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re: Falco Ferro

Name: Falco Ferro
Race: Human
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Class: Jedi Knight
Allegiance: Republic

Brief Background: Born in Coruscant. Lived there with parents (Fraley Ferro-father, Rodina Ferro-mother) and his brother (Orlad Ferro). They were happy there until the day the sith attacked the Jedi home world. Falco’s father departed from the Jedi ways and went to be with the love of his life. During the invasion a group of sith targeted Falco’s home. His father bravely defended his family slaying many sith but in the end was killed. Soon after, his mother was cut down. His brother fled and Falco grabbed his father’s lightsaber.
Falco had no experience with a lightsaber up until that point but he managed to slay the final sith. However there was a small battalion of empire soldiers emptying into the street where Falco stood over the body of a now slain sith. They were unaware of his position but they soon would be. Already exhausted, Falco knew he wasn’t going to survive but charged into the troops anyway. Just before Falco collided with the closest of the soldiers another lightsaber ignited. It was Jedi Julmay Hiddai. Julmay quickly did away with the surprised soldiers. As the last man fell so did Falco. Landing on his knees looking skyward Julmay moved towards the boy still clutching a blue lightsaber in his small hand. Julmay took Falco under his wing as his padawan learner… Falco’s story continues here ---->

Personality: Very strong willed and confident in himself. However, he tends to get cocky and competitive sometimes. He is quick witted and humorous until a battle starts. He is amazing in his skill with a lightsaber. However he is not much of a military tactician (much to Julmay’s dismay). He is a great Jedi to have in the heat of battle but not so much for strategic battle plans. His dearest keepsake is his father’s lightsaber. He modeled his own after it and wields them both.

Appearance: 6 ft, medium build, hair kept really short and brown in color, greenish blue eyes, and both lightsabers are blue.


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