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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

This is an open story for all guild members and is somewhat a continuation of "Special Delivery" which was started by Jedaiah. Please contribute to this story by telling us what happened to your character when the Saints became... "Scattered."

Chapter I: Scattered

The Saints had been ordered by the Jedi High Council to remain hidden on Ord Mantell where they provided a quick and close defense for the Republic Smuggling Contingency operations which provided supplies that were vital to the survival of recovering Republic colonies. Since the recent defeat and death of Darth Ganok, the Saints remained ever vigilant against a surprise attack knowing that the Sith were now aware of their presence on Ord Mantell.

Jao Thaun and Avissi headed to Worlport, the capital of Ord Mantell, to make contact with a suspicious Republic Spy named Sloan Dee who has been working for the Hutts undercover as a Bounty Hunter. On occassion, Sloan would be given a contract to hunt one or more of the Jedi hiding out on Ord Mantell and occassionally this would include one or more members of the Saints, it was for this reason Jedi Master Thaun and Jedi Knight Avissi believed Sloan requested to meet with them in secret.

"Something doesn't feel right about this Master Thaun. It almost feels..."

"Like a trap?" said Jao Thaun to Avissi.

"Yes, exactly." replied Avissi.

"I know what you mean, be cautious and stay alert." said Jao Thaun

"Always." said Avissi.

The two Jedi parked their speeder and headed into the cantina where Sloan said he would be waiting. Immediately when the Jedi walked in, there was much staring and silence coming from the patrons inside both of which were reasons to be extra cautious.

"Master Jedi, it's good to see you both made it. We need to talk. Have a seat," said Sloan.

"I prefer to stand actually. Tell me, Sloan, when did the Hutts start contracting Bounty Hunters to hunt Republic Smugglers..." asked Jao

"I... I don't know what you mean?" replied sloan. "The Hutts could care less about Republic Smugglers unless they owe them credits."

"Well, does the name Jedaiah Oldor sound familiar?" Asked Jao

"No, should it?" said Sloan

"He's one of my men, but more importantly he's been missing for several days after taking on a top-secret mission from the Jedi Council." said Jao

"As a matter of fact, we were told he was smuggling a very unique piece of cargo for the Republic, a covert Republic Spy working undercover as a Hutt Bounty Hunter... or is that a Hutt Bounty Hunter working undercover as a Republic Spy? inquired Avissi. "The strange thing is, neither Jedaiah nor you have reported in yet, but here you are and without our friend."

"I.. I don't know what you guys are talking about, that mission was scrapped before we even jumped to hyperspace, Jedaiah and I both reported back in at the Smuggling Contingency, check the logs." said Sloan

"Oh but we have checked the logs, it's true that his ship returned, but Jedaiah wasn't on it," said Jao Thaun, "as a matter of fact, his ship landed here at Worlport, but you won't find that in the logs either. Only someone very skilled at slicing could alter the computer's records like that Sloan. Now where is Jedaiah!?"

"Sorry Jao, but the Empire pays more." replied Sloan as he fired his flamethrower at the Jedi.

"Traitor!" Shouted Avissi as he and Jao lept back from the flames and activated their lightsabers.

"Fire!" Shouted Sloan as blaster fire started coming from every direction inside the cantina. It appeared that the cargo Sloan delivered to Worlport included several squads of Imperial Commandos.

Jao and Avissi began deflecting bolt after bolt of blaster fire from the Commandos while inching and leeping their way towards one after another decapitating, impaling, and incapacitating the soldiers one by one till none were left standing.

"Where's Sloan?" Asked Jao

"I believe he's trying to escape out the back door Master. It may be another trap." replied Avissi

"You're learning Avissi, lets make our own door." said Jao as he took a deep breath, closed his eyes, exhaled, then proceeded to force push the back door along with half of the wall out of the cantina. "Alright, stay alert." said Jao to Avissi.

The two Jedi walked out the back opening with lightsabers in hand, when suddenly both force jumped to the roof of the cantina as they barely dodged an incoming rocket fired from Sloan's pack. Sloan fired a few rounds from his blaster before Avissi severed his arm and jump kicked him to the ground. The two Jedi, believing the ordeal was over, stood over Sloan to begin questioning him concerning their missing friend.

"Alright Sloan, where's Jedaiah?" Asked Jao.

"Hahahaha..." laughed Sloan, "He's probably decorating the Hutt palace right about now... you know, his bounty was more than all the credits the Republic has paid me in the 15 years I've worked for them... hahaha."

"Your treachery will not go unpunished." Said Avissi. "You will pay for your crimes."

"First we will take him before the Council, they will want to question him before he stands before the senate." Said Jao.

As Jao stood Sloan to his feet, a shot fired from the distance into Sloan's head, killing him instantly, the Jedi drew their Sabers but it was evident that the threat was no where to be found, obviously an Imperial Agent.

"Lets head back to base, from there we'll take my ship and head to Tython, I have questions for the Council..." said Jao.

Jao and Avissi jumped in their speeder and headed back to the Republic Smuggling Contingency, but when they arrived, they found the base in ruin. Many bodies lay motionless within and without the base. It appears there was an ulterior motive to Sloan's treachery, he was to lure Jedi away from the base so that the attack could occur.

"Master Thaun, these soldiers were not all killed by blasters, this is clearly the work of Sith." Said Avissi.

"Yes, and they left no survivors." replied Jao.

"Master Thaun, I think you should take a look at this." Said Avissi as he began playback of the Commander's log prior to the attack.

"This is Commander Ria, we are under heavy attack from the Sith, our communications are jammed, we cannot call for help... we can't hold out much longer... they've broken through... and......."

"Why would they destroy a Smuggling Contingency?" asked Avissi "Master? Are you alright?"

"I feel something terrible has happened, we must head back to base." said Jao as they rushed to the Saints hidden base not far from the Republic Smuggling Contingency which had been laid waste.

Upon arriving to the base, it was apparent the Sith had already been there, for there was nothing left save the bodies of many Sith Warriors, Inquisitors, Soldiers, droids, as well as the bodies of Saints, some Jedi, some Troopers, some Smugglers, both old friends and new recruits alike.

Jao and Avissi looked around the Saints underground base for any working logs or records of the attack, but none could be found. The records, the logs, the holocrons, the archives, all had been destroyed.

"What happened here?" Asked Jao as he looked on in awe and grief.

"Master, for this to have happened there had to have been an army of Sith Warriors... there's so much destruction here.." said Avissi.

"Yes, but not all of our friends died here Avissi, there are several ships missing as well as speeders, but where did they go? said Jao.

"Master, without the Saints communications array, we cannot contact the other members." said Avissi

"It appears then that we have been scattered. I must go to Tython and seek the wisdom of the Council on this matter." said Jao.

"I feel as though you have something different in mind for me master." Said Avissi.

"Yes indeed, we cannot allow our friend Jedaiah to remain a piece of furniture on that slimy maggot's wall, I want you to head back to Worlport and grab Jedaiah's ship and take it to Nal Hutta and do whatever it takes to rescue Jedaiah. I'll try to join you as soon as I'm finished on Tython, though the Council may direct me otherwise." replied Jao.

"And what if you are not able to join me master?" asked Avissi

"I'm confident that you will do well without me Avissi." said Jao as he tried to muster a smile amongst the grief for their fallen brothers, "I know you lost some friends here today, as did I. Bury your feelings, anger, hatred, revenge, these are paths to the dark side."

With that, the two parted ways each to his own mission. But, what happened at the Saints base that day? What was each survivor's story? How did they escape? and Where did they go? These were all questions that needed answered.


Keep the story going by telling us your own personal account of the day the Saints were scattered.

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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

Maxon was meditating in his bedroom as usual when someone interrupted him by knocking on the door.

"Maxon? Are you there?"

"Yes, come in."

"Hey man, we are going to play limmie with some new recruits. Don't you wanna mess with them with your Jedi tricks? Hehe."

"You know I don't play games Ace, and I never use my powers unless necessary." Said Maxon with a worried face.

"C'mon man, you've been in this bedroom meditating for a couple days now. Snap out of it! You'll end up crazy like this. You gotta go out someday!"

"You're right, I gotta leave..." Said Maxon with a sad expression.

"What's the matter? Is something wrong?"

"Actually, we should all leave, abandon the base, everybody.. Now."

"What are you talking about man? We're safe here."

"No, we're not. Our base has been compromised. An attack on us is imminent. If we don't leave now we'll all die in the hands of the Sith."

"This is nonsense man. Our radar's aren't picking anything up, no strange activity at all. Our scouts didn't report anything suspicious either. Plus, we can't evacuate the base without the consent of master Thaun."

"Exactly! I don't care what your computers say, I trust in the Force, and believe me, we won't stand a chance, I have foreseen it. If you don't wanna leave, fine. Stay and die with the others. I'm leaving."

"Are you insane?? You're just gonna leave us like that because you had a "bad feeling" or whatever? What about the orders you received from the Jedi Order?"

"I'm tired of them treating me like a liability, like a kid who doesn't know his boundaries. I'm tired of all their hypocrisy. I'm doing what I should have done a long time ago..." Maxon started packing his stuff while Ace watched him surprised.

"So suppose this attack is going to happen. You're just gonna leave us here to die?"

"Well, have I not just warned you? I know the others won't believe me, even after proving my loyalty to the republic and the Jedi. Everybody will think I'm crazy... If they don't already think I am. If I knew exactly how this attack will happen I could elaborate a strategy for us, but I don't. So I leave the responsibility of warning the others to you. If you choose to do it or not, that's up to you."

"And when you think this will happen?"

"... Today. Bye." Maxon started exiting the door.

"Wait! Where are you going to?"

Maxon stopped. He reluctantly replied:

"Coruscant" and then he left fast.

While taking off with a fighter, Maxon thought to himself:

I know many will die today, and yet all I could do is tell them to run. I just hope they don't see me as a traitor or coward once they know about me... Although, one thing I do know: The remnant of the Saints will be reunited again, and when they do, we won't be fooled like this again...

Saints... May the force be with us!

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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

Sandwichman had been cleaning his rifle in his room when he heard elevated voices in the next room. The room belonged to a jedi named Maxon. So I got up to see what was going on.I saw Ace in the doorway looking down the hall as Maxon was leaving.

"Ace, What's up?"

"Maxon thinks there is going to be an attack on our base today."

"Really, do you believe he was sincere?"

"Well he doesn't seem like the kind of person that plays jokes, but he seems to have an uneasiness to his spirit."

"Do you know where he was headed?"


Jedi have always had strange ways of knowing things. They were excellent on the battlefield with lightning quick reflexes and power of the force. I never fully understood how they did the things they could but one thing was certain. It was smart to stay close to one in battle and to follow them and their feelings. I knew something had to be done. We had to prepare for the attack and abandon our base.

"Ok, here's what I want you to do. First, go to the mess hall and announce that I'm Ordering evacuation of this facility. Second, gather all the munitions and pilots to the hanger to prepare the ships. Finally try to send a signal to Master Thaun and Avissi."

"Ok, Commander."

As I was heading to the armory I heard an explosion and the alarm sounding. They were here. In a matter of moments I grabbed my rifle and my blade. I took off running towards the hanger in hope of an escape. I grabbed a pilot and Ace on the way out.

"Get down."(Shoots sith assassin)

"I can't believe it Maxon was right."

"Don't think about it just MOVE. We gotta get out of here."

Luckily Ace had just warned the men in the mess hall so they weren't completely off guard. When we got to the hanger two ships had already left and sith were inside. We took aim and easily took them by surprise. Three sith troopers fell and we rushed into one of the closest ships and prepared for take off.

"Where to Commander?"


As we took off my mind was racing and hoping that others would make it out of the ambush alive. We had to hope. We had to believe that ours friends would make it out somehow.

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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

The rumor of an attack by the Sith spread like lice on a bantha. Nevari decided to ignore it at first. Surely she would have felt some sort of disturbance in the Force.

The alarm indicating an evacuation sounded. Then again, Nevari thought as she quickly packed her things. I haven't been meditating as often as I should... She made a mental note to do that more often, so she could avoid situations like this. Throwing her pack over her shoulder, and clipping her lightsabers to her side, she was ready.

The halls were pure chaos. Some people ran towards the hangar, others stayed, and some even tried to convince their neighbors to stay. Nevari ignored it all, keeping her mind focused on running as fast as she could. Out here in the open, she could already feel the Sith closing in.

Making her way through the crowd, she boarded a starfighter, small enough to avoid looking conspicuous.

At least, that was her hope.

Nevari turned on the repulsorlifts, started the drive core, and waited for all systems to turn green. She knew how to fly well enough, but she had always hated it just the same. She preferred for her feet to be on solid ground. But, She reminded herself bitterly. This is hardly a time where you can choose your preferences.

Strapping on her restraints, she slowly moved her starfighter out of the hangar and did a mental listing of her possible destinations. After a moment of thought, she punched in the hyperspace coordinates, jumped to lightspeed, and sat back in her seat. She couldn't think of any place safer than Talravin.

There was no place safer than home.

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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

Today was a glorious day for Adonailove. This is the first day after his initiation into the Saints society, helping with the defense of Republic Smugglers on Ord Mantel. Little did he know, this assignment would be a short one.

Adonailove was new with the force. He had mediocre knowledge of it, how it actually worked, and how to utilize it. He was the text-book case novice. At the base in which he and the Saints were assigned, Adonailove decided to depart the base for a secluded rocky outcrop located approximately 500 meters away.

Once he arrived at the secluded area, he spent time meditating, attempting to understand the Force and become an effective member of the Saints.

No more than thirty minutes later, they arrived...

In the evening sky, southeast of the base, a squad of dark-grey fighters closed in. The ear-bleeding shriek of the fighters immediately caught Adonailove's attention. The were closing in on the base. The adrenaline was high in Adonailove. He had no idea what to do. He thought to himself: should I head towards the base and help? Or remain in this secluded rocky outcrop and wait out the fight? These questions arose as Adonailove was nothing more than a novice with the force. But, fearing to be more of a burden to those who could actually fight, he remained there. Just as he made this decision, a large capital ship materialized in the distant sky. More ships were coming out. Some heading for the base, many more heading for Wolport, capital of Ord Mantel.

just mere hours later...

Adonailove saw the dark-grey ships depart as quickly as they appeared. All was smoke and fire. Nothing was standing. Feeling that all the ships were gone, Adonailove chose to make his way back to the base. Nothing was left...all was destroyed. The inhabitants: all of the soldiers, Saints, and smugglers were killed. This was apalling! In his bewilderment, Adonailove hears the screeching sound of speeders approaching the base. Taking no chance, he fled again, as cowardly as he was. Finding a safe area far from the base, Adonailove arrived to a conclusion.

I need to do something about this. I could not help my fellow Republicans defend this base and look what happend? How different would things be if I were to help? I cannot dwell too much on this. Apparently the fight is still going on. I need to avoid those speeders. But where could I go?


I need to go to Tython. That's where the Jedi High Order now is. I need to see them, seek help in mastering the force. There is a war going on, and I need to prepare myself so incidents like this do not happen again.

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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

Falco sat in the mews hall enjoying some grub with a few fellow saints when Ace walked in and called for attention, "Listen all! There have been signs of a possible attack on the base, and it is highly recomended that you gather your things and be ready for an evacuation!"

Falco stood to voice his opinion, "If there is an attack, they will retreat shortly after. Even if we couldn't fight them off the smell of your breath would scare them away!" Everyone laughed heartily but it was short lived... "Each of you can gather your things but I have what I need strapped..." And just then there was a mass explosion across the mess hall. Many Saints were knocked to the ground either from the shock wave or from debris.

When the smoke cleared people were on their feet weapons drawn, Falco being one of them. Sith and troopers alike dropped from carriers all over the Saints base. Falco was very quick to react set gathered everyone in the mess hall together to fight off the attackers. People on both sides dropped left and right.

Falco was doing what he could to protect the wounded and keep the others organized. Soon though he could tell they were overwhelmed. He sheathed one of his lightsabers and hoisted a wounded trooper over his shoulder and yelled to the remaining forces, "Gather what wounded you can and retreat! Follow me!"

Falco cleared a path out of the base as best he could but Saints were steady falling around him. A couple troopers, a wounded smuggler, and a Jedi counsular followed as closely to Falco as they could. (Falco still had the trooper draped over his shoulder).

The small squad of Saints made it out of the base and into the wild areas that had concealed the base. However they were being followed by two sith warriors and an inquistitor. When he thought they were far enough away from the base Falco set the trooper down and spoke to the group, "This is our shot. We make a stand here and now. We can lick our wounds and make an escape later, now we fight! Never give up! Never surrender!"

The surrounding Saints nodded in agreement and even the wounded trooper and smuggler grabbed their guns and sat up against a rock to help support the fight. The sith charged the group under intense blaster fire but deflecting with ease. Falco leapt over te incoming sith and landed behind them while the Jedi counsilor and troopers engaged the first sith.

Landing behind the inquistitor Falco cut her in half from behind. He then charged the second sith warrior. The first sith was put down through good tactical support from the troopers. And the second was simply overwhelmed by all of the Saints.

As the final Sith fell to the ground Falco and the others let out a warcry that would terrify a rancor. Soon realizing they didn't want alert any more sith they quickly quieted. Falco then piped up with a little humor, "So anyone know a way off this rock? All of our ships our being roasted and served with bantha burgers."

The counsular had been healing the wounded smuggler when he fought out a sentence about his cousin that lived not far from the area. Falco picked up the trooper again and decided it was best to get out now and heal up in a safer enviroment.

As far as the group knew they were the only Saints left other than Jao and avissi who were on a mission. The next step was get a ship, head to Tython and try to reach the Overseer through the Jedi Council. The force be with us all!

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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

Reginox was sitting in the corner of the cantina in Worlport. He was on leave from the Republic Military base there and was hoping to finish the day off with a few drinks and to find out what was happening around the galaxy. However, his evening was not to go as planned. Reginox always sat with his back to the wall and facing towards the door, something he learned to do from an early age. He instantly noticed the two Jedi as soon as they entered the cantina. They slowly approached a table and were greeted by a shady looking patron of the cantina. Reginox looked away, not interested in Jedi business. However, it soon became impossible not to be interested in it.

One of the Jedi, a padawan (he could tell by the braid), was becoming increasingly agitated with the man they were speaking to. He couldn't overhear what they were saying because of the noise in the cantina, however he could sense the tension in the room start to increase rapidly. Something his Mandalorian mentor had taught him to detect. The look on the face of the man they were talking too started to change, he suddenly noticed dozens of quick movements among several of the bar patrons. The hair stood up on the back of his neck, "Ambush" he thought to himself in a split second. He would have shouted it to the Jedi but there was no time, he stood up to his full height and grabbed his rifle that was leaning against the wall next to his seat. Suddenly, fire leaped from the wrist of the man the Jedi were talking to. "Fire!" the man shouted. Reginox slammed the but of his rifle into the man next to him's head before he could fire his cleverly hidden blaster pistol. He grabbed another by the neck and threw him against the wall before finishing him off with a rifle blast.

He would of taken out more but the two Jedi had made quick work of them. "Those Jedi must be part of some sort of elite unit" Reginox thought to himself. He then bent over checked the body of the man he had just killed. He had Imperial Commando armor underneath a large overcoat. "Strange, I never figured the Empire to do something so rash. They must want those Jedi killed bad." He said to himself. He looked up in time to see one of the Jedi, the master, blow open the back door with a force push. "Wow, they must want that guy dead really bad too." He thought. He started to walk towards the front door of the cantina, "Ugh, I don't even want to think about how much paper work im gona have to fill out because of this." He mumbled.

He could hear it before it hit, blasts from ship cannons hurtling toward the planet's surface. He ran outside and saw them begin to bombard the Republic Smuggling Contingency, Sith Warships. He turned on the visual enhancement setting in his helmet. He noticed that the Warships were not targeting the Smuggling Contingency itself, but just its outside security defenses. Then, the air-strike stopped as quickly as it started. He suddenly heard the voice of one of the bar patrons who had followed him outside exclaim, "Look, dropships!"

Sure enough, he spotted them, about 14 Sith dropships landed right outside the Smuggling Contingency. He also saw about 7 going farther than the Contingency landing far away in the outskirts of the city. "Alright, enough watching." He said to the people outside with him. "Those of you who are armed and love your planet follow me!" Reginox and his little ragtag band of militia sprinted towards the Smuggling Contingency. When they got there, they noticed that all the dropships were empty, the Sith had already made it inside.

They took cover behind the wall that surrounded the Contingency building. Reginox looked across the street, and saw a group of other HAVOC squad troopers watching him from the door of a small house. A trooper with Commander markings on his armor nodded to Reginox and then pointed towards the Sith dropships. Reginox nodded back and then let out a bellowing "AAATTTAAACCKKK!!!" He and his fellow bar patrons charged into the yard of the Contingency building, gunning down all of the men guarding the dropships and making their way to the front door.

But suddenly, a Jedi lept down from the top of the building. She ran up to Reginox and grabbed him by the arm. "Get out of here!" She said "We have this under control! Get over to where the other dropships landed, the Saints base has extremely vital information that cannot be lost!"

"The Saints?" Reginox asked. "Just GO!" She screamed at him. Reginox knew when to take an order, the troopers who followed him from the house stayed to help out any who escaped the soon to be slaughter house that was the Smuggling Contingency building. Reginox and the men from the bar hurried to where he had seen the other dropships land. What they saw there astonished them, the Sith had assaulted what looked like an old abandoned landspeeder factory on the outside. Reginox turned around to the men who had followed him "Ok, here's the..ugh..cowards." All of the people who had been following him had quietly deserted him along the way. "Ok, lets do this." He said to himself.

He ran up to one of the dropships and hid behind it. Then, he activated one of his flash grenades and rolled it between two guards. Running around them and through the front door in all the confusion. He immediately knew he was in over his head, all around him lightsaber scars were all along the walls. He ran down the eerily empty hallway of what was obviously not a landspeeder factory. He could hear something down the hall, unmistakable whine of lightsabers in a deadlock. He started to run faster.

He ran past many dormitories, there were bodies everywhere. Many of the doors had been blasted down. He eventually came out into a large circular room, the walls lined with computer terminals. There was a large, destroyed, hologram projector in the center of the room. standing on top of this, was a Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior locked in deathly combat.

He arrived just in time to see the Sith Warrior finish the Jedi off with a vicious blow from his lightsaber. The Sith then turned and looked at him, his robes tattered and covered with blaster scarring. Reginox knew blasters would have no use one on one with this behemoth. So he dropped his rifle and unsheathed his vibrosword from his back, a weapon that the other men in HAVOC squad had mocked him for, but one that had saved his life on more than one occasion. The Sith found this amusing and slowly walked towards Reginox with his lightsaber activated. This Sith thought his sword comical, Reginox thought, he would have to show him wrong. The Sith delivered a crushing overhead swing, Reginox blocked it and grabbed the Sith's wrist and lifted the lightsaber up into the air. Then he drove his sword through the Sith's stomach. The Sith was astonished, he slowly dropped to his knees, but he wasnt done yet. The Sith put all of his life left into a massive force push, driving Reginox against the wall and knocking him unconscious.

Reginox was awakened to the smell of death. He looked up and saw the Padawan from the cantina reviving him with the force. He pulled Reginox to his feet and said "Follow me."

To be Continued (I know my writing skills are bad but hey, I made up quality with quantity.)


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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

[OOC: I'll begin here and then work backwards into the other story timelines]

It was a good day to be a smuggler. Sirus just got done with his route and was heading back to Ord Mantel along with his Ithorian companion, Dehkin. Looking through his storage, Sirus breathed easily knowing he will be able to return for a while. His secret compartments, once stocked heavily with spice and illegal stimulants, now stocked with military and medical equipment for the Saints base. A double life was very tiring but it was a living at that. Sirus was by far one of the most successful smugglers at his age.

He walked through the corridors checking every major line for nicks and cuts. His inspections to this old junker were worth it. It has been in his name ever since he won it from a Hutt. Well cheated more likely. The Hutt had it comming, he reasured himself.

The cockpit doors swung open and he dropped in his seat to the left of Dehkin, who had been piloting The Iron Eagle ever since they left Nal Hutta. "We are entering Ord Mantel's orbit," the Ithorian said in its own native tounge. "Still no singal from base so far. Should I try again?"

It was unlikely that the Republic Smuggling Contingency would hold off on communications at this close proximity. "Yes, Dehkin. Try again."

Dehkin switched his comm-link on to try and get in contact with base. Although his tried attempt failed, Dehkin picked up some abnormal static from the space ahead of them.

Sirus's ears were prone to such noises and it sounded very familiar. "That sounds almost like a jamming singal. But why would the base be jam-" Before he could finish his sentence, the radar bleeped loud and fast like a storm.

Dehkin quickly pulled back on the hyperdrive throttle as they despelled from lightspeed. In front of them was one of the biggest Sith warships Sirus has ever seen

"Crap, evasive maneuvers!!" This time Sirus took ahold of the wheel and spun it hard to the left. He tried to fly the ship close under the warship's belly, but was intercepted by a tractor beam. "Quick download the codes to disable that thing!!"

It was too late. They were already too close to the warship as they were getting pulled in through the open hanger, Imperial Agents fully armed and awaiting their arrival. It was a bad day to be a smuggler.

[OOC: Hope this is okay for now. I will post later on tomorrow when I get some sleep.]

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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

[Continued] (I decided to change the Jedi who revived my character at the end of part 1 from Avissi to just some random Jedi. Cause I don't want to intrude on Avissi's story.) (I also just realized that Avissi is a Keldor, so disregard my comment about his padawan braid from pt. 1 lol)

Reginox hesitated for a moment "Where are you going?"

"The Sith have done their dirty business and destroyed our base, but im not going to let them escape without a black eye!" The Jedi said.

Reginox looked around at the corpses that littered the floor, both Republic and Sith.

"Looks to me like you've already knocked out a few of their teeth and broken their nose." He said.

The Jedi just looked at him grimly.

"The Saints do their work well." Was all he said.

"Who are the Saints?" Reginox replied. "And why do you have a hidden base at all?"

"Ill explain later, right now we have Sith to hunt down!" The Jedi said urgently.

"Ok you know your way around this place, ill be right next to you." Reginox responded.

Reginox and the Jedi ran down a different hallway going up a slight incline. Suddenly, the Jedi stopped in his tracks. His head cocked to one side for a moment, then he ran down a hallway that branched off of the one they were already on.

"I sense a someone is still alive down here." He said.

"Are you sure?" Reginox said. The path in front of them was blocked, someone had placed a thermal charge on the roof of the base and had blown the ceiling in.

"Yes" He said while pointing at the pile of twisted metal in front of them.
"Right behind that."

Reginox turned on the thermal imaging setting on his helmet.

"That whole area is red," He said. "It must be on fire. If someone is alive in there, we have to do something fast."

Suddenly they both heard a female voice from past the rubble.

"Is someone out there? This place is full of smoke *cough* I can't breath!"

Reginox called out "Hold on, were going to get you out of there!"

He then began to run towards the piece of ceiling in blocking the passage. But the Jedi grabbed him by the back of his armor.

"That thing is superheated! Touch that and your going to be short a few fingers." He said.

"I wasnt planning on touching it, I was going to blast through it!" Reginox replied.

"Well I wasnt going to touch it either." The Jedi said. "Stand back, Im not that good at this yet."

The Jedi extended both of his hands and began to mimic the motion of opening a bag of synthesis food. (sorry, I couldnt think of anything better lol).

Slowly a small hole began to appear in the red hot metal, once it got big enough Reginox took off his helmet and threw it through the hole.

"Put this on!" He yelled. "It will filter out the smoke!"

To Be Continued, lol sorry this was so short, ive got to be somewhere.


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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

Ok!!!! Part 3 (hopefully the last part! lol)

The woman put the helmet on and began to breathe more regularly.

"Hurry up with that hole!" Reginox said impatiently to the Jedi

The Jedi said nothing back, but simply kept widening the hole in the super heated metal. Soon, it was large enough that they could see the woman lying down on the other side.

"She's pinned under that pile of rubble!" Regniox said.

"Im almost through." the Jedi replied.

Soon enough, the Jedi had made a hole large enough for him and Reginox to climb through. The Jedi used the force to move the pile of rubble off the woman and Reginox and him lifted her up, moving her out carefully through the hole.

"Ok Jedi, sorry but we have no time for revenge now. This woman's arm is broken and she has inhaled a dangerous amount of smoke." Reginox said.

The Jedi looked at him and shook his head. "You go, get out of here and get her medical attention. Ill help any other survivors."

"What? Thats crazy, you can't possibly think you can take all those Sith yourself can you?" Reginox relpied

"All the Sith elite are long gone, they had to get out of here before the Republic arrived. Ive got to stay and search for more survivors!"

Suddenly they both felt a huge explosion from from a different part of the base. The walls around them shook from the force of the explosion, and the ceiling behind them cracked.

"This place is coming down around our ears! You can't stay here!" Reginox yelled.

The Jedi just shook his head again and smiled. "A Jedi's life is sacrifice." He calmly replied.

The Jedi began to jog down the hallway again but this time in the other direction.

"Wait!" Reginox yelled after him. "We never found out what each others names were."

"Calon Feilut" The Jedi said.

"Tagren Mereel." Reginox replied (My character's real name [at the moment]).

Reginox then took his helmet off the wounded womans head. Picked her up with both hands, and began to make his way out of the facility.

Well well well.... looks like were gona have a part 4. Well rest well in the knowledge that part 4 is definitely going to be the last one in this thread.


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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

pt.5 definitely the last part.

So, I really don't feel like writing anymore so im going to drastically simplify this last part (no dialogue). So Reginox gets the lady out and gives her to the paramedics. Reginox meets up with Calon (the Jedi), who managed to get out of the building before it collapsed, finding no more survivors. Calon gives Reginox back his vibrosword, which he had found still in the body of the Sith Warrior. Calon then says that he has to try and meet up with the leader of the Saints and discuss what their next plan of action was. Reginox, eager to leave Ord Mantel and do something useful, offers to help Calon find him. However he asks that in return Calon would put in a good word for him to Jao Thaun (Because by now Reginox wants to join the Saints).
Reginox and Calon go on a long journey (after receiving permission from his superiors to leave, because the Saints were an important group on Ord Mantel and the superiors at the Republic base wanted to help them.)
I might go into detail of this journey later...
But to make a long story short (which I am very bad at, sorry im a rambler.) Reginox and Calon find Jao on Coruscant (I think thats were Jao said he was going in the OP, sorry if im wrong) and he lets Reginox join the Saints.

Ok, thats done. Hopefully it wasn't that bad, im really bad at proofreading my own things.

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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

i'm a first timer at this so im not sure how this is going to turn out, but i'v got to start some were right. so here it goes.

Desh woke up, as he usually did, with his dad ripping all the covers off his bed exposing his warm body to the cold air. after doing the same to Seth's bed, (Desh's brother) to make sure they couldn't fall back asleep, he turned on and off the lights in rapid succession. Desh started to smell some freshly baked honey buttered biscuits his favorite.
as Rogen Desh's dad was leaving the room he said

"first one to the kitchen gets the last biscuit"

there was a slight pause then both brothers burst out of bed and threw on some pants. Seth was in the middle of putting on a shirt when he saw that Desh was leaving without one, Seth yelled out,

"wait no fair!"

tp which Desh responded with

"to bad slowpoke".

as Desh entered the kitchen he was greeted by an empty plate as well as his dad grinning and rubbing his stomach.

"i said first one to the kitchen would get the biscuit and i was first"

Desh and Seth gave their dad a look of utter displeasure. but before anything was said, Wayen, Desh's mother, entered with a full tray of biscuits.

"well you two sure got dressed quick. where is your shirt Desh?"

"what!, dad comes to breakfast with out his shirt."

At that moment the wall nearest Seth burst inward from a very powerful force push; all were knocked to the ground. Seth was hit by flying debris and was killed instantly. The table was blown back and slammed Desh into the adjacent wall making Desh blackout. Rogen leaped up, but before he could move a red light-saber was thrust thru his chest. Wayen leaped toward the wall grabbed Rogen's prized vibro-blade and attacked the cloaked figure with amazing speed. The red light-saber was quickly withdrawn from Rogen's limp body to block the incoming attack. Wayen landed a quick succession of skillfully placed attacks before being slammed in to the wall by another force push from the sith.

"You’re out of practice jedi"

the sith said with an air of disgust. When Wayen hesitated to get up the sith relaxed and said,

"and it would seem you no longer possess a connection to the force, when i sensed your presence, i had hoped for a powerful jedi master to warm up on. Not a washed up one. but i suppose one dead jedi is as good as the next."

Desh came to in time to see his mother being pulled in to the sith's light-saber. the sith oblivious to Desh left the same way he came. Desh picked up the vibro-blade and was about to chase down the sith when he heard his mothers voice

"no desh no"

Desh hurried to her side


" Desh don't seek revenge, f..find jedi him you are Wayen's son, he will explain who..who

Desh held his mother's head as her life ebbed away.

Desh was in shock and did not notice the events that followed. he heard people ask him questions about what had happened, a man said he needed to take the bodies out, Desh did not respond to any of it, he just sat in the corner replaying what had happened.

"find jedi Maxon""find jedi Maxon"

Desh stood up, this is the only thing that mattered, this is the only thing left for him to live for. it was dark every one had left and the bodies were gone, but the blood stains were still there. the hole in the wall was still there reminding him it wasn’t a dream. the vibro-blade was still in his hand he clenched it tighter his grief had turned in to rage, he had to find jedi Maxon. (to be continued)

p.s. like i said i'm new at this so if i need pointers let me now

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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

[After a long wait, and some serious thinking on what to write about next, I give you PART TWO!!!!]

Chapter 2

Now only a few kilometers away from the hanger, the Iron Eagle was was being pulled in by a tractor beam from the sith's warship. Sirus was toggling with some switches in the cockpit while Dehkin was in the storage room locking the secret compartments full of republican weaponry. Before returning to the cockpit, Dehkin checked one last time that the compartments could not be detected by imperial droids that would surely come on board to search the ship. As the Ithorian stepped through the doors, Sirus finished tinkering with some of the navigational equipment. If they needed to escape fast, Sirus would have to choose the safest/quickest exit without getting disintegrated by the warship's auto-defense turrets.

"All right, that seems to be good," Sirus said while polishing off the last objective on his list, turning off the auto turrets inside the ship. Imperial agents dealt more with diplomacy rather than mobocracy, unlike the sith. Sirus prayed there weren't going to be any sith in the hanger.

"What if the sith come on board first?" Dehkin asked.

"Well...let's hope they are not that smart," Sirus replied, stuffing a mini blaster in his boot holder. The ship finally touched ground and Sirus cooperated, opening the drop down bridge of his ship. He could see many able bodies move to investigate inside. About fifty imperial agents waited outside. Sirus turned to Dehkin one last time, "Don't worry, I've been in much worse." He gave a reasuring smile before returning to the front, holding his hands up in the air and walking towards the bay door. "Don't shoot! We are unarmed. We are comming out, just the two of us here."

The imperial agents found them and evacutated them off board their own ship and into the open hanger where the rest of them waited. The atmoshpere was stale, as if this room has not been used in a long time. Lucky me, Sirus thought.

A vicroy approched them, slender but fitted. "As under the Imperial Code, we are here by to take in any ship that may be suspicious of working with the republic. Along with these accomidations include, but are not limited to, arrest of pilot, co-pilot, and any other that members that may be traveling with you, and thorough search of your ship as well as possible dismemberment of any secret compartments that may not be detected by our protocal droids." A smirk grew on the vicroy's face as he said the word dimemberment.

"Woah! I remember the last time there wasn't any dismemberment part in the imperial code!" Sirus lashed out. One of the agents held him back at gun point and another threatend Dehkin.

"Ahh, so you've been on an imperial ship before, haven't you? Well I'll make sure to look you up in our files and do a thorough background check of your past then. As for the new code, it has been altered."

Sirus pushed the agent aside and got face-to-face with the vicroy, "look pal, I don't think your fe-" a sharp pain in Sirus's gut magnified. The vicroy, although old, packed a powerful punch.

Sirus caved down to his knees while the same agent that was pushed aside came runing up to him with his blaster rifle pinned behind his ear. "Do that again. I dare ya'!"

The Vicory cracked his nuckles and then swiped back a few strands of hair back. "Pray I don't alter it any further. Take them away!"

Continued in PART THREE


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-1 Corinthians 6:18-20

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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)

Ok, I am going to add my own character to this little story. Please note that my other story about this character (Elaye) was set quite a few years before this and Elaye has grown into a Jedi Consular at this point in time.

Elaye sat, slim legs crossed beneath her on a small hill in a garden in the hidden Saints base. Her large eyes were closed as she meditated, feeling the presence of all the others within the base. Basking in the calm of the gently swaying Geldar trees. Elaye was quiet and solitary, even more so than most Jedi, possibly because she was so different, and of a mainly unknown species.

She let her mind wander, noting that so many of the residents of the base seemed anxious, but that was normal of late. Maxon was particuarly so, but that too was normal for him, he was usually so rash. While focusing on Maxon, Elaye noticed that he abruptly became worried, with maybe a hint of fear. She continued observing him, as the fear was chaneled into determination. These feelings aroused no great concern within Elaye, this was completely usual amoung the Saints, especially for Maxon.

Elaye's mind continued her peaceful meditation, she was known for her peaceful character and grace. Prefering to avoid conflict, and always enthralled by the force.

Suddenly her eyes popped open, staring in shock. All around the base she could feel pain, suffering, death. The severity and suddeness of it was sharp and painful, it seemed like the whole of the base was immediately overwhelmed.

Elaye realised that they had been compromised, that the Sith had come for their retribution. Huge forces of Sith seemed to be coming from everywhere, decending upon the Saints santuary. Elaye stood, almost overcome by grief, knowing that they stood no chance of survival. She must flee. Surveying her surroundings from the hill, she saw that she had only moments before the Sith would reach her in the centre of the base, and that she was cut off from the escape of the hangers.

She ran, long, graceful legs carrying her swiftly across the grass. She force leapt from the garden up onto the roof of the surrounding base. She leapt to the ground on the otherside and ran through a low doorway, cursing her great height. Crouching, she sped along until forced to stop abruptly as she came to a courtyard filling with Sith troops from a shuttle. Long arms holding her dual sabers, she danced. She gracefully moved between the troops, deflecting blaster fire and slicing through armour and flesh, making her way to the opposite side of the courtyard to another corridor, thankfully with a higher ceiling. She emerged at a smaller garden and was immediately flung backwards by a wave of force from a Sith warrior. She hit the ground and felt blood begin to run from the back of her head. The Sith stalked arrogantly towards her with an amused smirk on his face. She stood, noticing that one of her sabers was missing. Gripping her remaining saber in both hands, she activated it and leapt, spinning through the air at the Sith. While Elaye was strong in the force, she knew that she was not a master with her sabers. She knew she had to keep this short. The Dark Jedi easily deflected her attack and she spun over his head. The Sith advanced, his lightsaber glowing red as it spun towards her. The attack was fierce and Elaye required all her skill just to keep from being cut in two, she could not win the duel. Fortunately, a Republic soldier entered the garden and fired at the Sith. He deflected the bolts back at the soldier, killing him. But this was all Elaye needed to break away from the duel and use the force to fling the Dark Jedi against the wall. Held there, unable to move, the Sith lost his arrogance. Elaye quickly beheaded him.

Knowing she won't be so lucky next time, Elaye needed a way to escape, and seeing a Sith fighter approach overhead, an idea came to her. Using the Force, she took hold of the fighter, slowing it. She pulled the fighter towards her and placed it on the ground. Through the Force she commanded the pilot to open the hatch and get out. Once the cockpit was empty, she Force jumped, landing gracefully in the seat. She quickly took off and fled the doomed Base.

Bypassing the Sith capital ships because of her commandeered Sith craft she reached the safety of space and decided that maybe it was time for her to finally return home to Kamino.

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re: Scattered (all members are encouraged to participate)


Preparing to jump to lightspeed, Elaye looked down at the control panels infront of her. While the Sith fighter was distinctly different from the Republic craft she had piloted, she could straight away see that this model did not include a hyperdrive. Without hyperspace capabilities, Elaye was still trapped. Determined, she turned the fighter back towards Ord Mantel, planning to try and sneak back and find a suitable ship. Looks like I won’t be going home just yet, she thought wryly.

Elaye sped back down to the planet, scanning for a place to land where a ship of some sort might be found. As she looked down, she was horrified to see the Saints base already reduced to smoking ruins, the hangers completely destroyed. Dismay welling inside her, Elaye glimpsed pockets of resistance continuing to fight to the death on the outskirts of the base. After spotting one group that including the flashings of a lightsaber she decided that she may as well join with them and hope to find a way to escape. Elaye brought the stolen fighter in low over the heads of the Republic soldiers and the Jedi, landing smoothly close by. Too late, Elaye remembered that she was in a Sith craft as the few Republic Soldiers opened fire. Abandoning the fighter, Elaye used the Force to blow open the hatch and leap clear of the exploding craft. She landed infront of the soldiers, stopping laser bolts with the force. “Stop!” she shouted at the men and they did so, realizing that she wasn’t Sith.

On the ground, the small group looked more pitiful than Elaye had expected, consisting only of a couple troopers, a heavily wounded smuggler and two Jedi. One of the Jedi, a human male approached Elaye saying, “I apologize, but you can see why the men fired. It is good to see you survived Elaye.”

“Likewise Falco, but our survival is still in question,” she replied with a small chuckle. “Do you know where we can find transport?”

“Our smuggler friend here has a cousin living nearby, we were heading there, hoping to find something.”

“Very well, I hope you don’t mind if I join you then?” asked Elaye, already knowing Falco wouldn’t say no.

Falco grinned at her and without answering walked back to join the rest of the small squad. Elaye watched as Falco picked up a wounded trooper and then orders the squad to move out. She caught up with Falco and took the soldier from him, holding him gently in her slender arms while saying to Falco “This way you can be free to take charge.” Falco grinned again and the squad continued in the direction indicated by the smuggler.


Sorry SteelFalcon I decided to join you, if you don't want me, feel free to send me off, but just don't kill me..... Haha
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