Outreach Specialist Badge

Taking and passing the optional SOTOR Evangelism Training Course.

Award Winners

Kyrath56 on Jan. 25th  [x]
SacredScars on Jan. 25th  [x]
Primeveire on Jan. 25th  [x]
Adino Micaiah Abishai on Jan. 25th  [x]
Farsider170 on Jan. 25th  [x]
pikamoo on Jan. 25th  [x]
Sword of Asle on Jan. 25th  [x]
Coda Killzya on Oct. 08th  [x]
Berean_call on Oct. 08th  [x]
Calm in the Storm on Oct. 08th  [x]
Aqualarion on Sep. 11th  [x]
Steel Falcon on Sep. 11th  [x]
mm0nk on Sep. 10th  [x]
DeltaFiveBravo on Sep. 10th  [x]
ICONICFURY on Sep. 10th  [x]
Visan on Sep. 10th  [x]
Renic Ixillon on Sep. 09th  [x]
scotty182125 on Sep. 09th  [x]
Recklan on Sep. 09th  [x]
neonpsyke on Sep. 09th  [x]
Torshan on Sep. 09th  [x]
Irisbloom on Sep. 09th  [x]
NYG on Sep. 09th  [x]
Naandi on Sep. 09th  [x]
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