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Serving S3G as a Commissioned Officer.

Award Winners

PDL266 on Jan. 07th  [x]
Sword of Asle on Jun. 10th  [x]
Zipdryve on Jan. 08th  [x]
scootzter on Jun. 06th  [x]
Torgrimmer on Jan. 13th  [x]
Ed Dunn on Sep. 26th  [x]
Barinath on Aug. 05th  [x]
Free IC on Aug. 04th  [x]
Barnabase26 on Jul. 23rd  [x]
(Cobra) on Jul. 20th  [x]
Intrepid Corsair on Jul. 16th  [x]
Nordak Skullgrinder on Mar. 04th  [x]
Nathan Johan on Aug. 03rd  [x]
lotrconfan89 on Aug. 03rd  [x]
Daedious- on Aug. 03rd  [x]
Kei-Duum on Aug. 03rd  [x]
The D0CTOR on Aug. 03rd  [x]
Romanovski on Aug. 01st  [x]
Farsider170 on Jul. 24th  [x]
ZeZackus on Jul. 05th  [x]
Maranatha (SAVD) on Jul. 05th  [x]
x_Elusiv_x on Jul. 05th  [x]
Rio Banchee on Jun. 24th  [x]
Pfredde on Apr. 18th  [x]
Eagle Call on Apr. 18th  [x]
Elegost77 on Apr. 18th  [x]
Him1st73 on Apr. 18th  [x]
Kix276 on Apr. 18th  [x]
PDL on Feb. 07th  [x]
Jadesfire on Feb. 03rd  [x]
StellarDawn on Nov. 20th  [x]
Irisbloom on Nov. 20th  [x]
Makadav GT on Sep. 28th  [x]
Krimefighter on Aug. 27th  [x]
Verasol on Aug. 03rd  [x]
Daedious- on Aug. 02nd  [x]
Eleora7 on Aug. 01st  [x]
Ectre00 on Aug. 01st  [x]
baelenus on Jul. 28th  [x]
HIHIHIHIHIHI on Jul. 11th  [x]
shimeiraa on Jul. 11th  [x]
Vvahn on Jun. 29th  [x]
jstlord on May. 10th  [x]
hulkweazel on May. 01st  [x]
moodyman87 on Apr. 07th  [x]
xKrusadex on Mar. 28th  [x]
SaintDorigen on Feb. 26th  [x]
John_Sunset on Feb. 26th  [x]
Brato Duott on Feb. 26th  [x]
ICONICFURY on Feb. 26th  [x]
Torgeso on Feb. 26th  [x]
-Jedidiah- on Feb. 23rd  [x]
elum1nx on Jan. 26th  [x]
Turnalis on Jan. 04th  [x]
SaintVassago on Jan. 03rd  [x]
swgrifter on Jan. 03rd  [x]
Driekoningen on Jan. 02nd  [x]
Generals¬† on Jan. 02nd  [x]
Ascetics on Jan. 02nd  [x]
Master Sorwind on Dec. 26th  [x]
asagohan on Dec. 26th  [x]
Chuva azul on Dec. 26th  [x]
HBlade on Dec. 26th  [x]
Coda Killzya on Nov. 11th  [x]
Unkel on Sep. 25th  [x]
Cresenttwilight on Sep. 15th  [x]
ICONICFURY on Sep. 15th  [x]
Brato Duott on Sep. 15th  [x]
Trelmoz on Aug. 17th  [x]
NewYears1978 on Jul. 24th  [x]
- Dasu - on Jul. 24th  [x]
Armethis on Jul. 04th  [x]
Rahvin3 on Jul. 01st  [x]
NYG on Jul. 01st  [x]
mm0nk on Jul. 01st  [x]
Deepspace_5 on Jul. 01st  [x]
Thignation on Jul. 01st  [x]
Tex loj on Jul. 01st  [x]
Psalm 96 on Jul. 01st  [x]
Protector_Z on Jul. 01st  [x]
tekel on Jul. 01st  [x]
NexusLuke on Jul. 01st  [x]
Naandi on Jul. 01st  [x]
Spectus on Jul. 01st  [x]
Vly on Jul. 01st  [x]
Steel Falcon on Jul. 01st  [x]
Jedi Vadis on Jul. 01st  [x]
Visan on Jul. 01st  [x]
Sandwhichman on Jul. 01st  [x]
Avissi on Jul. 01st  [x]
Aqualarion on Jul. 01st  [x]
Arrowhead. on Jul. 01st  [x]
Julmay on Jul. 01st  [x]
Jao Thaun on Jul. 01st  [x]
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