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About the Saints 3G Christian Gaming Community

Saints 3G is a Christian Gaming Community (Guild) whose goals are to:

1. Honor God in all that we do
2. Maintain a well-structured, organized guild environment
3. Provide a distinctly-Christian, family atmosphere
4. Encourage a friendly, helpful Community
5. Uphold moral Conduct Rules
6. Provide perpetual Recruitment to all Born-again believers
7. Provide Guild Support for & Voluntary Involvement in MMO computer games

The purpose of this community is so that we as a Christian family can get to know one another and form friendships that will carry over into the games we play. This website serves as a hub for community information, raids, chat, recruitment, and prayer requests. Our guild will always strive to promote a friendly Christian environment and a family-centered atmosphere that's free from cussing, vulgarity, innuendos, and secularism. S3G will be the "Haven of Rest" & Relaxation for all born-again believers as well as a place of fun fellowship among fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in the games we play together. 

If you would like to join the Saints, you must first read the S3G Constitution located in our forums followed by clicking the Apply link located in the left column of our website.

We look forward to having you become a part of our Christian family.

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S3G Spring Fundraiser Begins!

by Jao Thaun, 15 hours ago

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Today begins our Spring Fundraiser which will go through April 28th! What is the Spring Fundraiser you ask? Saints 3G's annual operating expenses are roughly $340. We attempt to raise half of the annual operating funds for the guild in both the Fall and the Spring to get us through the year. Our goal is to raise $170 now to cover the next 6 months and keep us funded thru October.

Your funds go to support our Guildlaunch web hosting fees, domain name registration renewal fees, and our virtual private server which hosts our TeamSpeak server, file sharing, landing pages, and email accounts.

As funds come in, this thread will be updated with where we're at in accomplishing our goal of $170. Anything over our goal will go towards contest prizes and benevolence giving.

To make a donation, simply click the "Donate" button on the left side widget of our site. All new supporters will receive the Supporter Ribbon.

Thank you for your support to the Saints 3G Christian Gaming Community!

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Promotion to Saint

by Irisbloom, 17 days ago

I am pleased to announce that after completing IOTC the following member has been promoted to Saint and received their IOTC Completion Ribbon.


Congrats and welcome to Saints3G!

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