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About the Saints 3G Christian Gaming Community

Saints 3G is a Christian Gaming Community (Guild) whose goals are to:

1. Honor God in all that we do
2. Maintain a well-structured, organized guild environment
3. Provide a distinctly-Christian, family atmosphere
4. Encourage a friendly, helpful Community
5. Uphold moral Conduct Rules
6. Provide perpetual Recruitment to all Born-again believers
7. Provide Guild Support for & Voluntary Involvement in MMO computer games

The purpose of this community is so that we as a Christian family can get to know one another and form friendships that will carry over into the games we play. This website serves as a hub for community information, raids, chat, recruitment, and prayer requests. Our guild will always strive to promote a friendly Christian environment and a family-centered atmosphere that's free from cussing, vulgarity, innuendos, and secularism. S3G will be the "Haven of Rest" & Relaxation for all born-again believers as well as a place of fun fellowship among fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in the games we play together. 

If you would like to join the Saints, you must first read the S3G Constitution located in our forums followed by clicking the Apply link located in the left column of our website.

We look forward to having you become a part of our Christian family.

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[Promotion] Chief Executive Officer

by Jao Thaun, 2 days ago

I'd like to introduce to you all our new Chief Executive Officer, Torshan.

Torsh has been a loyal, active member of our guild for many years, and has been a faithful and hardworking Officer and Councilor, and a good friend. He has served in the Training Division with his wife Iris helping to integrate people into our guild through orientation, and now will be in charge of enforcing the Code of Conduct throughout Saints 3G as head of the Administrative Division. Torshan is a very gracious and godly man, and has proven himself to be a strong leader in our community, and I have all confidence that he will be a great CEO for Saints 3G.

Torshan has been promoted to the rank of Chief Executive Officer on the Administration and will now hold the office of Judge Advocate General as head of the Administrative Division.

Welcome to the Administration Torshan Ondar.

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Promotion to Saint

by Irisbloom, 9 days ago

I am pleased to announce that after completing IOTC requirements the following member has been promoted to Saint and received their IOTC Completion Ribbon.


Congrats and welcome to Saints3G!

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[Officer Promotion] New Arbitrator

by NYG, 16 days ago

I am pleased to announce that the Administrative Division has a new officer in our ranks. Christian Gamer Jolee has been promoted to the rank of Supervisor and will be assisting in moderating our guild forums and enforcing Code of Conduct both on the forums, TeamSpeak, and Supported Games in the position of Arbitrator. He is hereby promoted and granted authority under the Guild Constitution to carry out his duties and responsibilities.

He is promoted to the rank of Supervisor.
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He is awarded the Guild Leadership Ribbon.

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