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re: lion rain

The youngest boy to ever be apprenticed sits in quite contemplation. Thing on why he should be granted such a great honor so quickly. As he begins to look back he goes to the first day he met the master who had brought him here to the Saint’s Jedi temple.

He had been buy himself for as long as he knew running form the predators and hunting his food he did not even now his parents or what parents were he did even now the name of the planet he was on was Andara or anything; he just new the hunt and the run. As most morning started he was coming out of the shelter of his tree looking for what would be his meal for the day. But he did not know that he was being watched.
Master Lynx was not sure why the force had drawn him here to the outer rim. nore to the undevelped area of Andara as far as he could tell no true civalition had ever been here in this place but the force was insistant as he finds a safe tree branches to sleep in for the night. a soft sigh expase him and he beging to hnk to him self"i am getting to old for this" he wakes early to the sound of russelling and finds a young feral human boy chasing down what looks to be some cusin to a womp he watches the boy suddenly uses a force jump and brings a hevy stick down on the head and he hears and an unitligable yell of trumph from the toddler. as he start to muss to him self he say what a ferice little lion cub.
the boy sudendly hears a strange sound that makes him instanly warry and currios one he has never heard before he looks up and spots the strangest creat he had ever seen at that time quilky grabs his food and runs to his tree. he waits in sillence and anticipitation on what this strange creater will do. he wathches as the thing walkes in to the clearing around his tree and sits and looks into the hollow of his tree. and begins to make weird nose at him and he feels a pull from deep with in him.
master lynx jumpes down from the tree and follows the strang naked little boy and wonders how he ever got out here? how such a little one could all ready have some use of the force? and even with that force use how could he have survived? as he nears the clearing that he watched the boy run to he extends out his sences even further he feels the boys presence deep in the hollow of a tree just ro his left. as he sits and watches the boy cluching his food. he beging to talk in soothing tones with a litte pressue from the fore to draw the boy out but the boy just sits and stares at him and backs deeper into his burrow. the boy just sit there and watches him.
the boy sits and watches werey of this new creater that will not go away he contines to fight a deep pull to go to the thing. as he back deeper in his hole waiting for this creater to give up and go. the boy may neaver have seen such a strange creater before but he new what those fangs and claws could do and he was not going to give it a chance to eat him. as the day pass on and it begins to drop in to night the boys wonders why this thing will not go and what is this strange nose that it keeps making. a his hunger sets in he remabers he has his meal for the day and be gins to eat it while still watching what the strange crater is doing.
Master lynx contiues to talk to the boy through the day he soon relise that the boy is not going to come to him right now even with the extra draw from the force so he sits and contiuse to talk to the boy all day using that same soothing sounds. as night set in the boy starts to eat his catch as his hunger begins to fade the boy starts to nod of from exaghent and now the contenment of his belly being full. he pulls on the force and slips from sight. drifts to sleep.
when the boy is finaly a sleep Lynx. Master Lynx wonders agin at the boys force ablites he use on pure instiinc as he go in seach of wood to star a fire and braks out his ration he sets up to eat just out side of the clearing of the boys tree he dosn't want to startle the boy. when his fire begind to burn nicley he lays out his rations and begins to warm them. as a sound begins to reach his ears and he strans to hear what it is and gose on to the alert ha relses it is the boy wimmpering.
the smell of the fire brings the boy wide a wake he nows that smell he dosn't now how or from were but that the smell is great danger. he tries to rush from his hollow with all that he has he must get a way for that smell it will hurt and it is to be more feared than any of the predetors.
suddenly the boy rushes out he see nothing the flame and he takes off with such great surge of the force it leave master lynx slighly bafalled at frist. but lynx gets up and follows the boy. he see the boy running in pure panic not even relizing all of the animals that are in the night as the take notice some of them fleeing to there own safty while other begin to stalk that new prey. the boy runs himself on to a cliff edge and one of the ferce creaters begins to go in for the kill. master lynx leeps to the boys ade and tries to use the foce to disade the animal but it sill not give up it next meal so with relutence lynx use a force push to deter the hungry preditor but hte animal jups back up on his feet and tries agin rushing in were lynx has no choice but to tkae it out with his light saber.
the boy watches the strange being as he leeps to help him he feels a srange senstion as he watches the cretuse push back what was about to eat him. and with fasintion as he pulls out a stage light from a stck and cuts the preditor in half then he looks at the strange and pass out from physical and emotional fatege he could not fight any longer.
master lynx see the boy just drop were he was and sicne the boy great need just to rest he had pushed his body to hard for one so young and untrained in the force. he lifts the boy and brings back to his tempory campplaces him on his blanket and finishes the prepration of his dinner. as he watches the boy all night he relise this is why the force had brought him all the way here. and he ponders what is so important about this little one that the force would bring him here to this place. as the sun begind to creep of the horizen the boy wake a frist in a panik not undersanding the balnket that was a round him Lynx tals to him soothingly. "it ok lion cub" and trys to hand the boy some of his ration puting some though of peace and food into the force. as the boy extracts himslef for the blacket he looks on warrily at him.
the boy wakes up thinking he is be pined buy some thing he jumps to struggle aginst the weight on him and he heres the strange noises of the creater from last nigh as he looks at the him holding out some un now thing he watchesas lynx takes a small bite of it and trys to hand it to him. his hunger be to strong he snatches the strange smelling food. and tentive takes a bite then devowrse it faster than lynx could see. as he sitts there staring at lynxx he the boys try to mimik the sound.
as master lynx looks at the you boy he continuse to talk and use the force to the boy calm. it is all right little lion you are safe. then the boy looks at him with food in his stomick trys to repeat what lynx say then out of now were the boy says lion to him in perfect cathar.

Luke 22 36: Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.
37: For I say unto you, that this that is written must yet be accomplished in me, And he was reckoned among the transgressors: for the things concerning me have an end.
38: And they said, Lord, behold, here are two swords. And he said unto them, It is enough.
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