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re: League of Saints Chronicles

The sylvari have only been around for 25 years. Many decided that they wanted to travel around and taste the flavor the world. He was one of those that decided to travel the world and discover all that Tyria has to offer. He started his way North toward Divinity’s Reach. Divinity’s Reach is the new capital of the humans of Kryta. For their original capital was destroyed when the Undead Dragon, Zhaitan, raised Orr from the watery depths and the waves came crashing into near by continents. Lion’s Arch was one of many areas hit hard. After the destructive hit, pirates of the many sunken ships in the bay returned to Lion’s Arch to rebuild it into a free state. His main desire was to travel Kryta starting at Divinity’s Reach then to Lion’s Arch and then to Ascalon to discover the knowledge he could take in. His journey was one of discovery, but also of spirituality. Not having a deep religious foundation other than the cries of the land, we are accessible to discovery what we truly believe. The land has a spiritual existence, but is there more?

So much has changed in Tyria, the mighty dragons who once slept undisturbed now control the skies and seas with their awesome power. The guilds and kingdoms that were constantly fighting each other now must learn to work together or face destruction. Hatred still runs strong amongst the races, but when hope hangs on the balance; all we have is each other. So many of the sylvari have decided to make travels and seek out the many different communities. My hope is to find my place where I can make a difference. My gift is being an elementalist, an elementalist is one who has a connection to the four elements: Fire, Water, Lightening, and Earth. Ojin has a deep root to the water element, and he can summon these powers to destroy, heal, and protect this world. The water is the bringer of life, but at the same time, water can be a power to destroy. Ojin will use all to fight against the injustice and evils that have come to Tyria. The cruelty of the Dragons are all that the sylvuri have known, and they desire to bring a peace or normality to the land in any way possible.

Ojin could see the city of Divinity’s Reach in the horizon. To enter the outer lands you must enter through the barracks at the south end. The only issue is that the Centaurs have decided that they wanted to cause issues in the surrounding cities. Ojin’s journey so far has been a few conflicts with bears and wolves, war has not reached my eyes. As he was walking closer to the area with the most action the sun was starting to set. He knew then that it would be hard to see where exactly the Centaurs would be moving to camp. He could see some fires getting started just Southeast of the barracks. There was also another small fort just Southwest of the barracks. He figured it would be best to head towards the fort than to go directly toward the barracks in the night. So he decided to cut off the main path, less chance to be heard but a better chance to run into the Centaurs.

The forest was dark, all he could see was small fires here and there just east of his position. He held his staff tight, ready for any moment that a few Centaur might come through the bushes after me. All he could hear was the owls, crickets, and movement in the forest. The campfire was getting a little closer, but I could see the Centaurs standing around it, but as he got closer what he really saw was wood, hay, and armor in the shape of Centaurs. Where could they be, do the humans know that they may be making a move on them. Ojin’s fear turned into something else, he could feel his stomach drop. Where could they be making their move? The door to the fort was closed, and not many people would be traveling the roads.

Off in the distance just west of Ojin’s position were a group of shadows moving about slowly. Ojin could not make out what or who it could be, but in his mind he knew it had to be the Centaurs moving about. There was no time to warn the fort, for he could see a caravan of 5 people making there way to the bridge entry where two guards stood ready to meet them. Ojin put two and two together they are using the caravan to open the gates. Ojin ran toward the shadows whispering to himself in water tones. The caravan was given the okay to enter and the gates opened. The caravan made its way across the bridge, the shadows made their move across the low end of the creek. Ojin spoke out in water tone that caused the water in the creek to freeze. The shadows stumbled and made a lot of noise that caused the guards on the wall and bridge raise up their arms. The archers fired fire arrows in the air, and they were able to see the Centaurs trying to walk across with little success.

“Centaurs! Centaurs! They are attacking!” Cried out one of the guards on the wall.

The two guards in the bridge told the caravan to leave the carts and run into the fort. Ojin then spoke in fire tone, fireballs came flying from the skies hitting all around the shadows now very visible with meteors hitting all around the creek area. Everyone on the wall watched in amazement.

“Where is that coming from,” Captain Rene Handshaw asked as she watched the meteors crash into the ground.
“I do not know,” a responding soldier stated.
“Look there, a slyvuri… he is a spell caster,” another soldier noted.

Just as Ojin made his way to stand in front of the bridge, arrows from the forest line shot through the air. A rain of fire flung into the fort. The guards on the wall put up shields or hugged up against the wall.

The captain called out “Civilians get under something, all archers to the wall at the south end. Aim for the forest line and fire!”
Ojin was now on the bridge speaking more fire and mixing into lighting. Another run of Centaurs came running towards Ojin. A lightening field was placed on the creek. Some of the Centaurs were electrocuted where they stood. Then a molten rock was placed in front of Ojin. The first few Centaurs tried to avoid it but crashed right into it. You can hear the yelling and screams of their pain. Then Ojin spoke in earth tone, an earthquake started from where he stood across the creek and into the Centaurs still trying to regroup from the first push. The earth cracked and made holes. Some of the Centaurs fell into six foot plus holes. Then fireballs came form Ojin’s hands hitting some of the Centaurs near him. It looked as if things were about to get better.

“You think you will stop us, Sylvuri. The numbers are about to get worst and you will not be able to protect those filthy humans much longer,” a huge Centaur approached Ojin.

“Centaur, I will ask you nicely to back down, or I will have to destroy your people.” Ojin spoke up.

“Ha, you will not be able to handle this next run” Gragle pointed out to the darkness behind him. A bunch of hooves, sounding like hundreds started heading toward the bridge. Ojin turned toward the top of the gate toward the Captain.

“I will hold them off, but you must get reinforcements quickly.”

“I already did, but I will not let you face them alone,” in a few moments the human captain and five of her best men stood next to the Sylvuri.

“We fight together, and at the end there will be victory. I know if there is a designer out there that this will not be my last” Ojin looked toward the Captain.

“If the gods desire to protect us, they will have to stop being silent. If there is one that is truer that what I was brought up with then I to will have to find that faith. Today I will fight under the manner of Divinity’s Reach to protect my land and queen,” responded Rene.

The hooves got louder and they could see the shadows of over a hundred Centaurs charging at them. Everyone got ready, and they knew they had the advantage of the bridge. It does not look as if this was going to end well, but if there is any other hope a true designer that faith will be renewed…


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re: continue 7/17/12

The numbers seem to be overwhelming, the captain with her two-handed swung like a mad man. Blood and death all around them and the Centaurs continued to push them back. Ojin and Renee were not standing against the doors. The bridge had fallen down and now there was just a ramp leading to the doors. Ojin grabbed Renee in the arm,

“I can do one last thing that could drive them off”

Renee turned to him, “what do you mean, there is just too many even for the strongest warrior to survive”.

“Trust me, PLEASE!” then he handed her a rope that was tied off to a near by pillar that was connected to the bridge. “You must tie yourself to this please…”

She did as he commanded. Then Ojin ran up towards the on coming Centaur charge. Ojin started speaking in earth tones, and great winds started to get stronger. It was appearing all around Ojin, so strong was the wind that Renee could feel herself getting lifted into the air. The soldiers on the wall started pinning themselves into the wall as they watched. Dust and water were spinning all around them. A great tornado appeared right where Ojin was standing. The Centaurs stopped in their tracks in fear. The tornado drove toward the Centaurs as a raging tiger. Many of them were thrown all over the place while the rest ran for their lives back into the forest. The Centaur leader, Gragle with his spear charged at the tornado. The next thing you see is Gragle in the air and then he landed on a pike, pillar of wood. The Centaurs on the shore seeing their leader dead joined the rest that had already made their way through the forest. After a few moments, Ojin appeared on the ground, staff in hand, kneeling. The guards stood there with awe and wonder at such a power to be seen. Renee, unbounding herself, stood there silent as she watched Ojin get up and start walking toward her.

“What did you do, and how?” with a little fear in her eyes but also feeling a relief.

“It was amazing, it was something telling me the words and to trust them” Ojin stood before the doors as they opened.

The doors opened and they both entered in. Soldiers still standing on the walls watched as Ojin made his way into the middle of the fort. Civilians inside came running to both the Captain and Ojin with water and bandage wraps. The Captain sat down on a stool drinking water and her sword placed beside her. Blood was still dripping off the edges.

“You should probably clean your sword, a warrior should never allow the enemies blood to dry on it. Ojin smiled, “it is bad luck”.

A little chuckle came from Renee, even some of the soldiers near by laughed a bit.

“Honor and Strength…,“ she coughed and blood was on her hand and mouth. She looked up at Ojin and all of a sudden the Captain fell from her stool; the people near her turned her over. A heavy wound at her adomin, and you can see that she had been bleeding for a while now. Ojin ran to her side and put his hand over the bucket of water. As Ojin whispered in unique tones the water seemed to glow. The people around them stood back and watched as the sylvuri brought the glowing water to their Captain. He placed his hand over the injured area, and the glowing water dribbled onto the spot where they could see the injury. Within a few moments the gash just seemed to disappear and the Captain was able to breath. She sat up and started looking where she knew the gash should be.

“Thank you, Elementalist, it has been a while since we have seen such power in the battlefield. We do not have your kind so willingly to be stationed at a fort like this. They would rather join expeditions, Alchemy Universities, or advisors for kings and lords. Some join armies in great battles. I thank you once again and I will pray that the gods will bless you,” the grateful Captain stood to her feet.

“It was not the gods who healed you, I believe it was the true designer who did. Though I have not discovered who it is, I can say that He gave me the power to fight and heal you. There is more to life than suffering and fighting, loving and surviving… I must discover what I felt today. I ask that I may stay tonight here, for I must head to Divinity’s Reach tomorrow morning. Something is drawing me there”.

The Captain agreed and she too can see that there was something greater that happened today than blessings from their silent gods.

“I hope you will discover this truth, and I would ask that you tell me someday what you find…”

The night went with no more issues, and the morning was fresh. The Captain sent four guards to go with Ojin to accompany him and to send word of the assault that happened at the fort. Ojin bowed to the Captain and the five of them made there way toward the Barracks.


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re: League of Saints Chronicles

A good story.

This is a really good first draft : )

In reading it I can see all kinds of things going on grammatically that need attention. I would like to help, but I do not know all of the tools of the trade and I would do an incomplete job.

We need a true proof reader here!


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