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re: Dantu Whitesun Bio

Here is my initial history for my Jedi Shadow, Dantu Whitesun. I tried to stay true to the "historical lore" that is avaliable. I've never been much of a writer so I may have to edit a lot in the future.


There was no warning, only death and destruction….When the orbital bombardment began there was no time to flee or hide, only to pray and hope to survive….There were few who did so. The Galactic War had come to Alderaan.


“Mother!? What’s wrong? You looked scared?!”
“Where is ZuZu? I can’t leave ZuZu behind!”


He felt something or someone PUSH him forward and upward, and it was HOT and LOUD. He landed in the reflecting pool. He loved to watch the fish….His back was hot and there was fire. Where is mother? Where is ZuZu and Layla, he didn’t like to be without ZuZu. They always did everything together. Where is he?

“Mother?” There she is! Why is she resting in the grass? We have to run, she told me so! We can’t sleep mother! We have to get to the shelter and see Layla and ZuZu!
“Mother? Wake up mother, please. My back and foot hurt, please Mother. We have to go now…”


Thunder…explosions…fire…death. And Dantu saw the fish he loved to watch, and then….darkness.

....“Where was he found Aryn?”

Jedi Aryn Leneer replied,“In a small township outside of the capitol. It was one of the ones hardest hit during the initial attack by the Empire. It was thought that none survived.”

“It is amazing the he survived the attack and a miracle that he was able to stay alive all these months alone.”, replied Jedi Satele Shan. “Have we been able to find any information about him or his family?”

“Nothing at this time Satele. He was found in the ruins of the city by Havoc Squad after the bodies of the two Jedi who were killed after the retreat of the Sith. We aren’t completely sure, but they were killed by a Sith, and…”

Satele interrupted, “It was Malgus who killed them, Aryn. Of this I am sure.”

“The boy was found near the site of the fight, but we are unsure if he saw anything. He was found unconscious and does not remember anything. Of the day of the orbital bombardment he only remembers that ‘the stars began to fall and blow up.’ Nothing more, except for his name, ‘Dantu’. When I saw him at the medical center, I felt you needed to see him because he has….”

“Yes, I know. The Force is very strong in him.”

....The Treaty of Corusant has been signed, and many are displeased, none more than Senator Gaul Panteer, the Crown Prince of Alderaan. After the treaty, he voted for Alderaan to secede from the Republic. Not long after this decision, Senator Panteer was assassinated. It was rumored that the assasins wanted to remain in the Republic; however, a few believe that the Sith were involved. Several days, later the Gaul’s mother, the Queen, died without another heir. Soon after, Alderaan was thrown into a bloody civil war as several noble houses vied for the crown. In the turmoil, Bouris Ulgo, who was a decorated General in the Republic, declared himself as the new king. Soon after, the General began to descend into madness.

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re: Dantu Whitesun Bio


The next year….

“Master Satele, you summoned me?” Shigar bows to his teacher.

“Yes Shigar, how has your investigation into Dantu’s family progressed?”

“Young Dantu has a very special heritage, and we may need caution before it is known. His mother was Leili Borana, daughter of an archaeologist with the Royal Alderaan Academy. It seems that Leili feel in love with a young man several years ago and that the relationship was frowned upon by the man’s family.”

“What was the issue?’ asked Master Satele.

“The young man was Joshu Panteer, cousin of the late Senator and Crown Prince of Alderaan, Gaul Panteer.”

“So his father was of the royal house?”

“Yes, it seems that the Queen mother had other plans for her nephew Joshu and forbid the relationship. However, Leili became pregnant and after the birth, it was commanded that Leili and the boys were to be hidden away.”

“Boys?” asked Master Satele.

“Yes, Master…. Leili delivered twin boys. Dantu had a twin brother named Danzu. After their birth, Leili and the boys lived in a small estate and had a fairly simple life until the Sith attacked Alderaan. So far as we know, the boys never knew who their father was.”

“What became of Joshu?”

Shigar replied, “Much of the information we were able to obtain is speculation, rumor, and cannot be confirmed. It is well known that Joshu was very bitter and sadden by the Queen’s command and even went before Gaul and asked him to intervene on his behalf. The Crown Prince refused, and stated to Joshu in no uncertain terms, that he was to forget Leili if he wished to remain part of the royal family. As you know Master, most of the noble families of Alderaan are very protective of the family name and ‘image’.”

“Yes Shigar, this is true. The pride of many has lead Alderaan to the civil war it now finds itself in. Go on please.”

“The “official” story is that Joshu was killed at some point when the Empire captured the royal family; however, this cannot be substantiated. The Sith seemed to have much inside information regarding Alderaan as well as the royal family…it is believed that Joshu aligned himself with the Sith as revenge on the royal family. We do not know what has become of Joshu. Dantu’s brother Danzu was killed along with his mother in the initial orbital bombardment by the Empire.”

Satele Shan is very quiet for a long time and looks out into the evening sky. “I foresee that young Dantu will become a great Jedi; however, I fear his path is dangerous because of his past. Many unknowns remain from his childhood and family. I fear his past will come back to visit him…and Alderaan. With the Republic supporting the House Organa for the crown, and the former General Ulgo proclaiming himself king; Dantu would be in much danger if a rightful heir to the Alderaan throne was found. I have forseen that Dantu will follow a different path that royalty; one that may benefit the Galaxy much more. Thank you Shigar, I will have to meditate further on this matter. You may go.”

Back at the conclusion of the Battle of Alderaan the prior year….

“Lord Malgus! We must go now! The Republic forces are coming this way!”

The killing of the two Jedi in the ruins of the town had eased the pain of defeat somewhat, but it was time to go…but what was that? A strong feeling of the Force? From somewhere in these ruins? More Jedi? No….something different…raw, untrained power, hidden somewhere in here.
Lord Malgus found him under the rubble, looking at him with anger and hate….He looks just like the traitor. Yes, it feels like him, it is him; the traitor’s son that he mentioned, but where is the other? Yes, this one will do nicely. If I lose Alderaan I will leave with a prize, Malgus thinks to himself and smiles.
“Quickly you fools! Grab the boy and lets be off!” Even though you failed me in life Joshu and were found unworthy, perhaps your son may avenge you. “What is your name boy?!”
“What of your family? Are they alive? SPEAK!”
“They are dead! You killed them all! I hate you!”
“Good, very good young Danzu. You have passed your first lesson and taken your first step to ultimate power. Captain! Take us back to the fleet, the Republic can have their shallow victory.”

It is now the year 10 ATC…
“You summoned me Master Leneer. It is good to see you as well Grand Master Shan.” Dantu bows before the two Jedi Masters. “Is it time Master Leneer?”
Aryn Leneer replies, “Yes Dantu. You are growing stronger in the Force each day. You have overcome many obstacles and trials and have done very well.”
“Thank you Master. Your teaching and patience with me has been the reason for my growth in the Force. I only wish I could remember more and understand more of my dreams and visions.”
“Master Shan and myself feel it is time for you to go to Tython to complete your training. Your shall leave immediately. May the Force be with you young Dantu.”
As Dantu leaves Aryn and Satele, “Do you think he will ever discover the truth about his family?”
“What is the truth? And what will he discover? In time, he will find what he was meant to find and the truths he was meant to discover. I only hope that he is ready for the answers he finds. I also hope that he will be strong enough to face the ultimate test”
“And what is that Satele?”
“That he brother Danzu is alive. And is with the Sith.”

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