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re: Dark Deeds

Dark Deeds

Part 1: Unusual Meeting

It was a clear night when we landed at Coronet. It wasn't so late though, as the city was still alive. Lots of transit, people coming and going. Kaashna had some trouble with the ship, which delayed our arrival a bit. I didn't bother about it, all I cared about was meditating in the force, preparing myself to face my master's secret apprentice. I have no idea who or what I'm about to face. It's weird, I'm waiting for a very dangerous duel, but the force gives me such a good feeling about it. It tells me something like “one will change you, you'll change one”. Anyways, I must be alert always, always focused on the force. I cannot afford to make the same mistakes I made in Hutta.

“Take care Maxon, and be careful, I won't be here to save you this time” said Kaashna with a playful tone.

“Don't worry, I will. And you better don't lose your ship again. I won't be around to rescue it anymore.” I replied.

We said our goodbyes and parted our ways. She let me keep her prized lightsaber as a reward for helping her getting her ship back. During the trip I could practice a little bit more with it. I'm more used to it now. I just hope it will be good enough for the face off...

I saw the ship lift off. When I turned around, there it was: Coronet city, the capital of Corellia. I had never been there until now. The only thing was I had no idea where to go. At least being a Republic planet makes things a little easier: I don't have to worry looking like a Jedi. I could go to a Jedi embassy, but I still didn't want to make contact with them. Too many questions would be made regarding my disappearance, they could even suspend me temporarily. They loved doing that to me...

At least my credits account had been activated again. Master Thaun did me a great favor in doing that for me. I was able to take a taxi and accommodate in a fair inn. Looking at the city from the room's balcony I started to meditate what would be the best way to find this apprentice... I would have to infiltrate underground. I thought the most likely thing was that he had become some kind of known criminal/mob boss with his knowledge of the force. I was reluctant in doing that, since my last experience trying to go “undercover” almost got me killed. But I didn't had much choice. I would have to investigate, try to discover who the main criminals are, or the mysterious ones... Maybe draw his attention, I don't know. I had to trust the force.

And so I began my investigation. Going from cantina to cantina. Asking around for names of famous criminals, speculating people's business, talking to officers in the streets. Sooner or later something would pop up, or someone would come to me.

Guess I wasn't wrong. Right on the first night while I was walking through one of the back alleys of a known gambling house a man appeared out of the blue a couple meters in front of me. Almost at the same time 3 others blocked my way back. This was at a dangerous neighborhood, with few police around, so there was no hope for backup, but I didn't think I would need one.

“You must be Maxon.” said the man in front of me.. Then he lit up a lightsaber! I surely wasn't expecting to find him so quickly. I thought I would sense his presence with the force. “I have been waiting for you.” He continued.

“Yes, I'm Maxon. And you must be my master's apprentice...”

The man looked at me puzzled and confused, but soon became serious. He was about to attack, I sensed it. He came running as fast as he could. On his first swing I force leaped over him, landing a couple feet behind him while facing him and igniting my double-bladed lightsaber. When he turned and saw my lightsaber he became astonished.

“What are you waiting for? Shoot him!” He ordered. The 3 man quickly drew their blasters and started shooting at me. I was having a hard time deflecting all the shots, but then the man force-pushed me. It wasn't the hardest force-push I ever took, but it was enough to knock me on my feet and make me release my lightsaber. While I was recovering he started to run in my direction.

It was when, all of a sudden, 3 precise shots killed all 3 men who were standing behind the fallen Jedi. That made him stop an look around. There was a man standing in front of the night light where the 3 thugs were. I could only see his dark silhouette. He started firing against the force-user with two blasters. He got to deflect a couple shots, but they were being fired too quickly, and soon he got hit several times... And died.

I force-pulled my lightsaber back to me while getting back on my feet and ignited it in a defense position, ready to counter-attack if need be.

“It's alright fellow Jedi. I'm here to help. You and I want the same thing... Or should I say, person?”

I was confused, surprised, and relieved at the same time: “... Who are you?”

The figure finally stepped out of the shadow, revealing himself in the light:

“The name's Brato...”

[to be continued by my fellow saint]

What if you were locked in a prison you can't see, hear, taste, smell or touch?...
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re: Dark Deeds

"The name's Brato...", I said, reluctant to give out my real name, but knowing that if this Jedi was truly a member of the Saints, he could easily detect such a blatant lie as a false name. "It looks as though you've managed to attract some attention, though that tends to happen when someone off planet asks too many unwanted questions," I smiled, and extended my hand to Maxon, who was still on the ground after being force pushed.

"I think those questions may have already yielded the results I was hoping for," he said as he took my hand, and glanced at the fallen Jedi that I had met only three days earlier.

"Him? Oh no, Master Jedi, though that one is formidable to be sure, and not of your Order, he is not the one you seek," I said, making a mental note to talk to Griegan about his Jedi friend getting involved in our business, when he was only supposed to be a mediator between us and the gang.

Maxon flinched slightly when I said "Master Jedi", not enough for anyone to notice who wasn't looking, but enough for someone like me, someone who needed to know everything about his target, both through what they say and how they move, no matter how slight.

"If he was not my Master's secret apprentice, then I suppose my search must resume," Maxon sighed, and hid his lightsaber within his robes.

"And I know where we should start looking," I said with an eager grin.

Maxon raised an eyebrow and said, "We?"

"I have a score to settle with this 'secret apprentice' of yours," I said, only letting the lie slip through when I saw that Maxon has visibly relaxed. "He's been operating in Coronet, as you already know, but he has largely been off the grid in his operations. Where he is living I don't know, but I have managed to find out where a few of his more frequent dealing take place," I shrugged and my grin became wider as he probed me to see if this information was accurate. Of course, it was, a few credits and a blaster set to kill pointed at your informants head can certainly go a long way in my line of work, and both had paid off.

Maxon nodded and said, "If you knew where to look, why haven't you made any attempt on him yet?

"Are you kidding?" I said, my eyes going wide for show. "Me go after a Jedi?"

"You seemed to do alright here," said Maxon, looking again at the fallen Jedi.

"Only because I had your help, Master Jedi," I said.

"Please, stop calling me that, my name is Maxon."

"Well you see Maxon, the only way I was able to get to this Jedi was because he was so engaged with you. Without that distraction, he surely would have sensed me. It is for that reason that I believe we should work together. We have already proven to be a cohesive unit in battle, though involuntarily. What do you say?" I asked, with an eager expression."This job is making me ill", I thought.

"Though killing should have been a last resort, even in this situation, I have no one else with as much information as you. As you are my only lead in this search, I must be inclined to accept you help, on a few conditions."

"Of course," I said with a smile, while thinking, "Here we go, the noble Jedi must have his say."

"First, as we are hunting a Jedi, a dangerous Jedi at that, I am in charge of this operation. Your skill with a blaster is formidable, but against a prepared Jedi, it is not nearly enough," Maxon said, as I hoped he wasn't feeling the utter hatred I felt towards him as he implied that my skill wasn't enough to take out a single stinking rogue Jedi. "Second," he said, after giving me a concerned look, "we only take lives when necessary, that meaning that there are others who are in danger and must be protected. If we can get through this with minimal casualties, it would be wise to take that course of action."

"How very Jedi of you," I thought, with sheer contempt. "Agreed, though I doubt we will get through this without spilling blood. This is, after all, Corellia."

"It is late," said Maxon. "We should begin our investigation in the morning, and then you can tell me everything you have managed to find out."

He gave me the name of the hotel that he was staying in while he was on planet, and said, "Meet me outside of this building at 0800 hours. We will begin then. May the Force be with you."

With that, Maxon departed. As soon as I saw him turn the corner, I muttered, "And may the Force be with you," and gave a mocking bow, spitting where he once stood, and took my leave.

Go for it, Z.

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re: Dark Deeds

Part 2: A shadow rises from the ashes

We met at the designated time and place. He was on time. After meditating for quite some time about this strange soldier, I couldn't sense much about him besides a troubled heart, not surprising for a soldier like he appeared to be. Fighters like that usually have sad and painful pasts that they never let go. But I couldn't lose time trying to investigate his life now, I had to focus in finding the apprentice and face whatever that's waiting me.

- Good morning. I hope you have good info.- I greeted him.

- Don't worry Maxon, my sources are reliable.

- So, what do you got?

- Follow me.

We got in his airspeeder and he started flying around coronet.

- There's a mysterious criminal running loose around coronet for a couple years now. He has become some kind of urban legend around here. No one ever caught him, or even seen him. The closest they got was a blurry picture of a dark figure, but the authorities suspect he's behind numerous criminal activities, most of them brutal. People ended up naming him “The Slaughtering Shadow” because of his evil activities and impressive elusiveness. Only a force user could have done the things he has done, and I believe he is the one we are looking for.

- Wait... You believe? That's it?

- Calm down, it's not just a hunch. He's know to slash things with what appears to be a metal sword of some kind. Now, I believe few Jedi use or even know that little trick to avoid being detected.

That was true. Using a metal sword instead of a lightsaber was something master Cri'Stor had taught me to help avoid being detected by Sith or giving sound or light signs in case of a stealth mission. That information surprised me, as I looked at him and asked:

- How did you get all this info?

- I was a soldier for the Republic once, and I worked with Jedi before. I got a couple connections in the order, that's all I'm telling you.

- Ok, let's suppose the Slaughtering Shadow is who we think he is. How can we get to him? He must be avoiding confrontation with Jedi and Sith all this time, because if the Order knew there was a force user doing all this madness in a Republic planet they would surely send someone to investigate the case, and if the Sith knew they would probably try to recruit him to the Empire.

- The Shadow has been off the grid for some time, until 2 days ago, when they've appeared to find his most recent victim: Niij Hamus. The police found him and other 12 security guards killed in his apartment building. They associated the crime with the Shadow because of the sword marks and signs of torture on Niij's body, besides the stealthiness of the crime. No one heard anything more than the guards rushing to Niij's apartment. No shooting, no screaming, nothing.

- I guess they don't call him The Slaughtering Shadow for nothing huh? From now on we must be always alert, always careful. In case he comes for us we must be prepared for stealth attacks.

- You bet that... Here we are.

We landed at ground-level close to a huge building.

- Is this where Niij lived?

- Yes. They haven't cleaned the crime-scene yet, so I thought maybe we could sneak in to try to find some clues on the Shadow. Only problem is that the police has closed down Niij's floor.

- That shouldn't be a problem. Just stay silent and let me do the talking. If all goes well, it won't be necessary any confrontation.

- And if all goes wrong?

- Shoot to stun, not to kill. These officials only seek to protect the people.

We entered the building and headed for the 48th floor, where the crime-scene was...

[Brato's turn]

What if you were locked in a prison you can't see, hear, taste, smell or touch?...
"Free your spirit"
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re: Dark Deeds

Getting into the building wasn't much of an issue. Since only Niij's floor was closed off, the rest of the building operated as it usually did, almost as though there was nothing amiss.

"These people disgust me," I thought, as I scanned the lobby. Some soldiers were posted around the building as we entered, and the security measures had certainly been increased inside. Coronet security and police personnel were swarming all over the building. "The Shadow has quite a following, eh Maxon?" I said, looking Maxon's way.

"It would seem so," said Maxon. "Do you know of any way to get on to the floor Niij was staying on?"

I smiled, and approached the two officers flanking the elevator. "Good morning, officers. I am Special Detective Orian, my colleague and I," I said, indicating Maxon with a nod, "are to inspect the floor of the crime, the room in particular, you'll find the credentials and proper signatures have been put in order."

I handed them a datapad with the false information. On it was my picture, and some information on a man who didn't exist, Deelan Orian. Forged signatures and paperwork was also on the datapad, and if Griegan's forger on Coronet was as good as he had claimed when we arrived on Coruscant, they should easily fool some low level security officers who were posted to guard duty.

After scanning the pad for a good ten minutes, the guard nodded, and handed me back the datapad. I motioned for Maxon to join me on the elevator, and we were on our way.

"What floor was it again?" I asked Maxon.

"Erm... the 48th. You told me that yesterday," said Maxon with a quizzical look.

"Just making sure you were paying attention," I said with a smirk, while thinking, "If I have to suffer through this with this pompous Jedi, I should at least have some fun."

Maxon hit the round number 48 on the elevator's control panel, and we were shooting up to the crime scene.

"I'll need your help here," I said. "My documents can get us passed some common guards, but those who would be allowed up here will be top notch detectives and veteran officers. I'm afraid all my documents will only get us arrested."

"So what am I to do?" asked Maxon.

"Nothing much, just make us invisible to those around us. Do your Jedi thing and get us in."

Maxon gave me an 'are you insane?' look, but before he could make some sort of ridiculous argument dishonesty being against the Jedi way, or how it was breaking some kind of tenant, I chimed in.

"If you don't do this, we'll just have to turn around. This crime scene won't be available forever. Most likely it'll be processed and cleared out within a week, if only to hide their own incompetence."

Grudgingly, Maxon nodded his consent, and the doors opened. There were several teams on this floor, and enough security equipment to cover the floor twice. I thought I may have put too much on Maxon, trying to mask us from everyone on the floor.

Maxon closed his eyes, took a deep breath, opened his eyes again, and headed for the room. I followed closely behind, my hand always on my hidden blaster, ready to shoot if the opportunity arose.

There was no need. The room itself was empty, but not cleaned. Even the corpses remained where they fell. Twelve security guards, as I was told by an employee of the building in need of some credits, and what must have been Niij Hamus lying in a pool of blood behind them. I glanced at Maxon, who's face was contorted in determination and concentration. I quickly closed the door to the room.

"You can relax now," I said, as I was applying some special locks and sound proofing equipment to the door. The tech was the spoils of war from a bounty I had collected a few years back. I didn't want to use them unless it was absolutely necessary, and I couldn't afford to botch this mission if I was to get in with the Saints.

"I need to sit down," Maxon said, leaning against the wall.

"Fine, I'll get started," I said.

I started with the guards and their wounds. They had all died by a precise cut to either the neck, arm, leg, torso, anywhere where a major artery could be cut to allow them to bleed out, and painfully. I almost admired the Shadow for his work.

"Doesn't mess around, this guy," I mentioned to Maxon, who was slowly regaining his composure.

On closer inspection of the officer's I noticed something strange. On their uniform's cuffs and around the edges, there were some char marks.

"Ever see anything like this?" I asked Maxon. I had seen it before a few times, even done it to a few people myself, but I doubt the weapons I used were applied here.

Maxon made his way to the body I was kneeling over, and I indicated the char marks. He pondered the marks for a moment and said, "Electricity."

"That's what I thought too. There are some weapons that will do this if the charge is applied for too long, but I thought you could give a second opinion."

"Well, aside from weapons, the only thing that could do this is the dark side of the force."

"So we are hunting a Sith." I said.

"Not necessarily a full Sith," Maxon said. "Merely a force user who has adapted their teachings perhaps."

"Either way we'll have our hands full."

I made my way around the room. If someone like Hamus had a Sith after them, they had some secrets to hide. Whether or not the Shadow was interested in these secrets, I didn't know, but if there was anything of use in this room, it wouldn't be in plain sight. Or would it?

I made my way over to the night stand, and started to look around. The Sith didn't know what he was looking for, but I had been in the espionage trade for a while, dating back to my Republic days. I didn't take long for me to find what I was looking for. Carefully, I removed one of the 'handles' of the night stand, smiled, and tossed it to Maxon.

Maxon caught the handle, and gave it a quick once over. "What is this?"

"Our first clue," I said, and my smile was genuine.

(Give 'er Z)

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re: Dark Deeds

The handle was a concealed datapad. Looks like Niij was in a partnership with a man who he called “the doc”. There were several dialogs, scientific reports on some drugs, chemical compositions of several substances.

- It seems like they recorded their dialogs, but it doesn't make any sense.- I said.

- They are talking in a code. Probably one they created themselves.

- What do you think they were talking about?- I handed back the datapad.

- I'm not sure, but looking at these files it seems like they were researching about drugs and such. If the Shadow was looking for this, at least we know he didn't get it.- while he was reading through the files.

- No... He doesn't need it. If the Shadow uses the dark side he could easily torture Niij to get the info he needed.

- The doc's identity.

- Exactly.

- And if Niij is dead he knows he is the next target.

- We need to figure out who this doc is and get to him before the shadow. Whatever it is these two were doing, the shadow wants that, no matter the cost.

- How can you be so sure about that?- Brato asked with a skeptic tone.

- Because I can sense the force telling me that. Now let's leave this place before people start questioning us.

On our way out, looking at those corpses, I could feel the stain of the dark side left on them. The blood shed, the cruelty... It made me sad, and got me cautious. I could see that Brato was also a little bit more tense after seeing that carnage. We took the speeder and headed for our next stop, wherever that was...

- So, who do you think the doc could be?- Brato asked me.

- Well, we know he's a chemical engineer of sorts.

- And that he must be totally scared of the shadow.

- He's probably looking to leave the planet.

- If he tries to leave the planet through normal means the shadow will track and catch him. He must be hiding somewhere, looking for someone to smuggle him out safely.

- Can't we track the smugglers planning to leave the planet?

- Are you kidding? This is Corellia, it's full of smugglers, that would be impossible. I'm gonna study this datapad, talk to some of my contacts. Maybe someone can point me out who can be this “doc”.

- Alright, while you do that I'm gonna do my own research with any Jedi contact I can reach and prepare for battle. I suggest you do the same. This man is not anyone.- After I said that, he just responded with a deep breath.

Brato droped me on a small Jedi outpost where I would start my investigation. I found amazing how he knew so much about the place. He sure must have been there a lot. But that didn't matter now. I could feel the encounter with the Shadow was getting closer, and somehow I could hear the whisper from the dark side coming from far... Calling for me...

What if you were locked in a prison you can't see, hear, taste, smell or touch?...
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re: Dark Deeds

After getting rid of Maxon at the Jedi outpost, I got myself as far away from the place as possible. Being around one Jedi was bad enough, I wasn't ready to face the probing of several. I headed back to the landing docks where Griegan agreed to meet me if I was ever in trouble. Though I wasn't in any immediate danger, there was information aboard his ship that would speed up the process of locating the "Doc". Fishing out my comlink, I gave two clicks, the signal that it was actually me, and not an impostor.

"This is Metal Head to Shade Walker, you read me?" I asked, using our code in case anyone was listening.

"This is Shade Walker, what is it?"

"Thought I'd come home for dinner, think you'll be home any time soon?"

"I was just doing some shopping, I'll be home in twenty though. Meet you at my place. Have any trouble finding those ingredients I asked for?"

"No trouble, just thought I'd stop in early."

"Alright, I'll see you at home."

All that meant I would be meeting Griegan at our previously agreed upon docking station in approximately twenty minutes, and that there wasn't any immediate threat on my life. I left my speeder a few blocks away, and walked to the port where I would meet him.

"I thought we agreed no contact until the mission was complete, unless you were compromised?" Gragan asked, not at all happy.

"Need to use some of the ship's records, and maybe you could help as well, seeing as you've worked Corellia over a few times in the past."

"Something wrong? You look really on edge." Griegan said.

"Looks like our Jedi friend is hunting someone, someone not nice at all. Killed a group of armed guards, with little effort from the looks of the remains."

"You've got your work cut out for you, then."

I threw the datapad to Griegan. "I copied that from the original, which the Jedi has. Thought you could help me track down the guy in there referred to as the "Doc"."

"Shouldn't be hard to find. If he works in chemicals, I probably know him. I did a job here for the Empire some time ago, chemical weapons were involved," Griegan said with a smirk. "Got paid double for making it look like a workplace accident."

"Work with anyone named the Doc?" I asked, feeling, for the first time, that there was something wrong with our work. I shook it off.

"No, but he probably changes his codename with every job. Proves that you guy is intelligent. Let me go through my contacts here. I should be able to track him down in the next few hours. In the meantime, you get some rest. You look terrible."

I didn't deny the opportunity to get some rest. With the additional stress of trying to keep a mental block on Maxon throughout our adventure. I headed to my quarters, to find Hett on my bed. I cursed him out for stepping one smelly foot in my room, and tossed his through the door, watching with satisfaction as he collided with the wall across for the doorway.

"Next time I shoot," I said with a snarl, and settled down for some much needed sleep.

Griegan's page to my room woke me up.

"I've got something. Get to the cockpit," he said.

Groggily, I made my way to the cockpit, taking the extra effort to offer Hett another threat if I caught him in my room again. It had been three hours since I had stepped foot on the ship, and Griegan already had something.

"No wonder he get's the dangerous jobs, the guy is good," I thought.

Griegan turned to me with a smile as I entered the cockpit. Handing me a datapad with a picture of a middle aged Corellian man he simply said, "Your "Doctor", and you have an appointment."

I nodded and made my way towards the ship's exit. Turning to Griegan as I inspected the datapad, I said "There's no location in here."

"He finds you. Though, if you want to catch him by surprise, without the security detail that he is most likely going to have with him, in light o recent events, you had best find him first."

"Hopefully the Jedi has found something then."

I made my way to the speeder, and commed in Maxon with the secondary comlink I had on me.

"I found something. Meet me at my hotel."

With that, I shut down my comlink, if Maxon had anything to say to me, it could wait until he saw me in person. I looked again at the picture on the datapad, and smiled. Clicking the name flashing under the picture "Dario Saleen", I began to go over our target's history.

"Sorry, "doc", but your license is about to be revoked," I chuckled, and waited for Maxon.

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re: Dark Deeds

The Jedi outpost was relatively pretty small. Even so I couldn't tell them too many details. This was my fight, and if they know there could be a force user involved in this, they would certainly interfere.

Instead of asking help, I simply required to access their local database for some info. I looked for all main chemical scientists in the area, both known and the underground ones. Of course, none of them had the “doc” nickname. After a couple hours of research and analysis, I came up with a list of the most likely people who could be the doc. There were 15 of them. There was no way I would be able to investigate all 15 of them before the real one escapes the planet or gets killed by the shadow. Hopefully with the data me and Brato found would be enough to find him.

I had to seek guidance from the force. I went to one of the meditation chambers they had in the place.

While meditating I started to sense a dark presence coming closer again. I couldn't tell from where it came, I just felt it getting closer and bigger, while I continued to delve deeper in meditation. I've never felt that way before, like if my mind was starting to detach from my body. Suddenly the dark presence expanded surprisingly big, almost overwhelming me. I started to feel fear, panic... And stronger... Now I wanted to wake up, but at the same time to continue.

That was when the comm link woke me up. I woke up sweating with my heart beating fast. Shivers all around my body.

"I found something. Meet me at my hotel." Said Brato through the comm, not leaving time to reply.

I recomposed myself and prepared the list with all the data. On my way out a Jedi apprentice came to talk to me.

“Excuse me jedi knight. Is everything ok?” he asked me.

“Yes. Why you ask?”

“Nothing, I thought I sensed a disturbance in the force when I passed by the meditation chamber you were on just now.”

“Well, you were right kid. What you felt was the dark side tempting me to surrender myself to it. Remember this: our greatest enemy is not the sith which we can see, but the dark side within which we cannot see.”

With that I left to meet Brato.

What if you were locked in a prison you can't see, hear, taste, smell or touch?...
"Free your spirit"
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re: Dark Deeds

Waiting. The one thing I hate to do. Even for a short time, it feels like I'm leaving myself exposed to the world if I have to wait for someone or something. You're never truly safe unless you're constantly moving, that's my philosophy. If Maxon didn't arrive in five minutes, I may have to start planning an escape. Could be that the Jedi looked into my history and found something. Something about my departure from the Republic Trooper Corps, or even something from my more recent past. Despite the good credits I give to keep my life buried, it tends to catch up to me in the end. Happened far too many times to be coincidence if you ask me.

Maxon's arrival broke me out of my examination of my depressing life.

"And I bet you and your Jedi never make any mistakes,", I thought, wanting nothing more than to put a blaster bolt between his eyes. "If you Jedi didn't make that stupid treaty to begin with, I might not even be in this position."

He approached me with what looked like some intel in his hand, proving that even a fool could have his uses.

"What's that?" I asked, indicating the datapad in his hand.

"Some possible names of who the doc could be, but I couldn't find much else."

"Give it to me, and let me compare it to what I have, maybe we can thin the list down a bit," I said, taking the datapad from him and comparing it to my own.

Griegan had already given me a name, but I didn't want to let the Jedi know how much intel I could get in such a short period of time. In a game of sabaac, you don't show your opponent your hand until you're going for the kill.

"Well, from what I found, our Doc is a man, that will eliminate these seven," I said, wiping their profiles from the pad. "And our guy is human, so these four aren't our guy." I wiped four more profiles from the page. "Also, our guy would have to be getting older. Some of the jobs that were pulled with this guys calling card were fairly dated, so these two, not him." Two more profiles deleted.

I smiled and handed back the datapad to Maxon. "Wow, this guy really need to work on his investigating skills," I thought.

"So we are looking for one of these two men. Where do you think we should start?" asked Maxon.

"Saleen looks like a good possibility. I say we start with him. Fortunately, you have some known places of employment and living quarters. Shouldn't be hard to track him down."

"Erm, didn't you say that you had something over the comlink?" asked Maxon.

"Oh, well I did, but your intel turned out to be much better than mine. We should move out now, there's no telling how long it will take to track down this guy." I said, trying my hardest to suppress the laughter that was building inside of me.

Finding Saleen took the better part of two days, but we found him. Word on the street was that the Doc was looking for some protection after what had happened to Niij, so, with some 'persuasion' that took place, usually without the noble Jedi around, I managed to track down his little hiding hole. I had always said to others that I was the best at what I did, but now I was beginning to truly believe it.

Standing outside his door, I knew something was wrong. One look at Maxon, and I could tell he thought the same.

"So, you see what's wrong with this picture too, eh?" I pointed out.

"There have been no traces of any sort of guard or resistance the entire way in here. Something is very wrong indeed."

Maxon closed his eyes, going into some sort of Jedi mediation. I waited, because frankly, if there was something bad on the other side of that door, I would like to know, but a simple L-cam under the door could tell me just as well as any Jedi if there was trouble in there. When Maxon opened his eyes, he almost looked worried. And that was enough of a queue for me. I kicked in the door with all the force I could muster, which, in my very humble opinion was quite a bit of force. The room contained sparse furniture, and two people.

"Well, they're both standing, side by side, so they must be friends. Well, 2 on two, and I have the best killshot out there." I glanced over at Maxon. "Oh, and I have a Jedi."

Somehow, between my glance at Maxon and my glance back to the two men in front of us, something unexpected happened. Where once stood two, now stood one. And that one had a sword in hand.

"I think we found your Shadow," I said to Maxon, and started shooting.

The guy was quick, much quicker than I expected. There was definitely some kind of force training in there, whether Sith or Jedi I couldn't tell. Maxon ignited his lightsaber and joined in the fight. I'm not sure how, but the Shadow had managed to close on us, and was gaining ground. With a hiss, a lightsaber ignited in the other hand of the Shadow. I knew my armor could take a few hits from that, but even the best armor eventually begins to fail when a lightsaber is involved. I tried to take more strategic shots when Maxon and the Shadow joined in battle, but it was difficult with all of the motion in front of me.

Somehow, the Shadow took the upper hand. With a swift kick, Maxon was sent flying through the air. I slapped a button on the side of my gun and held the trigger, going for overkill and sheer force instead of precision shots. I emptied an entire clip in two seconds directly at the Shadow, and not a single bolt hit their mark. The Shadow deflected them all, and decided that the commotion that we'd made wasn't worth possibly getting caught. With force enhanced speed, the Shadow ran. Maxon, who had managed to recover more quickly than I believed he could, ran for the Shadow, and with myself right on his heels.

"This guy is good!," I shouted at Maxon, while we continued our chase through the Slums of Corellia.

"Yes, she is," said Maxon.


Go for it Pro.

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re: Dark Deeds

Part 3: Three Worlds Collide

Me and Brato started chasing the Shadow in a frenetic rhythm. During the chase I tried to understand what exactly was going on here. My master warned me about this secret apprentice of his, but he never mentioned it was a woman! Her lightsaber skills indeed shows that she was trained by Jedi, but inside the dark side was strong within her. I was lucky Brato was with me, otherwise I'm not sure I'd survive. She was fast; her blows were strong. It was like almost all her movements were force-enhanced.

Soon enough she started force jumping into higher buildings.

"Brato!" I screamed at him realizing he wouldn't be able to keep up with us.

"Don't worry about me! Go!" He said while making a turn and taking a different path.

I continued chasing her through the rooftops of Corellia. At some points she force-pushed some objects in my direction. I was able to deflect or dodge most of them, but the last one got me. A big antenna knocked me on the ground. When I thought I would lose sight of her (she was on the next building already), all of a sudden Brato jumps out of a airspeeder passing by, right in front of her, making her stop.

While trying to take the antenna off my body, I could see the two battling. Brato made good use of his pistols, rockets and jetpack to stay away from her. I rushed because I knew his armor was generating too much heat and he wouldn't be able to keep up much longer. Finally I managed to free myself and force-jumped to the next rooftop where they were. I don't know how that happened, but when I got to the floor Brato and the Shadow were practically wrestling, with Brato holding her arm which held the lightsaber with one hand, and the other hand on her throat. That impressed me!

When I got close the Shadow perceived me and amazingly enough she released a wave of force all around her, knocking down both of us. Realizing she might not resist the two of us, she jumps into the nothing, but lands in a passing-by speeder disappears into the bright lights of the city.

Me and Brato recomposed ourselves. She had escaped.

"We were so close..." I said in disappointment.

"Don't worry, we got her." Brato said with certainty.

"How so?"

Brato showed me a little device. In it was the city map with a red dot moving. He managed to put a tracer on her...

(1 hour later)

We arrived at what seemed to be the Shadow's lair. It was a hidden laboratory underneath the city, among the city sewers. There were several small cages with dead animals, some mutated, others very sick. The smell was almost unbearable and it seemed like the dark side just saturated the place. Her clothes with the tracer were laying in a corner.

"What is she doing?" Asked Brato who was as disgusted as me at seeing all those poor animals so badly treated.

Taking a look at some reports on a desk, it was clear:

"She's working on a virus..." I said

"And they were her test subjects"

Continuing reading I was perplex: "It appears she didn't use only animals"

We glanced at each other and looked around more carefully. Brato found a door. When he opened, a shock: several jail cells with medical equipments and dead bodies on them. The bodies were deformed, already in state of decomposing. When I saw it I felt such a deep oppression from the dark side, I had to kneel down.

"Maxon! Are you ok? What happened?!"

"Prepare for battle, she is here!"

We went back to the main room and there she was, just waiting for us.

"So, it looks like you found my little base. Congratulations! You're the first ones to come here by free will. Unfortunately, you'll suffer the same end as the others: a painful and slow death."

Before Brato got to his pistol I stopped him and gave a step forward.

"I'm Jedi Maxon. Before we put an end to this I must talk to you. I don't know if you know this, but I was sent here by my master... Our master: Cri'Stor"

"That old-ingenuous fool? What, he didn't had the courage to face his own 'fallen' daughter?"

"Daughter?!" Brato was as surprised as me.

"Yes. That hypocrite always came with that lame talk about love and how it could increase our knowledge of the force, although he never wanted to recognize me as his own legitimate daughter. He gave more importance to the Jedi Order, who are just as hypocrite as him, than to me."

"Because of that you want to destroy the Jedi? Why are you doing this?" I asked.

"Because I realized your master was right in one thing. Love can increase one's connection to the force. His problem was that he thought we should love others. The dark side made me realize I should not love others, but myself!!"

Suddenly, everything became clear to me.

"So you don't want to destroy only the Jedi. You want to kill everyone!" Brato deduced.

"Oh no. Killing is just for fun. I'll conquer the galaxy!!"

"Is that why you killed Niij and Saleem? Did they knew about your plan?"

"Well, since you are going to die anyway, I'll tell you my secret plan..." she started to walk around the room- "Saleen had the missing DNA sequence I needed to complete my force-modified virus."

"A force-modified virus?" That triggered Brato's curiosity.

"Yes. After years of experiments I discovered the force can mutate certain aspects of DNA. I've also discovered a virus which I can manipulate through the force. I can make it's effect become active or not at my will. My only problem was that it was too weak and consequently easily curable. Saleem and Niij were working on a new virus which was hard to kill, but it didn't had any bad effect on people. Now I just need to combine them."

"So after everyone's infected, they'll either obey you or you'll kill them by triggering the virus on their body." Brato said.


I ignited my lightsaber.

"It makes me sad when I see someone lose themselves to the dark side in such a blind way. You may never realize this, but the dark side has used you. There's no such thing as self-love. That's called pride! You've been fooling yourself all this time. If your dad didn't recognized you was because he didn't want the Jedi Order to recruit you. He trusted you would follow a better path than us. Now look what you've become: a sick, demented, megalomaniac person..."

"You can't fool me Jedi. You're jealous because you know I'm far superior than you"- she responded while igniting 2 lightsabers: a red and a blue one. We were not expecting that.

Brato also prepared getting his laser pistols. The face-off was ready: me with my dual-bladed lightsaber and Brato and his arsenal against the Shadow, her 2 lightsabers and all the rage and pride of the dark side.

"Your dark deeds end here Shadow!!" I screamed.

"You can call me Queen Janera Onela, and you're right: it ends now!!!"

[next: the last part!]

What if you were locked in a prison you can't see, hear, taste, smell or touch?...
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re: Dark Deeds

The Shadow wasted little time, cutting her way passed Maxon to take me out of the picture. She must have thought that if she could neutralize me, she could focus completely on the true threat: the Jedi Maxon. Foolish girl. I detached the vibroblade from my back, and met her in melee combat. I couldn't keep up with a Jedi or a Sith, not with their ability to use the force, but I could fight her off long enough for her to show me some respect. With all the strength I could muster, I began to back her towards Maxon, using ferocity in place of some superstitious abilities. It was working, and working well, until she smiled, and threw a volley of lightning at me.

It stung to say the least, paralyzing me, and frying several of the computer systems in my helmet and suit. The oxygen in my suit and helmet was displaying an alert, it had been completely shut down. I disengaged from the Shadow as Maxon brought himself back into the fight. I grabbed at me helmet and attempted to force it off of my head with no luck. Glancing at the blinking head up display on my helmet, I saw I was running with only 10% oxygen. Panic, which would usually set in for someone (or so I would assume) didn't. Calmly I reached for the emergency release at the back of the helmet, and threw it to the ground. Gasping for air, I saw that Maxon had the Shadow at a stalemate. Each blow from the two came to a block, a parry, a counter. Neither were gaining ground. Unstrapping the blaster from my back, I took a few shots at the Shadow.

She faced me for one second, and in that one second, for one of the few times in my life, I was scared. She kicked Maxon in the stomach, doubling him over in pain, while stretching a hand towards me, using the force to pull a freezing grenade from my belt.

With a laugh the Shadow tossed the grenade at Maxon, and it exploded. Maxon stood there, doubled over, a grimace across his face, frozen solid. I knew that it would only be temporary, the grenade's design wasn't to kill, simply to delay. That delay could cost me my life. The Shadow extended her blade towards me, and with the use of the force, lunged towards me with the intent of skewering my head.

I was lucky. I jumped back from the blade, enough to not have the blade impale me through the back of my head, but not enough for me to dodge the thrust unscathed. The very tip of the lightsaber entered my eye, sizzling the optic nerve and utterly destroying the socket. I fell back in pain, the worst pain I had ever felt, in both my life as a trooper and as a mercenary. I could feel it burning, I could smell it, like burning hair. Had I not been so well trained, the pain would have overcome me, send me into shock, or insanity. As it was, it only served to knock me on my back and give me the worst headache of my life.

Maxon had come back at this time, stopping the Shadow from finishing the job, or so I thought. She huffed at me, giving me a look of disgust and disappointment. She didn't think me worthy of finishing. A mistake that would cost her, the second mistake that she had made in less than a minute. With the force, she leaped high into the air, attempting to use the downward fall to emphasize an overhand slash that would split Maxon in half, from head to toe.

Three mistakes, one minute.

One mistake was the leap, she left herself open, vulnerable in exchange for pure offensive power. The second mistake was insulting my dignity and honor in not regarding me as a threat, letting me live for the opportunity to fight someone who she deemed more to her level of expertise. The third mistake was leaving me with one more eye. I could still see.

I switched my blaster to high impact rounds, and took two shots. Two perfectly aimed, perfectly placed, perfectly executed shots.

"Let's see you land this without knees to hold you up," I thought with a smile.

She didn't. With a gasp as she landed, the Shadow fell to her knees, with Maxon waiting there, his saber ready.

Looking into Maxon's eyes, I could tell he didn't want to do what must be done, but there was no other choice, not now. He took her head with a single swipe of his blade.

"Well done," I said, picking up my helmet and inspecting my injury. It looked gruesome. My face was charred and there was a deep hole where once was placed one of the sharpest eyes in the galaxy. Noting that couldn't be replaced with some cybernetics, to be sure, but cybernetics were another thing to rely upon, something other than myself. I wasn't looking forward to that.

"Are you hurt badly?" Maxon asked, glancing at the hole I was currently inspecting.

"It hurts, but I'll live. One thing I can say about those sabers of yours, they do a good job of cauterizing the wound once it's been given," I replied.

"My ship is closest, I'll contact the Jedi outpost and have them bring a medical droid there to make preparations for your arrival."

"Sounds good," I said, wanting to get the wound cleaned and repaired quickly. Not even the thought of Jedi would change that. I glanced at the corpse of the Shadow. "What do we do about her?"

"I'll have the Jedi outpost brought here immediately. There are a few Knights there who have been on this case for a long time, they can take care of the details. In the meantime, we have to leave. The threat of this virus was great, but the rise of the Sith is a greater threat still."

"So where are we going?" I asked, knowing what was coming, but not at all about to enjoy it.

"To Tython. To the Saints, the group that I am currently a part of. Master Jao Thaun, our leader will want to know about the Sith presence on Corellia, and to meet you of course."

"To Tython then," I said, hoping that the two way comlink on my side was still working, and that Griegan had gotten every word. "Let's go save the galaxy."

Finale is for you, Pro.
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