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Award Winners

Gabriel Theodoulos on Dec. 16th  [x]
Irisbloom on Dec. 16th  [x]
Torshan on Dec. 16th  [x]
TheToRN on Dec. 16th  [x]
Barjona on Apr. 17th  [x]
The D0CTOR on Apr. 17th  [x]
Kyrath56 on Feb. 03rd  [x]
Zanguil on Nov. 05th  [x]
MedEx- on Jul. 16th  [x]
ICONICFURY on Jun. 02nd  [x]
Romanovski on Jun. 02nd  [x]
HBlade on Nov. 07th  [x]
Sandwhichman on Jul. 04th  [x]
NexusLuke on May. 11th  [x]
- Dasu - on May. 11th  [x]
Julmay on Mar. 26th  [x]
Thignation on Feb. 23rd  [x]
Steel Falcon on Feb. 23rd  [x]
Verasol on Feb. 09th  [x]
Brato Duott on Aug. 12th  [x]
Protector_Z on Aug. 12th  [x]
Starborn Son on Aug. 12th  [x]
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