's and yellow's, triggering the sensors to dim the transparisteel, but not fast enough to spot everyone's vision. Two, possibly three dark figures shot by and peeled away out of view.

"What was that?" Jif screamed, as red lights and damage sirens started wailing from the assortment of panels and screens in front of the two men.

"I don't know pirates, military maybe! Give me a damage report!" Karzik shouted above the noise. As he dove for the surface of the planet. "Unidentified hostiles, we are a civilian cargo ship headed for the civilian cargo port! Please cease hostilities! I say again, please cease fire!"

A few seconds passed and they were strafed again. This time the men recognized what they were up against. Three Sith starfighters, and they weren't in the talking mood. There was another violent shudder and the viewport blossomed again. Luckily Aden and Jif had instinctively strapped themselves in. Jif in the copilots seat, and Aden in the auxiliary observers chair.

Jif spoke up again, silencing the sirens. "Hyperdrive damaged, engine one is gone, two is fading fast! Too many systems to count are all indicating red!" He turned his head slowly as if in disbelief, and slowly and grimly said. "We are going in Captain."

"Hang on!" Is all Karzik could manage to say, as he wrestled with the controls, trying to bring his ship out of her death spiral.

The Sith fighters broke off, content to watch the crippled freighter fall to her death to the surface below, trailing flame and dark smoke.

Jif wheeled around and shouted at Aden, "You brought us into a war zone! Didn't you see them on the scopes?"

"No there was nothing! I swear!" Aden said eyes wide as he saw the ground rushing up to them.

Captain Karzik jumped in, "We are being jammed, this whole area is! Scopes would have read clean! Capital ships must be on the other side of the planet! We obviously stumbled into some kind of blitz attack!" He sounded resigned, "This just isn't our day."


Aden slowly fought to open his eyes. The world around him seemed surreal. He didn't know how, and he couldn't remember, but obviously the Captain had managed to somehow get the ship down without killing them all. Though he couldn't fathom how.

The others were still unconscious as Aden struggled out of his crash webbing. Wires were torn free, the viewport was partially shattered, sparks rained down sporadically, and there was a very unpleasant acrid smoke hanging in the air.

Karzik woke up, and seemed instantly alert.

"Aden! Aden!"

"Yes!" Aden replied.

"Quick... go... get the emergency hatch open!" He commanded, as he saw Sith fighters take down a small blastboat trying to lift off ahead, tearing it apart with red lances of death. He too was trying to get out of his restraints. "I said go!"

Aden turned to find the door to the cockpit locked open, and headed down the corridor tripping over debris as he went. As he entered the maintenance bay he turned to look back towards the cockpit, after hearing a growing strange noise. As he did so, the cockpit exploded violently- they had been targeted again, and a fireball shot down the corridor towards him. However, the automatic door to the maintenance bay hit the end of it's time delay and shut fractions of a second before the fireball reached him. The door buckled from the force of the explosion but held, and Aden was again thrown to the floor. They were gone...

He shook himself, and opened the emergency hatches cover, and then pulled the lever. The hatch irised open, and he dove headfirst through the hole.

Though this part of the ship were only feet off of the ground it still took some doing to work his way out from under the ship, as it was canted one direction, semi buried in the ground from the impact.

As he got a view of the horizon all that he saw was... was... chaos. Sith fighters streaked through the sky, ripping apart any ship that would dare point it's nose into their skies. Sith infantry and Warriors were doing fierce battle with Republic forces, or what remained of them, and he could even make out... Yes! Lightsabers in the distance. He ran towards them.

As he got closer he realized this had been a mistake. The Republic and Jedi were losing... badly. Only a few remained that he could see, and they were all in full retreat. Scarmbling and scattering aimlessly in any direction that seemed to offer refuge or a way of escape. Red blaster bolts cut down any that ran too far from cover. Crimson lighsabers struck down any who would dare to venture too close in their haste to escape. The fight was over. The Sith were cleaning up. It was obvious the Republic and Jedi forces here were just as taken off guard as he and his companions had been. This was a place of death. Aden had no weapons, no training, nothing to help these people who were being slaughtered. Jedi, troopers, civilians, it didn't matter. The Sith were merciless.

As he ran from that place he saw many brave troopers and a handful of Jedi give their lives to cover the escape of five small gunships. Only two made it out of sight overhead. Bodies were strewn in every direction. Sith and Republic forces alike littered the battlefield, and it was obvious that the overpowered Republic forces had fought bravely, if nothing else, taking many of the enemy down with them. But not nearly enough. It was the most ghastly thing Aden had ever seen.

Suddenly three gunships swooped down overhead. They were picking up survivors, as he saw the Republic crest painted on the side. A ramp opened and a trooper extended his hand as Aden struggled to keep up with the ships movements.

"Grab on! He shouted. Aden did just that, and almost instinctively the pilot took off. Or maybe the pilot simply realized they were out of time, with or without him. But not before he felts arms wrap around his neck, and a sudden weight threaten to break his grasp on the troopers arm.

In a matter of seconds several heavy hands had hauled him and his unknown tag along on board. As the ramp closed and they angled for the stars, Aden turned to see who had tried to use him as a ladder. A young human woman stared back at him, eyes wide in disbelief and horror. He never got her name.

The trooper that pulled him on board shook him by the shoulders, shouting over the roar of the engines. "I said what is your name, and what are you doing here?"

Aden tuned to face him. "I am Aden Lukal." He pulled a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket, and handed it to the Trooper who looked it over suspiciously. "I have been recruited by a Jedi Republic scout. I have been ordered to reinforce a secret Republic garrison here on Ord Mantel, led by Jao Thaun and a group of Jedi that call themselves The Saints. I am to begin my training here."

The Trooper inspected the document to his satisfaction, and thrust it back at Aden's chest. "Never heard of 'em, but I'd say their secret is out. We don't have time to mess around with this. You will have to find your unit once we regroup on your own time." The Trooper headed off to question the next person down the long line.

Aden shouted after him, "Where are we headed?"

"To reinforce the Third Fleet, stationed at Tython." The Trooper called over his shoulder, not bothering to check if Aden actually heard him.

Tython... well things could be worse. Aden slumped against the bulkhead, suddenly overwhelmed by everything he had just lived through. He had never felt so helpless, seeing all those good people die at the hands of the cruel Sith forces., and he could do nothing to help them, to save them. Right then and there he vowed that he would never feel helpless again. He was sure now, more than ever, that his decision to accept his Force talents, and join the Jedi call was the right thing to do. He would go to Tython and learn the ways of the Force, train to be a Jedi, finds these Saints if any were even left, and help purge this evil plight from the galaxy. Or he would die trying.

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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

Desh had no idea who this Jedi maxon guy was, or at least he assumed it was a guy. Before he could even attempt to find maxon, he had to first find out who maxon was.
Desh decided the best course of action would be to find the Jedi counsel and get them to tell him who and maybe were maxon is. Desh sold his family’s apartment and every thing in it to a friend of the family, and used the money to upgrade his fathers ship the Silverwing and buy some supplies. Desh would not be in need for funds for a long time. All he needed now was someone who knew were the Jedi counsel had repositioned to, Desh had heard about the attack on corasont but had no idea were the Jedi counsel had moved to, it wasn't exactly public knowledge, but he knew of someone who might know. Azrael Solaris was an old friend of Rogan. Desh had met him once before and had heard of his involvement with the Jedi on several occasions. Desh thought that if any one knew where some Jedi were it would be him. Azrael Solaris lived close to Desh’s home but when desh arrived at his apartment it was empty, desh asked the neighboring apartment if they knew were he had moved to which they had no reply. Desh then went to a secret ship yard were many smugglers stayed and worked on their ships, Desh’s cousin, Stagrid, also worked there. Desh figured that if Azrael Solaris had gone off world Stagrid would know. Although desh and Stagrid were technically cousins, the age difference was so great that Stagrid was more of a uncle than a cousin, after hearing about what had happened to Desh’s family Stagrid had offered to let desh stay with him but understood when desh said he had to leave. After a glass of jawa juice Stagrid asked

"So if your not here to ask for a place to stay what are you here for?"

" I'm looking for a man named Azrael Solaris you might know him as Ace and was wondering if you knew of his whereabouts, if not could you point me in the direction of someone who would."

"Ace the name sounds familiar, my I ask why you are looking for him"

"I'm looking for a Jedi and I believe he can help me"

"If you are looking a Jedi than why not just ask the Jedi in the large complex to the east of us"

"There are Jedi on Ord Mantell?

"Ya, there is a whole lot of them over there, they don't advertise it, but there are guys in big capes walking in and out of that place all the time so it's not hard to guess."

"Thanks for the info, I should let you get back to work"

"No problem I assume when you leave you’ll take the Silverwing"

"Yes, is that a problem?"

"No not at all I’ll have her prepped for when you return"

"Thanks Stagrid I should be back before sun down"

Desh was surprised with the way Stagrid addressed him before he had been seen as a nothing more then a teenager, people always said he looked older than his age but not this much, had his personality changed so much that it was changing the way people addressed him. Desh knew it would help his travels if smugglers and alike saw him as an equal but he was still saddened by the way he was changing. Desh shook off the feeling as he approached the complex. He was about to go in through the main entrance when a guard asked him if he was looking for some one.

"Actually yes I am, I’m looking for a Jedi named maxon but"

Before desh could finish the guard said

"Yes I know maxon why do you need to see him"

"Well I...wait you know him"

"Well I don't really know him but he often greet me when he comes and goes, he's an alright sort as far as Jedi go he is the one that gave me my nickname Sticky"

"Wait back up maxon is here"

"Yes, you are here to see him aren’t you?"

"Umm yes I am"

"I’ll have to escort you to him"

"Ok lead on"

Desh couldn't believe his luck he had thought he would have had to travel half way across the galaxy. The fact that maxon was on the same planet seemed to make talking with him less important. He began to wander why his mother wanted him to talk to maxon, the only thing he could think of was that maxon was an old Jedi friend and that he would explain why she was no longer a Jedi. Although a feeling in his gut told him it wasn't that simple. The guard led him in threw the door, desh thought that this maxon that the guard was talking about must be a different maxon there was no way finding him would be this easy. Sticky led desh through a hallway and past a mess hall when desh thought he heard Ace's voice, he stopped and looked in, it was Ace. A Jedi was now making a joke about Ace's breath, then an explosion erupted behind desh sending desh the guard and debris flying in to the room. Desh willed himself to his feet he could not hear any thing except for a high-pitched whistle in his ear. A sith came out of nowhere and charred Sticky who was still on the ground his leg had been broken in the explosion and was not able to move. Without thinking desh grabbed a dislodged iron table leg and charged. The sith raised his arm to strike Sticky but Desh’s blow came first. It landed on the sith’s raised arm and broke it. The sith arm went limp and dropped the light saber. Desh quickly followed up with a blow to the back of the Sith's knees making him fall backwards and ended by thrusting the sharp end of the table leg through the eye-slit in the Sith’s mask killing him instantly. Desh suddenly felt a sharp pain in his ribcage and saw that his side was wet from blood the pain was excruciating but mixture of anger stubbornness and adrenaline kept him going.
Desh turned back to Stiky to see the Jedi that had been talking right before the explosion (Falco) hoisting Stiky onto his shoulder and yelling. Desh’s hearing was coming back and he could make out, "Gather what wounded you can and retreat! Follow me!" desh picked up a blaster and headed in the direction Falco was leaving but the pain from his side made him trip. A Jedi counselor caught his arm and helped him out of the complex. After a few minutes of running the Jedi counselor set desh down by a large rock. Falco set sticky down as well and gave a speech to which desh only heard a few parts but got the meaning. Desh readied the blaster he had been carrying and started to shoot at a group of sith that had been following them. Desh lowered his gun in shock when his blaster bolts were deflected by the sith, but re-engaged when he saw Falco leap over the sith and cut her in half. If he couldn't shoot them down he could definitely distract them enough to let the Jedi finish them off. With this strategy in mind the two remaining sith were quickly taken down. Desh had never seen Jedi and sith fight and was amazed by the power and skill they controlled. When the last sith fell desh couldn't but help to let out a yell of excitement, to which the others joined in.

The Jedi counselor was healing Desh’s wounds when Falco said, "So anyone know a way off this rock? All of our ships our being roasted and served with bantha burgers." desh said that he had a cousin on Ord Mantell and would be able to help. Before he could say more a sith Starfighter flew directly over head and began to land nearby the republic soldiers opened fire. The top of the sith fighter blew open and a tall figure leaped out. Seeing that it was a Jedi and not a sith desh relaxed to let the counselor finish minding his wounds. An hour later after deciding their next move desh agreed to take the whole group to Tython in his ship the silverwing, in exchange for any information on Maxon. (To be continued on a separate thread called…In search of a Jedi)

I hope it’s okay that I joined in your story, Falco. I think it works well with your storyline and I hope you do too.


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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

Chapter 3

Escorted by four imperial agents on each corner, Sirus and Deihken were being lead to the prison cells. Metal braclets chained together fit uncomfortably on their wrists while blaster tips stuck deeply to their sides. They whole time they were being lead to the prisoner cells, Sirus made a mental note on how to get back. He knew which corridors to take, and which to avoid. It seemed like forever until they made it to their destination.

One of the agents pulled out his key card and swipped it through a device which held on the wall. The force sheild that once covered the whole cell wall dicipated into thin air. The other three guards stood by and waited for Sirus and Deihken to enter the prison cell.

Once pushed in, the energy wall reappeared behind them. One of the guards had an ugly smirk on his face and had a remark to go with it. "Republic scum.. You two don't deserve to even be here. If you ask me, we should have squashed you under our boots like we did with your whole enclave down there."

"What makes you sure they are one of the enemies?" One of the more respectable agents said behind him.

"Just look at him," the ugly one said, pointing his finger at Sirus. "Why else would a smuggler be going down there if not to help his Republican friends with cargo and supplies?"

"Many live on Ord Mantell that do not support both sides. We canno judge so quickly in deciding if someone is for us or against us." He took the time to pull out a carton of cigs *death sticks?* and lit one. "Besides, we are at war. We don't need to be as barbaric as the mighty sith to win this war. If we find any evidence on their ship that indicates that they are with the Republic, then we can have just cause in putting him on trial and then execution."

Sirus pointed to the noble man and asked, "Can I have one of those?"

The agent just exhaled a puff of smoke. "Don't waste your breath," he said turning and leaving. The others followed, still arguing about Sirus's case.

Sirus turned to see Deihken sitting on the bench. "Well I feel welcome, how about you?"

"Spare me," the ithorian said with sarcassm. "When are we leaving?"


"You're preaty optimistic."

"Am I?" Sirus pulled out a key card that was identicle to the one that let them pass through the cell wall. "The Admiral can pack a punch but brains arn't his strong point. I swiped it from his belt when I let him hit me."

They heard noises comming down the corridor again and Sirus immediatly hid the card inside one of his many secret pockets in his vest. The intruder was almost in sight. A female agent walked passed them and turned and pivoted to face them. Her blue eyes were still on the clipboard and she pursed her lips together. Sirus reccognized her immediatly. "Well well well. Good evening Miss IA#2387. Oops, I mean Officer IA#2387."

Her eyes gazed up in shock and disbelief. "It's...It's not possible!" Her lips muttered the words as if she was being petrified.

"You're looking lovely today." Sirus said with a wink and a motion of his thumb and pointer finger like a gun pointed at her. His thumb jerked and bent as if to simulate the gun going off. A smirk cut accross his face.

She rembraced herself and scolded the playful gun motion she was given. "Answer me this. How is it everytime I get reassigned to a new ship I always run into you!?" The question sounded more of a demand then an actual question.

Sirus took it lightly and responded in a toy'ish manner, "smuggler luck. Would you believe I'm that good?" The smirk turned into a full out grin on his face, and Sirus had to withhold himself from burstin out laughing.

Her bottom lip started to quiver and her face turned red. "You're such a jerk! You republican scum! I hope I'm their when they burn your body."

"Well then be sure to get front row tickets," Sirus said playfully. He glanced over at Deihken who didn't understand much about human emotions to get the jestures. "By the way, I never did get your real name, Officer IA#-"

"Shut up!" She finally bursted out with rage. She wanted to go in there and slap him across the face with her clipboard, but she knew better. She calmed herself a bit down and then, without filling out any of the neccesssary paperworks, she stormed out of the prison bunker and down the corridor again, mumbling to herself as she did.

Sirus reverted back to a serious look on his face, "What are the chances indeed..." He pickpocketed through his vest until he found the key card again. "Now that that's out of the way..." he turned to Deihken, "...let's get out of here, shall we?"


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-1 Corinthians 6:18-20
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re: Re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

According to the OP...
Jao Thaun wrote:

But, what happened at the Saints base that day? What was each survivor's story? How did they escape? and Where did they go? These were all questions that needed answered.

Having already added my "Jedi" to this story, I wanted to do a different perspective. So I chose to help answer the "what happened" part of the story.

PART 1: Whispers in the Dark

The Engines of the Malice thrummed as the warship bared down on Dromund Kaas at full speed. Lord Nal spent much of his time thinking in the engine room of the great ship, he loved being surrounded by so much raw power. As always his meditation was cut short by his ever nagging assistant Lieutenant Commander Grashin. He was a loyal military man, with good intentions, but Lord Nal so despised being disturbed. Judging by the apprehension, not fear Nal noted, emanating from Grashin, the man was well aware of this.

“What is it?” Nal boomed over the engine noise in his low menacing voice, as Grashin was close enough to hear.

Grashin cleared his throat and clasped his hands behind his back, trying to seem confident coming alongside of the brooding Sith Lord. “Lord Nal. We have just received an urgent communication from Lord Gath. He…” Grashin paused only briefly, but continued on barely missing a stride. “… demands, that you meet with him immediately. We will be reverting to realspace in a matter of moments.”

Nal didn’t lash out at the man, he knew better than to kill the messenger as it were. Sith often made a point to establish their superiority over others. Instead he simply barked stern orders. “Prepare my shuttle and an escort. I will leave as soon as we are in orbit.” The dark Lord strode away, black cloak flowing in the stuffy air as he made his way purposefully down the catwalk, calling over his shoulder. “You will maintain a high vigilance while I am away.” He paused and turned his head to the side for emphasis. “No one is to board this vessel. Is that understood?”

With all the backstabbing pithy apprentices running around trying to make a name for themselves, Nal was taking no chances these days. As the favored route to attention it seemed was to kill a superior Sith, and take his place. Usually by completely insidious and deceitful means, rarely in a challenge, a clash that proved who held the greatest power. Lord Nal hated the fact that many Sith had lost their sense of honor, and turned to killing each other for petty power grabs, when they had an enemy to destroy.

“Yes my Lord!” Grashin said in crisp military fashion, and snapped to attention.

Lord Nal glared out of the front viewport of his Shuttle, skimming the jungle and buildings below. Heavy rain poured down from the broken sky, and dangerous lightning lashed down to the ground below. An accurate analogy of the dangers of the political and social spheres on this world. He knew not why his Master had summoned him, it had been some time since they had spoken in person. Perhaps his Master was finally ready to stop sending him on trivial errands looking for lost lore of the Sith long buried in this galaxy. Whatever his Master’s intent Lord Nal looked forward to a new mission to accomplish, another chance to revel in victory.

As the shuttle touched down in the landing zone and the boarding ramp descended, Nal strode through the rain unflinching as if it didn’t exist. His boots touched permacrete barely after the ramp itself had, and two low level acolytes made a few quick steps to flank him and match his long strides. He hated escorts.

He was no stranger to this complex, and within a few minutes and a few more corridors, he approached his Masters chambers, and lost his little pestering acolytes as he neared his destination. It was no accident his Master had made his home here on Dromund Kaas. His Master was as distrustful of his Sith brethren as Nal was, but he was fond of the Emperor and military. So it was a logical place to stake his claim, what with the Emperor and Dark Council so close, and Kaas being the soul of the Empire’s Army. Nal detested the idea of being locked away simply meditating on the ebb and flow of the dark side. It seemed such a trivial mundane lifestyle. Where was the glory and honor to be found? On the battlefield of course. The thought of battle, and slaying his enemies once more brought a small smile to the edge of his mouth-it had been too long- and he entered the chambers.

In typical fashion, his Master was facing away in his revolving chair, as Nal came close and kneeled before Lord Gath. Nal though he did this as a some sort of testament to his power, but being able to identify who had entered your chamber was not unique among Force sensitive’s. It was at best an annoying preamble that Nal wished he would dispense with.

“Lord Nal, I see you have received my message. I must say you arrived quicker than I expected.” Gath said as he slowly and purposefully rotated his chair to face the lesser Lord.

Always a master of the obvious. Nal thought, annoyed with the obvious remarks. He said nothing.

Gath continued, remaining seated. “I have been anticipating your return for some time now. I trust you haven’t forgotten to bring me what I sent you for?” Gath queried with a sarcastic overtone that scratched the inside of Nal’s patience like a thorny vine forced through an eye socket. The shriveled old man knew how to test his patience.

“I have indeed returned with what you sent me for.” Nal stated dryly, betraying none of his malice at the snide remark. He stood and produced a small object from inside his cloak, and handed it to the seated servant of darkness. “Unspoiled as you have instructed.” Nal added after his Master had taken the item from his hand. Lord Gath stood examining the specimen and moved a few steps away from his previous seat, towards a beam of light piercing through the dark chamber.

His Master was fascinated with the dark arts, and had on numerous occasions lied to Nal about damaging the holocron should he fail to use it properly. Nal knew that the man was simply trying to preserve any secrets the device might have hidden away for himself. Nal didn’t mind however, he cared little for such things. His talents lay elsewhere.

“You have done well.” Gath continued. Eyeing the device over carefully in the light.
Nal just bowed slightly, waited for a moment, than spoke. “Have you another lead on an ancient holocron or scroll my Master?” Lord Nal prodded, eager to find out what lay in store for him next.

The question snapped Lord Gath out of his pleasure in his new trinket. “No. There is a matter of far greater importance that needs our attention.”

To Nal’s surprise Gath set the holocron on a small table and moved back to his seat, his Force presence becoming suddenly overbearing and teaming with focus. It was odd for his Master to not be completely enamored with a new piece of lore, especially such a find as a fully intact holocron. Gath had Nal’s complete attention now, the latter drawing closer as his curiosity became intense at his Masters abnormal behavior. “What is thy biding?” Nal said coming to a stop a few feet from Gath.

“A great threat has revealed itself to me. A threat that dares to tip the balance of this war in our enemies favor. We must not allow this to happen.” Gath said, in barely more than a whisper.

“What is this great threat?” Nal replied neutrally.

Lord Gath took again to his antics, turning his chair slowly around. Having teased his apprentice, he continued but on a different course. Much to Nal’s dismay. “I have come to hear of trouble near Ord Mantell.”

Lord Nal knew of course that when his master said “heard” he was referring to his extensive spy network. It was no secret that Lord Gath with a recluse with very little potential for the greater ambitions of the Sith, and thus remained faily insignificant is the Empire’s polital circles. In fact, the only reason the Emperor permitted him to stay was his vast network of spies and his keen meditation abilities that he had in common with the Emperor.

Nal stayed silent, not playing into his masters ridiculous mind games.

Gath continued. “We have had great success in destroying the Republic’s military supply convoys, choking the enemy to near starvation in many systems.” Gath stood and moved silently to a window that he peered out of, flashes of lightning illuminating his thin pale facial features. His mood seemed to shift to somber, and somewhat introspective. As he looked out the viewport, it seemed as if he were looking at something Nal could not see, something distant, illusive. “However, with the smugglers foolishly siding with the Republic, they are undoing all that we have worked so hard for. Their supplies have revitalized an all but defeated enemy, and have given them the hope to continue their fight. Whether these smugglers are trying to pad their pockets, or risk their lives out of a weak and pathetic empathy for their fellow sentient beings… it makes little difference. They are enemies of the Empire and must be destroyed!” Gath spoke with a sudden jolt of enthusiasm. “Their tiny little ships slip through the tightest of our defensive nets. They must be brought to swift and permanent justice, and to serve as an example to any that would dare turn against us!”

Nal was beyond furious. How could his master think so little of him to send him chasing pathetic smugglers around backwater worlds? He kept his fury under check, but addressed his master with icy resolve. He had had enough. “If you want smugglers killed, you can hire Bounty Hunters. Or better yet, maybe your precious spies can bag a few for you. I have had enough of these petty…”

Before he could say more, Lord Gath cut him off. “Enough! Choose your words carefully Lord Nal, they may be your last with that kind of insolence!”

I’d like to see you try.

Gath calmed himself, perhaps as he realized Lord Nal could not know the full extent of the plan he had in store. “We have located a large base of operations for a Smuggling Contingency. Some of my Agents have infiltrated the Republic smuggling in this sector, and have given us the location of the base. As always when I sense disturbances within the Force, the Emperor tasks me with handling lesser concerns as he focuses on the grand scheme of the campaign. Hitting this base will destabilize the supply line once again and tip the balance back to our favor. This will be the cover of our assault, but not the intended target.”

Now Nal was pleased, and indulged the baiting. “What then is the intended target?” He said, taking a quizzical stance, one arm across his chest, the other rubbed at his chin. This time he didn’t mind his master doubling back to another tangent.

Gath plodded along. “Do you remember Darth Ganok?” When Nal only nodded slightly, he continued. “Most of us thought he had gone mad when he seemed to fixate himself on one lone Jedi. Turns out he may have been on to something.” Gath now paced back in forth in front of his window vista. “I have seen troubling things, and the smugglers are not the cause of this, but they represent a singular opportunity. The Dark Council would not permit me to pick up where Darth Ganok left off, they would label me as mad, but something must be done about what I have seen. The Council would never commit the resources to target this one Jedi and his amassing companions, and the smugglers are a real concern that needs to be addressed. What better ways to kill two polis birds with one stone?”

Nal was intrigued, but not yet convinced. “What is so special about this Jedi? Is he extremely powerful? Demonstrated an ability we have not seen before?” Nal strode up to stand by his master in front of the transperisteel glass trickling with running rain water.

As always Lord Gath did not answer directly. “Have you ever gazed at the stars and seen one that shown brighter and shimmered like none of the others around them?” It was not a question that needed answering. “This sole Jedi has drawn to himself all sorts of creatures, not all them Jedi, not all of them great warriors. None-the-less this group, these Saints as they have come to call themselves, this band of enemies shines brighter and glistens and gleams a dangerous hope for all to see in the sea of Republic stars. We must crush this like a Quahune Crystal and scatter the fragments to the wind.” He turned to look directly at his apprentice. “You will be in command of the Attack Fleet. It will be a quick in quick out, overpowering assault. There are too many Republic elements in the Ord Mantel region that could jump in reinforcements at any moment. You cannot get bogged down for long. See to it that this gets done well my apprentice, as small as this group is, I fear they could be the beginning of the end for our great Empire, if left unchecked. Hope is a dangerous thing in war. Plans are in place to lure the leader away from his throng of followers. They won’t see what hit them. Destroy them all.” Gath added with pure malice.

“As you wish, my master.” Lord Nal bowed in sincerity for the first time in what seemed like years. Finally an assignment worthy of his attention.

“You leave at once. The fleet is on standbye, the Malice will serve as your flagship.” Then adding with an icy malevolent tone. “Do not fail me Lord Nal.” It was more a threat than a command.

Nal paid it no mind. “The Jedi and their friends will die my master. There will be no mercy, the weak will fall before the strong.”

Nal strode out of the chamber with a pride in his step he had never experienced in all his life. Lord Nal finally in command of an assault group. This would be a day to remember. The Republic would always remember the day Lord Nal was given real power, and they would feel the burning ember of that power as he stabbed it into their chest.

PART II: Darkness Falls

Darth Nal brooded once again as his attack group neared Ord Mantell. He erupted in anger, shouting inside his own thoughts… My master told me I would be in command of this attack! He slammed his fists into a terminal in front of him unassisted with the Force so as not to damage it. Not even one person looked his direction, most were used to angry Sith Lords smashing things about. Lord Nal could almost hear his Masters laughter at realizing it was only a half truth. Nal was indeed in charge of the attack on the Smuggler Contingency, and the Saints whom his master so feared, but only in a planning capacity. Lord Nal was to organize and plan the attack, but no less than half a dozen other Sith Lords were to command elements of the ground and even space attacks that were to unfold in the battle at large. Even then he knew of several others who were hear as well, with hundreds of their warriors and troopers, and Nal knew they were not here to observe.

“Get me the Commanders.” Nal said to Grashin.

With a curt nod Grashin pushed a few keys on his console and within moments the dark vestigial figures displayed in a semi circle before Lord Nal via holo transmitters.

Nal wasn’t one for pleasantries. “Within minutes the assault shall begin. We all know our roles.” He said more to himself than the others. If he was to gain glory for this day it had to be with his brilliant plan, since others would be taking the field from him. “Elements one through four will attack the smugglers base here.” Nal pointed to holomap of the battle plan behind him. “Elements five and six, led by Lord Ahgamor, will assault a secondary objective not far from the primary objective. This secondary objective is a small Republic garrison of Republic forces and Jedi.”

Nal knew that Ahgamor had taken his prized role in this attack, simply because he had defected from this group of so called Saints. Until this day Lord Nal had never even heard his name. Apparently someone on the Dark Council thought this made Ahgamor a better candidate, but this was about swift destruction, not some pathetic crusade of revenge. Regardless of Nal’s disdain of Ahgamor, it had been decided and there was nothing he could do. He pulled his mind back to his briefing.

“Once the smugglers have been dealt with, elements one through four will assist and swiftly overwhelm the smaller secondary objective. None are to be left alive.” Nal concluded giving a brief pause.

Several of the Sith Lords smiled at this.

Nal continued, “We will have an enormous amount of fighters that will be providing cover for the ground assaults. They will assist with defensive blockades, and tear down any ships trying to lift off the surface before they can reach space. Dedicating so many fighters to atmosphere will leave our capital ships unprotected, but it will ensure the greatest amount of damage to the smuggling operations in this sector. You must be quick and ruthless in your assault, so the ground forces and air cover can return to the capital ships and leave orbit of Ord Mantel before Republic reinforcements arrive.” Nal turned to look at each Lord represented in front of him in turn. “And they will arrive.”

The Sith Lords nodded in understanding a one by one disappeared from Lord Nal’s view. Only Ahgamor remained.

“Don’t fail me.” Nal sneered. “Your mission is truly why we have come here.”

“I want them to die as much as you do Lord Nal. It will be done.” Ahgamor replied.

Nal would almost have described his demeanor as happy or excited.

“Yes, but it must also done quickly. Don’t let your need to gloat and make them suffer jeopardize this mission and hundreds of your brothers lives.”

Aghamor signed off without another word. Still smiling.


It had only taken less than ten minutes for the Malice and her sister ships to disgorge their drop ships and fighter squadrons to the atmosphere, and luck was on their side. Having no forward scouting, so as to not tip off the Republic to an attack, Lord Nal had virtually brought the surprise assault in blind. However, there was only one Republic warship in orbit at the time, and it was successfully jammed and promptly annihilated by the small Sith armada. So far, everything was going far better than anticipated, and that kept Lord Nal on edge.

Grashin called up to him from a tactical terminal. “My Lord. All elements reporting they have engaged their targets. Starfighter squadrons reporting kills in the first pass in… the hundreds!” The man announced excitedly. Drawing a few quick smiles, and celebratory remarks from nearby tactical staffers.

Lord Nal knew the battle was not yet won.

“What is the status on the jamming frequency?” Nal asked dryly, his mind absorbed in the details of a massive unfolding battle.

Grashin answered back promptly, as ever an experienced officer as Nal could have hoped for. “The Blood Lust is reporting jamming signal holding at full strength… no transmissions have made it from the ground to orbit, or vice versa… Agents have reported in that they had success in disabling of the long range communication arrays on both Republic outposts moments before our arrival.” Grashin looked pleased and as giddy as a cadet that had just graduated from the Academy. “Ord Mantel is a dead zone, completely cut off!”

“Very good, and what of Republic activity on the surface?” Nal began pacing.

“All reports indicate that ground forces achieved complete surprise. The Smuggler Contingency is down to a pocket of resistance in the northern quadrant. All docked starships have been destroyed. Starfighters indicating no known vessels have made it to open space…. Scratch that… a few have somehow made it through… dispatching fighters from the escort detail.

“No!” Lord Nal barked. Drawing close to look at the HUD. “We only have a handful of starfighters protecting our capital ships, and they will never match their speed given their trajectory. All escort fighters are to maintain vigilance on their assigned cruiser.” Lord Nal knew that they were exposed out here without the bulk of the fighter escorts. If something were to happen to the Capital ships, they all would be stuck here, and many Sith would die.

“Yes my Lord.” Grashin answered promptly calling off the fighters with a few keystrokes.

“Continue with your ground assessment. What of the other Republic bases?”

Grashin cleared his throat and continued. “All other pockets of Republic forces seemed to be confused by our actions. Or intimidated by the swarm of Sith forces in these two sectors.” Grashin grinned with his second comment, but did not fall from his pace. ”We observed a flurry of activity and that they have taken defensive measures, but have not rallied any forces for a counter attack at this time.”

“They must be aware of the futility.” Nal then spun around, his yellow eyes piercing into Grashin’s as he started marching forward. “And what of the progress made on the secondary objective?” Nal asked with a rigid urgency.

Grashin took several long seconds to change the overview of his HUD, and skim reports. “They… well they are encountering more resistance than they anticipated. I have three requests for reinforcements, and two formal complaints concerning command decisions.” Grashin did not looked pleased to have to report bad news to the Sith Lord.

Nal stood motionless for what seemed like a long moment. “It seems the commander has taken to make sure these Saints suffer. His sense of urgency is lacking!”

“Or they merely don’t have adequate forces to overtake them swiftly.” Grashin piped up, not afraid to speak his mind.

“Ahgamor has nearly double the forces the enemy has under his command, and the element of surprise. No. This is personal. Not even a fool could blunder those odds.”

Lord Nal strode away at a fast walk, Grashin started to follow.

"I am going down in my shuttle to see to this assault personally. Order all units to search and destroy and push hard on the secondary objective, and all four elements assigned to the Smuggler Contingency to proceed directly to the secondary objective and crush it. It is imperative that none make it out alive!” Nal shouted as he left the command deck.

“Yes my Lord!”

Smoke and fire splayed the horizon ahead as Lord Nal’s shuttle neared the Saint’s base. He turned and headed towards the exit ramp where a dozen of his personal Sith guards and three dozen troopers awaited him. The shuttle touched down, and the ramp fell.

“Six of you, come with me.” Nal stated to his Sith warriors. “And one third of the troopers. The rest stay here and secure my shuttle.”

Nal reached the bottom of the ramp and suddenly heard a loud crash. He turned and looked to his left in time to see a large freighter come to a rest throwing sod and debris into the air. After a brief conversation with Grashin on his wrist holo, he nodded at the ship, and as he started walking away a trooper marched forward and sent a high explosive rocket into the exposed cockpit. Making sure the freighter was no longer flight worthy.

With long strides and his entourage following he finally made it to the edges of the battle field. Small groups of Jedi and Republic forces were still dukeing it out with Sith forces. A couple of his troopers dropped some fleeing civilians, and he paused to survey the landscape. He could make out distant figures fleeing in several directions. Even a couple ships ascended into the clouds and to Lord Nal’s surprise he never saw them pick up any pursuers. Disappointing. He spotted two of the four commanders from the Contingency assault, and walked over to them.

“What is our status here?” Nal demanded.

Only one of the other Lords turned to face him. “Lord Nal, didn’t expect to see you down here getting your cloak dusty.” Nal ignored the goad. The Lord continued on. “We have utterly destroyed the Jedi and any that attempted to aid them. Once we showed up here from taking care of the smugglers, the base was quickly overrun and all were killed.”

“All?” Lord Nal asked expectantly.

The other Lord frowned at him. “Well a few cowards ran away. Some on foot, a few others made it through the fighter screens. They will think twice before ever entering into battle with the Sith again.”

“This base should have been overrun before you arrived here! Where is Ahgamor?”

The Sith Lord simply pointed with a black draped arm.

Nal tuned and left in the direction shown to him, feeling the sneers of the Sith Lords bare into the back of his skull as he walked away.

A few minutes later he approached Lord Ahgamor who was standing on a pile of rubble. He let lose a ferocious barrage of lighting into a prostrate body of a dying man. Lord Nal could feel the life leave. Ne relished in it. Then Ahgamor threw the lifeless corpse into a pile not far away in the ruble. It was not clear whether he had created the entire pile, or he was simply discarding the body there.

Lord Ahgamor turned and locked gazes with Lord Nal, and then addressed the other Sith around him. “Now, kill them, kill every last one of them.”

“And make sure to destroy their library, every last bound page and data recording.” Nal shouted to the others. They heard him he knew, but they paid him no mind. They were off to do Ahgamor’s biding, and so they did, joining the fray wherever a Jedi, trooper, or civilian dared to put up a fight. Only Lord Nal’s men descended into the ruins to join the others that were already inside to seek out the archives.

Nal and Ahgamor glared at each other, but they never exchanged words. Nal turned and left. It was finished, the mission was for all intents and purposes, over.

On the way back to his shuttle he conversed with Grashin on his wrist holo. “So you are telling me more made it to safety?” Nal inquired, no anger in his voice.

“Yes my Lord, I am afraid so. It would appear somewhere between seven and twelve ships in total. There was just no way to get them all. Also, a small smuggling freighter was captured by the”

Nal cut him off, “Why was it not destroyed!”

Grashin took to the defensive. “Well my Lord, apparently one of the other Lords decided that interrogation could be valuable.”

Lord Nal was furious at the weakness of others. “Every single being that passed through our crosshairs today should have died! Instead of following orders these self serving Lords would rather chase revenge, and glory, or prestige with which to impress the Dark Council! They should have pursued and destroyed those that were in reach, yet they allowed them to get away, or let them live!”

“Understood my Lord, I will put in a word to the Captain of the..”

“Don’t bother, our work here is done, we have done our part. I will be on board soon, be ready to…”

Lord Nal dropped to one knee and rolled through the sandy gravel, continuing his roll and coming to his feet again, his crimson blade erupting to life with a snap-hiss. He stood still starring into the blazing blue eyes of small thin Jedi woman, roughly in her twenties. She had leapt from behind a rock and surprised him. He was too consumed with his rage to mind his surroundings and she nearly relived him of his head because of it.

“Thought I would say hi, before you boarded your ship. My lord.” She said sarcastically.
Nal stood up straight from his ready posture to his full height. He was a good foot taller than her, and easily outweighed her by a hundred pounds, not including his armor. Sand fell from his cloak, and sprinkled to the ground.

“You are foolish Jedi, you should have stayed hidden. Now you will die.” Nal said still trying to gage his opponent.

“Well I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to destroy a member of the Dark Council.”

Nal hesitated for a second, taking in her words. Then a deep throaty laughter came from him. Starting low, then gaining volume and vigor.

“Ha..haha…Hahahaha….” He bellowed. He couldn’t remember the last time he had laughed, and he had almost forgotten how. “You think I am…. Haha… You think that a member of the Dark Council would come all of the way out here? For your pathetic little band of souls you had gathered here?” He laughed again. “No Jedi. Don’t flatter yourself.” He was thoroughly amused now.

The Jedi was not, and scowled. “Then who are you Sith?” She demanded, as they circled each other. “Are you not responsible for this travesty?”

“You Jedi amuse me. Why does it matter who I am? If you must know, I am Lord Nal, and I only carry out the bidding of others here today. You can certainly try to find revenge in me if you would like.” He grinned.

“We don’t seek revenge, only justice!”

With that she leapt at him, swinging her blue blade in a wide arc coming for his ribs in an uppercut motion. He parried her, pivoted on his right leg and spun away from her. Breaking the engagement. She came at him again, this time he met her blow with one of his own. Their sabers collided and she was pushed back. He unleashed a barrage of powerful strikes at her driving her back towards a small rock face. She blocked all the saber strikes but she never saw the elbow coming. He smashed his armored joint into her temple and she flew into the rock face with some force. She managed to stay on her feet but barely, she dropped her lightsaber in the sand and it deactivated. She clutched her side, and leaned heavily on the rock.

Nal glanced to where she clutched her side, and noticed a very dark and wet patch of blood soaking her garments. There was a slash in the fabric. Ah. She was previously wounded and dying. There is no mercy for the weak.

She grabbed her lightsaber with the force and it smacked into her hand. She stood on wobbly legs, and charged him.

Very honorable Jedi. He decided to grant her a clean death.

As she came at him her footwork was sloppy, and her form poor, but she made one last attempt and stabbed at his torso none the less. He batted her lightsaber to the side, spun, and ran the tip of his lightsaber through her heart, while taking a step forward, and ran it down all the way to the hilt. Her lightsaber fell again, this time for good. She fell against him and grasped at his shoulder armor with her left arm, slowly gasping for air against the pain. As he deactivated his lightsaber he had to grab her to hold her upright for her final seconds. She looked into his eyes, but he knew she was not seeing him. He saw the light fade from her eyes and her head fell against him. She was gone.

As Lord Nal laid her down on the ground he realized he did not relish in her death as he had the other Jedi. What was it then, that he felt? Respect. Of all that had happened today, the one place he had found honor was in this Jedi. He respected her sacrifice, a worthy opponent at last.

He turned to leave and kicked something with his boot. He looked down and it was her lightsaber. He stared at it for a moment, then picked it up and turned around again. He closed her lifeless eyes, folded her arms across her chest, and placed her lightsaber in her right hand. It wasn’t a moment of sympathy, she had engaged him in battle when she didn’t need to, and was at an extreme disadvantage. She deserved at least that much. He stood and strode off.

He typed a few keys on his wrist device. His master soon appeared as an eight inch figure above his forearm.

“Yes Lord Nal?”

“It is done, the smugglers and Saints have been destroyed. We are pulling out.”

“Very good Lord Nal. Have any escaped?”

There was no point in trying to hide the truth. “Yes my master, a few managed to flee and evade us.”

“It is no matter.” Gath spat. “The bulk of them are destroyed. They are no longer a concern to us.”

“Yes my master.” Nal boarded his shuttle and it immediately lifted off.

“You have done well Lord Nal. They no longer serve as a beacon of hope among the Republic. They are lost, their light is scattered.”

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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

Chapter 1

SGT Jaden Clix Marx
2354 Hours [11:54pm]
Saint's Guard Barracks
4 Years 120 days 23 hours ABT [After Basic Training]

UPDATE: 1 night before the attack on the Saints Base

I had always wanted to be a soldier. My Dad told me it was crazy and that I should stay on the farm with him. I didn't listen. As a child I remember leading attacks against the weeds and brush on the edges of my father's many fields. I always won, bolts and projectiles always seemed to magically miss me, by the centimeters and I never lost a man.

I ran away from home and enlisted in the Republic Army at age 16. I didn't realize what I had gotten myself into.

On the first day of basic training, I was first out of the barracks and in formation, at 0400. My squad mates came out later and soon the whole unit was out ready for our first day. The Drill Sergeant came up and called us all to attention, we all where itching to go. The sergeant pasted up and down the lines of men. He stopped at some and chewed them out others he just stared down.

He came to me and stopped.

"Whats your name, trooper?" he asked
"Marx, sir" I cried
"Marx, eh, can I ask ya somethin?"
"aye sir"
"Do I look like an officer to you?"
"Then why in mustafar's lava pits are you callin me sir"
"Sorry sirrrargent" I slured
"How old are you, trooper?"
"19 sarg'ent"

The drill sergeant looked me up and down.

"Lier, drop and give men 30"
"Yes sergeant"

He stood over me and counted out the push ups. I stood back up when I got to thirty.

"Trooper, don't you lie to me uhgin," the sergeant barely a whisper.
"Yes sarge'nt"

That day men cryed themselves to sleep.

Now, I am guarding the Saint's base on Ord Mantell. Its boring work, and I haven't seen combat at all during my 4 years of service. I long to use my rifle and work my squad in combat but sense my promotion, I've had to take a more mature attitude, after all I am suppose to be 23 and I am only 20.

-----END OF LOG-------

An explosion rocked the barracks. Jaden awoke with start with his still on from the last night's guard job. Another explosion and then the battalion Sergeant Major busted through the door with only his lower body armor on and a ammo belt across his front and a carbine in his hand.

"Get the heck up!" he yelled at the top of his lungs and flashed the light on and off. "The base is under attack! Get some armor on and grab a gun and ammo! Lets go!"

Jaden grabbed his helmet an slammed it on. He grabbed his back and opened his footlocker to grab his datapad and some of his stuff. He grabbed his rifle and ammo and slung his back over his shoulder.

((more to come))

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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

((alright havent rp'ed in a while so hopefully this fits in here so here goes. also i kinda tweaked my character from using a double edged sabre to a single sabre. hope thats not a problem))

Avissi sat quietly in the dim light of the crowded transport ship going throguh the events of the pasts few day. lights of the passing city casually straked across his face through a small rectangular window at his side. He glaced out the window to view the last of Ord Mantell's sky scapers as they steadily drifted from view. Avissi heard the hum of the thrusters begin to crescendo and braced himself as the craft began shaking violently in its effort to conquer the planets gravity. As soon as the last vestiges of the planets gavity was clear all calmed once again as if soothed by the blanket of emptyness that now covered it. that is of course with the exception of a few small children crying within the cabin who were either unnerved by the rattling, or just bothered at being woken up by it. Avissi found him self in a further bothersome position as he fond himself seated between two very large gamorreans. "this is going to be a long trip" Avissi grumbled to himself as he sad there stoicly.

This was hardly his favorite way to travel, but with the suprising boldness of the sith, Avissi decided it was best to keep a low profile. Plus Avissi's personal transport had been taken in the sith assult, but he was happy that some of the saints had managed to escape with it. His thoughts then turned to his guild brothers and sincerly hoped that most still lived. Avissi couldnt even guess how many were still alive and those that were hadfled to who knows where. but the issue of uniting the guild would have to fall on someone else, Avissi had his orders and intended to follow them throguh, he had to find jedaiah.

A grunt from one of the gamorrians beside him brought Avissi back into reality. he quietly scolded himself for letting his guard down, now was not the time to be distraced. with the sith so intent on the death of the saints, it was obvous to Avissi that everyone in the guild likely had a high price on their heads. a price that a lucky gamorrian would love to collect. tho certainly these the two pigs were headed the same way as Avissi to collect a bounty aready acheived.

As much as Avissi didnt like the position he was in. he despised even more their destination. Nal'Hutta, this so called "glorious jewel" was perhaps the biggest pool of slime, waste, and scum of any planet that could call itself borderline inhabitable. of course the planet itself is outdone by its own regents. The Huts, fat, slime, encrusted, oversized worms whos stench is only outmatched by their greed and ambition. but unfortunatly for the unwary visitor or perhaps would be assasin; the huts can be even more dangerous than the compny they keep.

Avissi lightly traced the outlineof his lightsabre beneath his robes. its thin curving hilt giving him a little bit of confidence that he could handle the trials that were to come. after all Avissi and Master Thaun had spend may days sparing in the training room and Avissis own mastery of the light sabre had greatly improved. whil before his technique of fighting could have perhaps been compaired to just above a catina brawler. he was now a cool and calculated striker, waiting patiently for the opponents guard to weaken while never giving up his. Though perhaps Master Thauns greated acheivment was simply teaching the young kel dor patience, a trait Avissi had not been well versed in prior to this point in life. Avissi was sad see himself and Master Thaun part ways. but they both had their orders and Avissi knew the Saints would be united once again and even more powerful than before. and for that Avissi would go through any trial and all the sludge o Nal'Hutta could not deter him fromt hat task.

The transport plower though the greenish smog that was the planets atmosphere and began to shake once again as it roughly skidded into port. then finally the doors to the cabin were opened and people bagan to shuffle out "hold on Jedaiah" Avissi though with a new zeal in his eyes "i will find you"

((to be continued))



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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

Tomer Garb had just been inducted into the Saints. Just a few days before the attack on the base. He had just gotten his stuff in his room then the attack came. Tomer couldn't remember what exactly happened but he remembered ending a lot of lives.

Tomer and his motley group of Saints were in the wilderness of Ord Mantell. Tomer hadn't seen any of the guys that he was with before. Three of the five were troopers, crusaders they like to class themselves. The first of the troopers looked to be a seasoned vet, we was as Tomer found out, named Hokan. He hadn't had time to get all of his armor on, but his breast plate, boots and gloves he managed to grab. Other than that we was wearing a pair of loose pants, and his body glove. He had no gear except a belt of ammo around his waist. The second Trooper had only his lower body armor on. He hadn't managed to get his breastplate so the suspenders that held the lower half of his armor up were visible. He to had only manged to grab ammo and a rifle. His name was Rue. The last trooper, a woman named Etin, was in full armor except for her helmet. She had managed to grab some supplys. The other two men were jedi knights, one named Rekk and the other Moor.

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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

Dax quietly sat in his bedroom/meditation chamber when he jumped up. he grabbed his double-bladed lightsaber and packed his things along with some old force scrolls in a backpack. he went to the mess hall and told the other jedi to reach out with the force and sense something was wrong. they listened but only four came with dax. they went to the hangar to prep their ships but the crews were under attack by sith inquisitors. he drew his saber and started cutting down the sith ranks . he force absorbed a siths energy and stabbed him. once they had cleared the hangar they jumped in their ships and took off. there was a surprise waiting for them space was almost blotted out with the sheer number of sith cruisers. being one of the best pilots of the order he said "lets take the fight to them". they came and each got on a sith fury"s tail they quickly defeated them. their crews worked furiously to fire the guns and shoot missiles. the missles locked on to a ship ship and took them out five cruisers were destroyed in one minute. the cruisers started to dispurse but dax was missing something his padawan! he rushed to the planets surface and went to the base his padawan was deep underground training the sith had left thinking they had killed everyone but his padawan and dozens of others were saved. they took off once more and reported to the council on tython. dax thought it wasn't a good day to be a jedi consular


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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

I woke up that morning refreshed and ready for a fight. Not knowing that i would be in a full scale one. I had nothing to do so i went to the training room. One of the padawan trainees came in and started training with me. We were both sweating and huffing and puffing when all of a sudden BRING BRING "all members evacuate at once!" I heard an explosion and i ran to my room, threw on my armor, grabbed my rifle and some grenades and bolted toward the sound of the explosion.

I was welcomed by 150 or so assorted imperial troopers, bounty hunters, and sith warriors. All heck went loose. I took down troopers and sith alike. My instincs took over then.

After i realized we would not win I fled to a desolate part of ord mantell. When i dcided to flee i thought that i was the only one alive but i wasnt sure. Should i go somewhere or were there other survivors? If so where had they gone?

I will flee to the only place i could lie down and hide for awhile. What i had planned on was if we were ever attacked i would need an emergency fighter. Ihad hidden a small fighter in this secluded place. I got in, took off and put the coordinates in.

I was off to nar shaddaa


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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

Paul, Tyklon, and Myyki were performing their usual check ups on their freighter and awaited the docking officers to come down and begin uploading cargo. Like any other day, since their mission to be on Ord Mantell, they were content and mingling with the several Saints and were always ready for when trouble struck. The dock officers were running late again as usual so Paul and Tyklon never really thought anything of it at the time. Soon, an unknown signal was being relayed to the Dock Administrators. Many, at the time thought it was just another smuggler coming to help the cause of the Saints, but unfortunately bfore anyone could think a gigantic cruiser beamed out of orbit.

Overhead in the skies, everyone could see as several cruisers and frigates were assembled above the planet; and several shuttles were approaching the ground. The turbolaser towers were still warming up, so the base was practically a sitting duck. Tyklon, Myyki and Paul rushed to back to the base to get their weapons and fight the oncoming enemy. They were also worried about Jao and Avissi. "How do you think they found us? Someone amongst us must be a traitor or spilled the beans!" Tyklon said. "Grr... I do not know, but I don't believe whoever is attacking wants to keep prisoners." Myyki stated. "Well I am going to fight to give some of the other guys a chance to run. I only hope someone is able to activate the jamming signal and give us time to bypass their auto-targeting systems." Paul shouted.

Paul ran over to the end of the docking bay and peered off the deck at the HQ to see that it was about to be breached by several enemy forces. "Myyki send your rocket at those guys while me and Tyklon get in their and activate the jamming code. Without it I don't know how many are going to chewed up in the atmosphere." Paul ordered. Tyklon and Paul flipped over the deck railing and headed toward the window of the HQ building as Myyki focused his rocket launcher at the oncoming enemy pirates.

Tyklon's light-saber pierced through the outer window as Paul was knowing back blaster fire. After a few moments Tyklon burned a hole through the glass as kicked out an opening for him and Paul. Tyklon then rushed to the terminal but found that it was in emergency lock-down mode and he had to bypass the mainframe to override the lockout. Several bounty hunters noticed Paul and Tyklon and made for the window. One of them threw a thermal detonator through the opening. As the detonator entered through the opening, Paul force grabbed it and pushed it back at the bounty hunter. As it latched onto his chest pad he panicked before instant incineration along with a few other pirates.

Tyklon had then overridden the emergency lockout, and sent out the jamming signal. Paul and Tyklon then ran like quickness and fled back to teh ship, while Myyki was inside firing up the engines. "Where do you think we should go?" Paul asked. "Well, if I may put in a few credits, Nar Shadaa sounds good." Tyklon replied. "Grrr... Wherever we may go, I doubt our atackers are going to cease pursuit. Even in the metal jungle of Nal Hutta." Myyki exclaimed. "We have no choice, hopefully we can regroup with some of the Saints on our way, but I fear our paths are about to be separate for quite sometime." Paul stated.

As their ship made their way through the atmosphere, several lasers were firing rapidly at them. They dodged left and right and several other ships were fleeing the smuggler's base. All hope for the restoration of the Saints would come soon. But for now, their destinies are scattered, but soon, sometime between November 31st and May Fourth, they will reunite once more!


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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

Jaden ran out of the barracks. A blast from a grenade blew him backward and off his feet. He stood up and ran to a fallen starfighter for cover. He peered over the starfighter and looked around.

He saw a jedi and a sith dueling. The sith being the better swordsman was almost always on top of the jedi. The jedi would take quick little stabs and jump back into defense. The sith blasted his lightsaber up and pushed the jedi down. Then the sith above him, and the jedi on the ground, found his lightsaber out of reach. The Sith stood lightsaber held high and pointed down.

Jaden brought his rifle up to his eye. He waited until the target was set in his HUD and he fired. The blaster bolts hit the sith square in the chest, one, two, three of them. The sith slumped back, with a look of surprise on his face he turned to Jaden, with fire in his eyes. Jaden fire again and the sith fell to the ground.

Jaden turned to the door with his back against the starfighter. He called the men in the door over to him. They were about 6 of them, some of them half dressed others with just civilian clothes on. Everyone of them had a weapon though.

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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

(This is my first time doing this, so it might be terrible. I'm late again so i'm going to start a few hours before some of you, when I first arrived at the base.)

As the Jedi Council's speeder zoomed towards the Saints enclave, Thro'Disan saw smoke rising from the buildings.

"Something is terribly wrong...What do you thing is going on?" The driver wondered.
"Maybe they are just having some bonfires? Ah who am I kidding...It's an attack." Thro answered.
"Good luck down there, my friend." The driver said sadly, "I hope somebody survived and can help you..."

The speeder landed a mile away from the base to ensure safety of the driver, and Thro'Disan ran the rest of the way.

"Please have survived...please have survived.." Thro warily chanted.

Two sith troopers had spotted the speeder flying off and had come towards the landing area to check it out. Thro hid behind a rock pile and formed a plan.

Now I get to test my skills...This is going to get messy for sure. I gotta get past these marauders and look for a survivor in the base.

Thro'Disan sprang from his hiding place and attacked the troopers. He took the first man by suprise and managed to dispatch him quickly. The second man raised his blaster-rifle and prepaired to fire when he was lifted off the ground and slammed back down. His blaster skittered away from him as he stood up, trembling in fear. Thro tossed him a vibroblade and took a battle stance.

"I wont fight you when your weaponless. Now you have two choices, you can run, or you can lose." Thro smirked.

The trooper jumped up off his knees and ran for the hills. Thro'Disan chuckled and continued towards the Saint's base. He stopped and took in the sad scene before him: There where several fallen jedi on the ground and the hanger door was blown open. The door to the Grand Chamber was engulfed in flames, and the sounds of battle where arousing from elsewere in the base. Severall ships suddenly took off in multiple directions from the base, scattering objects all over the ground. An explosion snapped Thro back into reality and he entered the hangar. Yelling and blaster shots came from down the hall as Jaden Marx entered his view. He had just defeated a sith warrior and was calling apon somebody that was around the corner. Thro'Disan walked towards the man when another blast sealed the door infront of him. He spun around just in time to block a vibrosword coming down on him. Thro force pushed the sith soldier down the hall allowing him time to breath. The sith got up and charged at the young jedi again, but Thro'Disan was ready this time. He blocked the first couple blows and ran his lightsabers clean through the mans chest. The soldier collapsed to the ground at Thro's feet.

"What have I done...I've ended 2 lives today...this is not how I was trained..." He sighed...

(Wells thats my little portion. I'm trying to think on which planet i'm gonna go to, so there will be a part 2.)

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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)


From his training location deep within a gorge on the side of a mountain, Julmay Hiddai sits in meditation after a few hours of working on his lightsaber skills. When all of a sudden.


The ships were flying so low that the wind that they caused knocked Julmay out of his meditation position. Julmay's first thoughts were that some kids had gotten hold of their parent’s ships. That was until he looked up at the ships, 4 Sith fighters. Immediate concern filled his mind as he thought to himself "they will never be picked up on radar flying that low." He activated his comm link, but he only got static as all communication was jammed. All Julmay could think to himself was “I gotta get back to base NOW!” He jumped on his speeder and rushed at full speed to cover the distance between him and the base.

As he drew closer to the base, Julmay's mind was racing a billion thoughts per second as he saw smoke rising over the base. Is everyone dead? Did they see the attack coming? What about the civilians? Who escaped? Where did they go? How did this happen? The one thing he was sure of was that some Imps were about to feel the sting of his lightsaber.

When Julmay got close enough to make out the Sith troops picking off people running from the complex, he fired up his lightsaber and forced leaped into the middle of 5 men. Catching them all by surprise, Julmay spun in a circle taking down 4 soldiers instantly. As the 5th solider began to turn his gun to fire, Julmay force pulled the gun out of the soldier's hands and cut it in two. As the astonished trooper turned to run, Julmay this time force pulled the solider and ran him thru. As the Jedi Master began to survey the area, he saw more Sith troops running into the hangar. Running with focused thoughts, Julmay threw his lightsaber at the troops. 2 of them were decapitated and the other two turned and starting blasting away at the Jedi. As Julmay regained his saber, he deflected a few blaster bolts back at the Imps and took out the last two.

Going into the hangar, Julmay was prepared to see the worst. The worst was what he got. There were Troopers and Jedi bodies lying all over the floor mixed in with Sith Warriors and Soldiers. All of the ships that were previously in the hangar were either destroyed or missing. Deep inside, Julmay prayed that the missing ships carried Saints to safe places. There was a disturbance in the Force as Julmay looked over the area in disbelief. Two Sith Warriors were coming out of complex with a few civilian hostages and some holovid disk from the Command Room. As the Jedi ignited his lightsaber, he sternly stated, “You have something that doesn’t belong to you. I am going to need you to hand that over.” He lifts his lightsaber to get into an attack position “NOW!”

The Warriors ignited their lightsabers also and began to fan out around Master Hiddai. The Sith on the left let loose a stream of force lightning. Julmay easily captured the attack into the blade of his lightsaber. The second Sith leaped forward at Julmay trying to land a crushing blow, but Julmay easily saw it and back flipped out of the way. When Julmay landed on his feet, he unleashed a force push on the closest Sith that catapulted him across the room and impaled him onto the forklift that was parked in the corner. The remaining Sith Warrior rushed Julmay and a lightsaber battle ensued. As the Sith Warrior tried to land a finishing blow, Julmay squatted down and did a leg sweep on the Sith that launched him into the air. Julmay sliced his lightsaber upward thru the Sith as he came out of the spin. The Jedi heard a rustle near a cabinet behind him. He pivoted around and tossed the cabinet across the room with a force pull. It was THE civilians hiding in the corner scared to death. “My name is Julmay Hiddai. I am one of the Jedi from this base. We need to get you to safety immediately. It is not safe here for me much less you.”

Julmay picked up the holovid disk and placed them in his pocket to review them for later. Then, he looked around trying to find the comm link in the area. When he finally found it, he turned to the emergency channel and sent a request for help across the link. A fuzzy voice came thru. “This is Raynor Timms. We have 8 gun ships heading to you now. Where are we picking people up?” Julmay transmitted the coordinated to them and then turned back to the civilians. “We are getting out of here shortly”

Just as Julmay started to shut down the comm. link, an explosion came from the hallway leading into the rest of the base. A few Jedi and troopers were launched across the hangar by the explosions from the hallway. As Julmay returned his focus on the hallway there was a small group of troopers engaged in a fire fight with some Sith. Julmay launched himself into the middle of the action with a force leap. Taking out a Sith trooper upon landing with a striking blow across the chest, he force pushed the other Sith troopers away from him allowing the Republic troopers to pick them off as they tried to regain their footing. Julmay shouted to them, “We have a transport on the way. Help me gather the civilians and take them to the pick-up point.”

As Julmay and his group made it out of the hangar, 5 of the gunships landed and the group began to fill them immediately. One of the gunships was blown up before they could even close the doors to the transport. The Sith had brought rocket launchers to take care of the incoming ships. Julmay secured the door to his transport as another gunship was taken down. The pilot shouted, “Everyone sit down we are getting out of here!” But Julmay stopped him. “We will not get far at all with those rocket launchers.” Julmay opened the cockpit door back up and flung his lightsaber at the Sith troops as the other troopers with him started letting loose fire also. The troopers took out 2 of the Sith rocket launchers and their backup while Julmay’s lightsaber throw took out the third, but not before a third gunship met a deadly fate. Julmay retrieved his lightsaber and secured the door. With heavy hearts the survivors lifted off and headed to open space.

Julmay shouted to the co-pilot over the roar of the engines, “I thought there were 8 gunships. Where are the other 3?”

“there was another group of survivors spotted a click further down. They went to pick them up.” Replied the co-pilot.

“I am giving new headings for this group of ships, we are to head to Tython and reinforce the Third Fleet. We will get to the bottom of what happened today there.”

“We already….” The co-pilot stopped in mid-sentence as he turned and saw Master Hiddai’s rank bars on his armor, “Yes, Commander. Inputting new coordinates now and transferring new orders to the other ships.”

Julmay slumped down in the back of the transport as they entered lightspeed. He wondered how did such an attack happen without anybody knowing what was coming.
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