Charity Ribbon

Often taking a lot of personal time to go out of one's way to help others in game or on the forums or donating real-world items to meet the needs of other guild members.

Award Winners

Intrepid Corsair on Jul. 10th  [x]
Armethis on Feb. 15th  [x]
Recklan on Nov. 10th  [x]
Zanguil on Nov. 07th  [x]
Tobia Ednada on Jun. 07th  [x]
Towne on Jun. 04th  [x]
Tmaan on May. 30th  [x]
Ranubis Toreington on May. 18th  [x]
john-316 on May. 18th  [x]
Llewzaher on May. 18th  [x]
lotrconfan89 on May. 17th  [x]
Intrepid Corsair on May. 17th  [x]
Romanovski on Feb. 03rd  [x]
Farsider170 on Feb. 03rd  [x]
Free IC on Feb. 03rd  [x]
Zanguil on Nov. 05th  [x]
Gabriel Theodoulos on Sep. 17th  [x]
NYG on Jun. 02nd  [x]
Vly on Jun. 02nd  [x]
SaintDorigen on Jun. 02nd  [x]
Aqualarion on Jun. 02nd  [x]
Torshan on Jun. 02nd  [x]
Rahvin3 on Jun. 02nd  [x]
Generals¬† on Jun. 02nd  [x]
x_Elusiv_x on Sep. 18th  [x]
John_Sunset on Sep. 18th  [x]
Renic Ixillon on Sep. 18th  [x]
megame23 on Sep. 18th  [x]
Energeyes on Sep. 18th  [x]
Archduke on May. 09th  [x]
Bedion on Apr. 14th  [x]
moodyman87 on Apr. 09th  [x]
Bluebird2022 on Feb. 28th  [x]
Senadyen on Feb. 28th  [x]
Bedion on Feb. 27th  [x]
Doxa88 on Feb. 26th  [x]
Jeddore on Feb. 26th  [x]
Psalmbody on Feb. 26th  [x]
Lamech1 on Feb. 26th  [x]
HIHIHIHIHIHI on Feb. 25th  [x]
Nextroke on Feb. 20th  [x]
Lacie4 on Feb. 20th  [x]
Dadin on Feb. 20th  [x]
Thignation on Feb. 20th  [x]
Jedi Vadis on Feb. 18th  [x]
Leorstef on Feb. 18th  [x]
Deepspace_5 on Feb. 18th  [x]
Irisbloom on Feb. 18th  [x]
-Jedidiah- on Feb. 17th  [x]
Athlai on Feb. 17th  [x]
speedknob on Feb. 17th  [x]
Roaven on Feb. 17th  [x]
LightFighter29 on Feb. 17th  [x]
Thaspeare on Feb. 17th  [x]
Micahia on Feb. 17th  [x]
Biothrawn on Jan. 04th  [x]
Aryeh on Nov. 08th  [x]
Coda Killzya on Nov. 04th  [x]
Noj Sretlaw on Nov. 04th  [x]
Vexillarius on Nov. 04th  [x]
HBlade on Nov. 04th  [x]
Naandi on Nov. 04th  [x]
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