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Seven Year Veteran Ribbon

Seven years of continuous membership in S3G.

Award Winners

Romanovski on Feb. 09th  [x]
JediIronWill on Feb. 09th  [x]
Commander Kylar on Feb. 09th  [x]
PDL266 on Jan. 07th  [x]
Skinnydoc on Oct. 13th  [x]
Free IC on Oct. 13th  [x]
Torshan on Oct. 13th  [x]
Irisbloom on Oct. 13th  [x]
Joeva. on May. 06th  [x]
PDL on May. 06th  [x]
Mharcus Steel on May. 06th  [x]
Ladialyse on May. 06th  [x]
Kyrath56 on May. 06th  [x]
Aqualarion on May. 06th  [x]
Eagle Call on Dec. 18th  [x]
Trelmoz on Aug. 20th  [x]
Spectus on Aug. 20th  [x]
NYG on Aug. 20th  [x]
NexusLuke on Aug. 20th  [x]
Jedi Vadis on Aug. 20th  [x]
Brato Duott on Aug. 20th  [x]
Biothrawn on Aug. 20th  [x]
Archenson on Aug. 20th  [x]
Jadesfire on Apr. 01st  [x]
Protector_Z on Oct. 12th  [x]
Avissi on Oct. 12th  [x]
Jao Thaun on Jun. 15th  [x]
Armethis on Jun. 15th  [x]
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