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Nathan Johan

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re: Killed - Again

This is my back story. I'll also included a link that'll provide discussion on this back story. Everybody enjoy!!!

Edit: here's the link -


Great. Just great. Stuck in this tank. Again.

So thought Nathan Johan, a soldier for OWON. Even though he knew that this was the only way that he could survive, yet he could never get over the thought of enduring the pain of the recloning process.

I just wish that some scientist, whether OWON or FPR, would either redo this process into a less painful way or invent some entirely new process that would eliminate the pain.

However, in his heart of hearts, he knew that this was impossible. Not only was the Council sastified with the current recloning process, but they also cut off further funding for any additional work into cloning, aside from the recloning process. They didn't care that people had to endure the painful process of recloning, only that they were recloned and ready for immediate use. Or so he thought.

This wasn't the first time he was killed; in fact, he had been killed many times before, especially during training, which was meant to toughen him, and get him used to the idea of death and the pain of recloning, and thus avoiding dying. But he still hated the process.

He looked beyond the foggy environs of his recloning tank. He could see the scientists scurrying to and fro to complete his recloning process. I'm not really anybody special, he thought, yet he knew he was wrong. OWON placed a high priority on soldiers and peacekeepers, so if any of them were killed or died, they would get first priority on the recloning list. Anybody else, aside from soldiers, peacekeepers, and other so-called "essential personnel," would have to have their names put on the long waiting list of people waiting to be recloned. And that is if they could pay the exorbitant price of recloning, which not very many could afford. All of this grated together in his mind like two hard pieces of flint.

I guess I should be grateful that I'm such a high priority. Yet it's hard to be grateful to an oppressive government that is choking the life out of its people.

Ah, he could see that they were just about done with the recloning process. They've already recloned the rest of his body and his consciousness; it won't be too long before they would reimplant his memories into his mind. Then he could begin to remember what exactly happened right before his untimely death.

A male scientist walked over and pressed the button. As soon as he did, a flash went immediately through Johan's mind. At first, everything seemed blurry. But then, everything started to clear up. Ah, now he remembered. He was on patrol with some other soldiers, escorting some traders on route to Plymouth, the capital of OWON, until a pack of Setlang suddenly set in on the group of travelers. He remembered guns going off, Setlang tearing apart several soldiers and traders; lights, flashes, screams; then he remembered that to stave off the Setlang, he drew their attention to himself, fired off several shots with his shotgun and killed a few of them, but then the last one set in on him with its sharp pincers and then-

Everything went blank from there.

The scientists signaled to each other, and to Johan, that the process was done. They cleared the water out of the tank and opened the transparent door. He stepped out and muttered, "Thanks," to the chief recloning scientist/officer.

"No problem," the scientist replied. He then started the usual after-recloning process. "How do you feel?" was his first question.

"Ok; I've felt better," was Johan's reply.

"Don't worry, the effects of the recloning process will wear off soon. However, there is some bad news; we've only managed to restore about 60 to 65% of your memories," said the scientist.

"What's missing?" Johan worriedly asked.

"Don't worry: you can still remember everything from your birth up until now, but we couldn't restore your skills, such as your combat and entertainment skills."

"Don't worry"? Those skills were important to him. Without his combat skills, he couldn't be a soldier; without his entertainment skills, he couldn't play the harp. What else did he lose?

"Did I lose anything else?" he asked, bracing himself for the worst.

"No, as I've said, all but your skills have been preserved. There was some faulty circuitry which prohibited us from giving your skills back to you, but overall everything has been restored to their previous condition," replied the scientist.

"Ok, not too bad then," said Johan. He was grieved that he lost so much, but thankfully, his memories of his family and friends have been preserved. He paused a moment, and reflected back upon his family. He recalled the first moment that the Plymouth landed on Rhyldan. He remembered walking out with his parents for the very first time onto Rhyldan, and scoping the alien landscape.

Other memories came back to him. The son of Christian Swedish parents, he could remember the many nights by the fire when his parents would teach him out of the Bible: about the God they worshiped; about Jesus, Who lived, died, and rose again from the grave to give humanity life; about virtue, piety, compassion, and morality; and love for one's fellow neighbor. He recalled all of this to mind, and then reflected on his deep love for his parents; and then remebered the fear, outrage, and hatred that sprung up within him when he learned that his parents were killed by the Lesoo on a night raid. That was partly the main reason why he joined the military: to get revenge on the Lesoo for the death of his parents. Though he killed many Lesoo - men, women, children-, yet he could not find the peace he thought he would obtain after the Lesoo's death. Instead, he felt more hatred, more bitterness, more-

Enough, he thought. I have no time for this; I'll ponder upon this later.

"You feeling alright, Johan?" asked the scientist, referring to him by his last name. He preferred to be called "Johan" by his friends.

"Yeah, I'm fine," was Johan's reply.

"You'll have to relearn everything you had learned," the scientist stated.

"Yes, Master Yoda," replied Johan, and the two chortled. After a moment of silence, Johan said, "I better report back to base."

"You do that," said the scientist.

Johan put back on his armor, and while doing so, inquired of the scientist, "Was everyone successfully delivered safely to Plymouth?"

"Yes, most of the traders arrived, along with their goods. A good part of the escort was killed, but they'll be recloned in no time."

"Great, see you later.

"You, too."

Nathan Johan proceeded out of the recloning center. As he made his way to the barracks, he recalled what he thought earlier, about OWON. He thought of the oppressiveness of the Council and how they allowed little to no freedom for anybody; at least that's how he saw it. He knew the Council's goal was to "save the human race from extinction," and he had no problem with that, but he disagreed with the means used to achieve that end. He voiced his opinion more than once on occasion, so far as getting into an argument with a Councilor that was making a tour of his unit; which argument nearly cost him his career. Since then, he's kept quiet, but he still ruminated over it.

The thought then came to mind, "What if we just up and leave; quit the military and make our own life?" Johan stopped and pondered on this thought. This wasn't the first time he thought this, but each and every single time it came to mind, it sounded more and more appealing; especially when he began to witness more and more of the OWON's brutality towards others and its own citizens. He especially remembered how this thought came to mind on that fateful day: how when a large crowd of citizens held a peaceful gathering in protest to the Council and its policies. At first, everything was peaceful, though tensions were high. But then, for no apparent reason, the peacekeepers opend fire on the crowd, killing dozens of innocent civilians. The official cause was listed as malfunctioning circuitry in the peacekeepers' cybernetics; but people say that it was ordered by the officers in charge of those peacekeepers. Whatever the case may be, he could not help but see the suprised and horrified look on the crowd's face when the peacekeepers opened fire.

He stood there without regard to what was going on around him. He thought to himself, If this government will kill even its own citizens to achieve "the survival of humanity", then I've had it.

A peace filled him as he thought this. He then knew and resolved on what he had to do: ditch OWON.

He started back towards his barracks at a brisker pace than before. He knew what he had to do.

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Nathan Johan

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re: Killed - Again

This is part 2 of my backstory, otherwise entitled "Resignation." Enjoy! Please discuss this in the Killed - Again post.





Nathan Johan walked into the grayish-brown military office building, and headed towards the office of Colonel Cooke, his commanding officer. Many thoughts raced through his mind as he pondered what he would say. Sayonara. See you later, alligator. It wasn't clear to him what he would say, but this he knew: he was leaving, without the Colonel's permission or not.

As he neared the CO's office, he overheard his CO conversing with someone else. Probably his superior, he thought. As soon as this thought formed, the door immediately opened and General Bixby stormed out of the office. "That had better be resolved very, very soon, or else!" yelled the general. Johan very quickly stood back, stiffened himself, and saluted the general, and the general saluted him back rudely. After waiting for a moment to let his CO cool, Johan stood in the doorway, making his presence known to Col. Cooke. Cooke, ruffling his wavy brown hair, uttered roughly, "What do you want?" "

"Permission, sir, to speak of an important matter."

"Permission granted," replied Cooke in an angry tone without looking up, "but make it quick and to the point because I've got enough pressure as it is without you adding to it."

Johan stood silent for a second, collecting his thoughts together to make his statement. Things were never easy between Johan and Cooke; the both held each other in emnity ever since Johan joined the military. Johan never understood it. What have I done to earn his hatred? the question raced for the millionth time through Johan's mind, It's not like I've killed his family. He supposed it to be because of his stance on issues; or maybe because he was a better soldier; or it could be as simple as Cooke wanting to vent his anger on somebody, and Johan was the unfortunate recepient.

Johan recollected what happened on the first day of his training: he and the rest of his unit were out in formation, and Colonel Cooke came up to inspect them. Col. Cooke then started to say, "Alright, you worthless bums. You think you have what it takes to be in the OWON military?"

"Yes sir!" was the unit's reply.

"Well, you're wrong! I'm here to prove to you two mistakes: one, you joined the OWON military, the toughest military on the planet. Two, you have been assigned to this unit - the one I'm in charge of. If you think you can survive the rigorous training you're about to receive, you've got another one coming!" bellowed Cooke.

Then, for no reason, he walked up to Johan and used him as his punching bag, "The first thing you'll be subjected to is pain!" He kicked Johan in the stomach, putting him to his knees. "Then torment!" He kicked Johan again, this time in the back. The other soldiers started to laugh."And finally; death!" yelled Cooke loudly, and aimed to kicked Johan in the head. But before his foot made contact with Johan's head, in a flash, Johan righted himself, turned toward Cooke, grabbed his leg, and caused him to flip over, and fall on the ground. The soldiers bursted into a howl of laughter. When Cooke gathered himself together, he yelled, "Attention! Back into formation!" The soldiers, including Johan, obeyed immediately. Cooke very angrily looked into Johan's eyes, and screamed at the top of his lungs, as if it were directed to the whole unit, "DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE IN THE OWON MILITARY?!?!"

"Sir, yes, sir!" yelled the entire unit.

"Alright, everyone back into barracks! Grab your designated gear and fall into the training field!" Everyone, including Johan, obeyed. As they did so, Col. Cooke looked upon Johan with an angry look, and Johan returned his gaze.

This memory came to mind, and Johan relished it. "Well, what do you want?!" yelled Col. Cooke.   

Better be to the point, considered Johan. "I wish to resign from the military, sir," said Johan in a military voice.

Col. Cooke stopped what he was doing, put down his bifocals, and glared at Johan. A full minute passed before Col. Cooke broke forth in laughter, so loudly that he could be outside the barracks. After calming down, the Colonel said, " You can't just quit the OWON military, son."

"I wish to leave the military, sir" responded Johan again.

Col. Cooke put down his bifocals, rose up from his desk, walked toward Johan, and did not stop until he stood with him face to face, "What makes you think you can just up and leave OWON?"

"Because of the policies and pursuits of the Council, sir."

"Well guess what: you can't. When you joined the OWON military, you did it for life, after taking an oath of loyalty to the to the nation. You swore upon your oath you would 'defend with your very life, the OWON nation and all it stands for,'" replied Col. Cooke, quoting a part of the OWON oath of loyalty. "You and every soldier who has joined the military, present or past, have taken this oath upon your very lives; and if there be any infraction of that oath in the slightest degree, such as treason, insubordination, or desertion," Col. Cooke motioned with his thumb going across his neck, "kkkkkkkkkk!!"

He's got a point, Johan thought. OWON has the strictest military discipline out of all the nations on Rhyldan, yet, he quickly remembered, even OWON has a set of rules and procedures by which it governs itself; amongst them rules for dismissal. Johan posed this question to Col. Cooke, "What if I'm dismissed from the military, sir?"

"Not good enough. There are rules governing that, but they're only a few with certain stringent conditions, and even if they are met, all of that has to be taken to committee, and we all know how long that takes."

Johan grimaced at the mention of the word committee. OWON had an infamous reputation when it came to committees. In the first place, committees in OWON met only sporadically and at the will of the persons involved. When they did meet, they went through a long and laborious process, dragging it out much longer than it should be, and even then, when the "alloted time" of the matter was expired, the committee called it a day, and would meet again only when it was convenient. This could often take weeks or even months for anything to be resolved - and this was just for one committee. Even if the matter were resolved in one committee meeting, which was rarer than fine Rhyldan spice, if someone petitioned that it be brought to the attention of a higher committee, the chances of it being even longer increased dramatically, and could take years if done this way. And this was true for all committees, whether political or military. People in the military and the public sphere,  and even Council members had been calling for reforms in the committee system, yet nothing was done, for the Council declared, in summary, "We like it the way it is."

"So as you can see, there is no way out of the OWON military, unless you die - ha, even this is not enough, since you can just be recloned, which in your case, is unfortunate," Col. Cooke stated, enunciating the last part spitefully.

"Well, sir, it would be in your best interest for me to leave," Johan said.

"And why is that?" responded Col. Cooke.

"Because then I could be our of your hair."

"Yeah, that's true," replied Cooke, with a look of hope.

"That and there is the 'Lesoo' incident-"

"YOU KEEP QUI-!" Cooke yelled, but then lowered his voice to almost a whisper, "you keep quiet about that."

Johan couldn't keep from smiling, recalling the night in a valley when Johan caught Col. Cooke trading OWON military goods to the Lesoo for illegal spice. Since that time, Johan kept reminding the Colonel about it discreetly now and then, using it as leverage and protection. Johan agreed to keep quiet about it in return for the Colonel easing up on him. Now Johan was hoping that this might "persuade" him to let him loose.

"I will, sir, but it sure is hard to be quiet when you're under pressure."

Col. Cooke sneered at Johan, "Alright, I get it: if I don't find a way to get you out, I'm in for it." He ruminated on this a bit, and then said, "Fine. Let me think a moment."

"Yes, sir," said Johan. He watched Col. Cooke pacing up and down his office. Then the Colonel paused. His countenance shown as if a ray of inspiration struck him. He motioned to Johan to close the door and come to him. Johan did so, and as he came to him. Col. Cooke said, "I've got a plan. I'll set you up for patrol tonight, and send you into some dangerous area that has a bunch of Setlang, Lesoo, or whatever, and as it happens, separate yourself from the rest of the patrol, and go off on your own into the wilderness to a prearranged meeting place, which will be, uh-"

"The valley where you did the deal with the Lesoo?" Johan said ironically.

"Yeaah, sure," the Colonel hesitated, but then continued, "Anyway, wait there two days, having enough food and ammo packed, and then on the third day, I'll meet you there at noonday, and we'll use mirrors to reflect the sun as a signal between us. We'll meet, and I'll give you the rest of your stuff from the barracks. I'll even go to the trouble of getting your DNA and memory implants from the recloning lab and give that all to you. After that, we'll both go our own separate ways and never meet each other again, for my betterment. I'll have you listed as 'Missing in Action' back at headquarters, and you'll keep quiet about the 'Lesoo incident.' Fair enough?"

"Yes, sir," said Johan.

"Alright, now get out of my office," Col. Cooke said roughly.

"Yes, sir," said Johan again, and departed from the office. 

He started towards his barracks. He thought joyfully to himself, If there is a God, He deserves my thanks.


Why the Palpatine crossed-lightsabers image? Because it's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

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re: Killed - Again

/RP! **bumps last latest (2013) rp backstory because it is RP** (the forgotten part of s3g) Boots ~ when i die, don't clone me - unless I can RP.


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