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re: Julmay Hiddai

Name: Julmay Hiddai
Race: Nautolan
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Class: Jedi Knight
Allegiance: Republic

Brief Background:
With a strong family history of Jedi, there is no surprise that Julmay is a Jedi. The surprise was that he didnt follow the path of a diplomat like so many in his family. He focused his studies in the Jedi Academy on his lightsaber skills, Military History and Military Inelligence. Julmay was a huge fan of some of the Republic’s greatest Generals and Jedi Consulars that used their knowledge more than their might to defeat their enemies. Although he has focused much of his training to his lightsaber combat, he prefers to use tactical maneuvers to defeat his opponents rather than brute force. His use of military strategy has given him a chance to quickly move up in the ranks of Jedi Order's command team. A rising star, his family hopes that he will be the first Jedi in the family to be on one of the Jedi Councils, but his only concern is the protection of the Republic for future generations.

Larger than your typical Nautolan, Julmay is an imposing figure when he walks into a room. However, he has a sense of humor about him that makes those around him at ease. He uses the same quick wit that he uses in tactical maneuvers to make people laugh when they seem uptight. A skill that he learned from the many diplomats that are in his family.

Julmay has a difficult time suppressing his anger when dealing with the Separatist because of what they did to his dad. part of what drove him to learn military strategy was to be able to break the Separatist movement with little to no collateral damage.

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re: Julmay Hiddai

my family tree:

Julmay Hiddai

from an influential family on the ocean planet of Glee Anselm.

Pgpa Geuel-majesty of God
Pgma Baasha-bravery
Psurname Hiddai – the rejoicing of God
Mgpa Nebo-prophet
Mgma Darda-pearl of wisdom
Msurname Nemuel-day of God
Father Abihu-worshipper of God
Mother Dalaiah-freed by God
Brother Ibneiah-God builds up
Brother Achan-troublesome
Sister Shiloh-peaceful one
Brother Gaddi- fortunate
Brother Petros-rock

Pgpa Geuel 87 btc
Pgma Baasha 84 btc
Mgpa Nebo 82 btc
Mgma Darda 83 btc
Msurname Nemuel
Father Abihu 57 btc
Mother Dalaiah 53 btc
Brother Ibneiah 31 btc
Brother Achan 29 btc
Sister Shiloh 27 btc
Julmay 25 btc
Brother Gaddi 22 btc
Brother Petros 20 btc

Granpa Geuel was Glee Anselm's Galactic Senator for 15 years. He served on the Senate from 50 btc to 35 btc. He lead a group of senators that proposed a bill to increase the size of the military, but the bill was defeated in committee. His biggest accomplishment was the passing of the bill that opened the trade of Glee Anselm's mining products to all outer rim worlds. This created great wealth for his home planet that will be reaped for generations.

Grandma Baasha was a Jedi Consular whose dilomatic skills were well known throughout the galaxy. She has made several diplomatic trips on planets such as Alderran that have major clans or tribes that fight for power through war or politics. she has stepped in numerous times to defuse very volatile situations into beneficial compromises.

Grandpa Nebo was a Jedi Consular who was part of the team responsible for rebuilding and continuing studies at the Jedi Enclaves on the different planets.

Grandma Darda was part of a very successful family business that imported goods from other planets. Along with handleing the logistics for shipping and storage for the business, she was very well known for her philantropical work for people in need. using her shipping connections, she has made it possible for war torn worlds to receive needed supplies quicker than would have been normally possible.

Julmay's father Abihu was a Jedi Knight who achieved the rank of Jedi Master during the Great War. He retired from the battle front after a horrible accident during a diplomatic mission on Ord Mantel for the government toward the rebels. He lost partial vision in his right eye and suffered some mobility loss from his right leg after he was hit by shrapnel from an explosive device. He now searches the galaxy for force sensitive children for the Jedi Order.

Julmay's mother, Dalaiah, has been a diplomat all of her life. She gained fame for negotiating a peaceful removal of Nautolan citizens caught in the middle of a battle between warring Anselmi clans. She was working for the Senator of Glee Anselm when the Great Galactic War broke out. At that point, Dalaiah's duties were switched to helping the Republic bring in needed releif supplies to war torn areas.

Julmay was the 4th of 6 children and 1 of 3 jedi born to his parents

Oldest brother Ibneiah was a Jedi Knight that died in combat in the last stand of Balmorra.

2nd oldest brother Achan left the Jedi order to join the Sith during the war. He was never heard from again.

The third of the children is his sister Shiloh. She is a Captain in the Republic Navy. Second in charge of the docking bays for the Galatic Senate building.

Julmay is the fourth child.

The black sheep of the family is Gaddi, the 5th child. He shunned his knowledge of the force at a young age and was dismissed from the Jedi Order for his lack of discipline. From the Jedi Acadey, he went to the Republic Academy. He was dismissed from the Academy a short time into training after he dislocated his commanding officer's jaw in a fight about his weekend pass. He can be located from time to time running contraband for the hutts or moving weapons for the Republic.

The sixth child is nicknamed Tank, but his real name is Petros. He is a massive figure. Standing 2.2 meters and seeming as wide as a gangplank. He joined the Republic Army after failing to be accepted by the Jedi Order. He was recently accepted onto Havoc Squad after after a successful campaign on Balmorra against the Sith. Along with members of the resistance, Petros was able to lead a group to destroy an R&D facility near the Broken Valley.
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