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re: Oops, wrong button

And so I have decided to remake my star wars character and convert his species to Human so he fits in with the whole Repopulation and star citizen things but Rubex (The Kushiban counterpart) is still part of it. and so we begin on the planet of Tatooine as our heroes prepare to leave the planet and make course for home:

'Hyper drive- check, laser guns- check, seat belt...check, strapped down large bantha's........' a grown sounds from the back of the vessel as Rubex pulls at a bantha's chain, 'well sought of check'
Tobia and Rubex had been trudging through the wilderness of Tatooine in an effort to capture a group of banthas in order to create their own line of Bantha dairy products. They had come across various obstacles, particularly sand people (apparently they don't like it when you steal their banthas) and at long last they were ready to head home.

"Well I have all those smelly beasts strapped down and we are ready to get movin" Rubex said as he came from the back of the ship

"Woah bro, you smell like you fell in some Bantha Fodder" stated Tobia, Rubex just looked at Tobia with a look of annoyance, so obviously that was a yes.

"We had better be off then, fire up the engines Rubex" said Tobia

Rubex sat down and began the take off procedure. In no time they were hurling through space at light speed. At this time Rubex was in the shower washing off the smell of Bantha leaving Tobia to pilot the ship. Since there was not much happening Tobia dozed off. His feet on the dashboard and his arms hanging off the chair.

Without noticing, Tobia hit the exit hyper space button with his foot. Suddenly lights started flashing and alarms went off. At this Rubex raced out of the shower with a towel around his waste.

"What in the Name of my Grandma is Going on!" Shouted Rubex. It was a worm hole and they were being sucked straight into it.

"WAKE UP YOU LAZY POOBAH!!!!" shouted Rubex at Tobia, but it was not use, Tobia was out cold.

Rubex jumped for the wheel and pulled it back as hard as he could but, it was too late, they had become caught in the gravitational pull and Gravity is a real pain.

After that all Rubex saw were flahses of light, and then he woke up, the ship floating in space and all things appeared normal.

Rubex looked out the window "It must have been a dream"

Suddenly the engines roared and the ship began to speed straight for an unknown planet (turns out a Bantha had kicked the emergency start)

During the commotion Rubex realised that the planet they were about to crash on was not from the any system in the Galaxy, infact, the computer didn't even know if they were in the right galaxy or not (obviously they were in another galaxy)

So anyways, they ended up crashing on this planet with a ship full of Banthas and Tobia still was sleeping.

"I had the weirdest dream", said Tobia as he woke in a flaming ship, "we were being sucked through a worm hole into a whole other galaxy"

At that Rubex looked at Tobia with another look, that look that basically says "NO DA!!!"

And so we leave our heroes here on an unknown planet with many things to discover and the answer to how Tobia and Rubex got into the universe of Repopulation with a ship full of Banthas

The end


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