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re: The Lai of Leircine

Well, its not quite a lai by form, but the name sure does got a nice ring to it. Also, about half way into writing the story, I felt inspired to create a theme for Leircine...which can be seen.....errr, heard, here:

Maybe eventually I'll layer in some more parts to the theme, but that's the melody of it.

Anyways, enough random introductions, here's dee st0riE:
From the halls of Tython there sprung a tale,
a tale of lessons all others pale.
One of Leircine, padawan
to the great Master Soellion.
Her eyes, nonexistent due to race,
were always hidden from her face.
A headband black as Alpheridies' day,
more modest then her brothers' obscuré,
went 'round her face, a veil of lies,
for she saw more clearly than the wise.
It was the Force through which she saw.
From a greeting friend to an adversary's maw.
She trusted the Force, for 'twas her sight;
a supplement for the others' light.
Her eyes were as green as Taris from the air,
yet brown as Quesh was her hair.
Her robes were plain and long,
but dub her ordinary, and you'd be wrong.
For she was the descendant of Visas Marr,
who is spoken of here and known afar.
The sole survivor of the attack on Kattar,
the woman who fell to darkness from her scar;
and found redemption
through the mercy of the Exile's acceptation.

She dwelt amid Tython,
where ancient Jedi once sauntered on.
She lived there all her early days;
the Jedi path her only way.
And as she grew,
the new Temple did, too.
It is there she learned how to fight,
to be slow to anger, to be of the light.
There Leircine would train all day and night
to one day match her Master's might.
At first one vibroblade was all she could do,
but she soon graduated on to two.
Yes, the path of the Sentinel she would tread;
or so her Master Soellien said.

At long last she defeated her Master in a glade,
and soon her lightsabers would be made.
But first an epic beast she would have to slay,
for it was he who blocked her way.
How fierce that beast did fight,
but he could not hold to her might.
And so he fell,
the first of many in this tale we tell.

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