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Jao Thaun
The Last Jedi

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re: Jao Thaun

Name: Jao Thaun
Race: Human
Age: 57
Gender: Male
Class: Jedi
Allegiance: Galactic Republic

Background: Born on the planet of Corellia during the time of peace for the Republic, Jao Thaun began working at the young age of 16 for Corellian Engineering Corporation along with his Father helping to both design & build some of the finest ships in the Republic fleet. His skills for design and construction were almost uncanny, although normal for the offspring of Jaem Thaun and highly sought after in the technological monster that was CEC. His Father knew where their edge came from, but did not wish for his son to pursue that life for war was unheard of during this time after nearly 200 years of peace & prosperity in the Republic. So like most young men, Jao's aspirations for life were simple,.. a home, a family, a good paying job... to live a full and happy life. But in the year BTC 28, the inevitable happened that would change his life forever. When news had reached Corellia that the Sith had returned in force, fear broke out in what seemed almost an epidemic of the plague. Determined to somehow reestablish peace & fight for the freedom & liberty of those who had been enslaved by the Sith, Jao counciled with his Father who told him about his past as a Jedi, the Force, and the Jedi Order. After learning that his Father was once a Jedi Knight who left the Order to settle down with the woman he loved, his Father called an old friend, Jedi Master Belth Allusis, to take Jao as his padawan learner. Upon meeting Jao, Master Allusis was convinced that he had the potential to become a great Jedi Knight. Jao Thaun served as a Padawan to Belth Allusis for several years before undergoing the trials and becoming a Jedi Knight. In the year BTC 18, Belth Allusis was killed in the Battle of Bothawui. A deeply grieved Jao Thaun rededicated himself to purging the galaxy of the evil that is the Sith. In the year ATC 1/3652 BBY, the Republic chose a new strategy and commissioned many Jedi to start small hidden cells scattered throughout the Republic that would work as an individual strike force across many planets. They hoped that these cells would pose a wise counter-defensive to the Sith's unpredictability in their planetary attacks and strategic targets. Jao Thaun started such a cell, codenamed the Saints of The Old Republic.

Personality: Jao Thaun is a somewhat quiet person that believes that a leader should lead by example, helping the helpless, defending the weak, attending to the ill, freeing the captives, and setting at liberty those that are enslaved. Jao's a highly determined person who's both loyal and true to both his friends and the cause of good. He will never stop fighting until the galaxy has been rid of the evil Sith and peace is restored to the Republic.

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