Christian Conduct Ribbon

Displaying exemplary Christian conduct in the Guild by possessing an outstanding Christian testimony, good spirit, positive attitude, and love for others.

Award Winners

PDL266 on Jan. 07th  [x]
Zipdryve on Jul. 10th  [x]
Ed Dunn on Jul. 10th  [x]
Spectus on Jul. 10th  [x]
Barnabase26 on Dec. 16th  [x]
Free IC on Dec. 16th  [x]
Nordak Skullgrinder on Feb. 03rd  [x]
jstlord on Feb. 03rd  [x]
Eagle Call on Feb. 03rd  [x]
Jao Thaun on Feb. 03rd  [x]
Aeryn Suun on Feb. 03rd  [x]
GDPR#3309684 on Feb. 03rd  [x]
Red_Binturong on Feb. 03rd  [x]
Ambush083 on Feb. 03rd  [x]
Nathan Johan on Feb. 03rd  [x]
Barinath on Jul. 30th  [x]
Primeveire on Jul. 30th  [x]
Jadesfire on Jul. 30th  [x]
Farsider170 on Jul. 30th  [x]
Irisbloom on Jul. 30th  [x]
Cormedan on Jun. 08th  [x]
PDL on Feb. 10th  [x]
Petetrik on Feb. 10th  [x]
Torshan on Aug. 22nd  [x]
JowJow on Jul. 07th  [x]
JBGamer on Jul. 07th  [x]
Kyrath56 on Jul. 07th  [x]
Verasol on Jul. 07th  [x]
[Aelious] on Feb. 07th  [x]
-Jedidiah- on Feb. 07th  [x]
SaintDorigen on Feb. 07th  [x]
dioscamina7 on Feb. 07th  [x]
Souldweller on Feb. 07th  [x]
Athlai on Feb. 07th  [x]
Rio Banchee on Feb. 07th  [x]
speedknob on Feb. 07th  [x]
Womacker1 on Feb. 07th  [x]
Trelmoz on Feb. 07th  [x]
joshuadavid2415 on Feb. 07th  [x]
Rogue_Renegade on Jan. 04th  [x]
Generals¬† on Jan. 04th  [x]
Vly on Jan. 04th  [x]
ICONICFURY on Nov. 04th  [x]
LightFighter29 on Nov. 04th  [x]
Rahvin3 on Nov. 04th  [x]
Erolene on Nov. 04th  [x]
Steel Falcon on Nov. 04th  [x]
Tex loj on Nov. 04th  [x]
Visan on Sep. 29th  [x]
Thignation on Sep. 29th  [x]
NYG on Sep. 29th  [x]
Protector_Z on Sep. 29th  [x]
NexusLuke on Sep. 29th  [x]
Julmay on Sep. 29th  [x]
Armethis on Sep. 29th  [x]
Jedi Vadis on Sep. 29th  [x]
Gabriel Theodoulos on Sep. 29th  [x]
Naandi on Sep. 29th  [x]
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